IJWLHGRAR Chapter 28.3

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“This is my decision, this is our family’s business, it has nothing to do with you, so now please leave immediately!” Su Cheng angrily said.

Upon seeing this, Gu Cheng had no choice but to withdraw from the ward.

Gu Cheng did not leave immediately, but stood quietly outside the ward.

Through the glass of the ward, he saw that Su Cheng took out the daily necessities she had brought and put them inside the cabinet of the ward one by one.

Watching Su Cheng carefully trimming Ye Fan’s long hair, shaved his beard, and washed his hands, feet and face.

Watching Su Cheng skillfully give “Ye Fan” a full-body muscle massage and joint exercises.

Then he continued watching Su Cheng take clean pajamas and prepared to put on “Ye Fan”.

Gu Cheng couldn’t tell what he was feeling but he was uncomfortable.

Watching Su Cheng go in again to make a new pot of hot water and preparing to take off the pajamas from “Ye Fan”, and going to help him scrub his body, Gu Cheng, standing outside, finally couldn’t stand this and entered the ward again..

Gu Cheng walked over and grabbed the towel from Su Cheng’s hand.

“What are you doing?!”

“Are you going to help him wipe his body?” At this time, most of the clothes on “Ye Fan” on the hospital bed had been returned.

“I told you to go away, don’t you understand human words?!” When Gu Cheng approached “Ye Fan”, Su Cheng seemed to show her fiercest side.

“You are a girl.” Gu Cheng stepped back and said helplessly, how could Su Cheng do this kind of thing.

However, Su Cheng looked at Gu Cheng with a nervous expression.

“He is my brother.”

The word “brother” once again stirred the string in Gu Cheng’s mind.

“I’m coming.” Gu Cheng said.

Without waiting for Su Cheng to speak, Gu Cheng lowered his voice again and said, “It is inconvenient for a girl of you to wash his body. He is so heavy and it is inconvenient for you to move him, let me do it.”

Gu Cheng tried to persuade Su Cheng and invented many reasons before the other party reacted and directly agreed to him. Su Cheng gave him the towel back and Gu Cheng started to scrub “Ye Fan” on the bed seriously.

Gu Cheng’s movements were not so proficient, but he was very serious under Su Cheng’s “supervision”.

During the whole process, Gu Cheng felt really weird: He didn’t even think that one day he would actually work as a nurse for his other self who was lying on the hospital bed. This feeling was really weird.

This was to prevent Su Cheng on the side from noticing the strangeness and drove him away, Gu Cheng could only remain calm on his face.


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