IJWLHGRAR Chapter 29.1

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After Gu Cheng appeared in the hospital that day, although he did not do anything bad to Ye Fan and did not disclose the news to his parents afterwards, the appearance of the other party still aroused many Su Cheng’s concerns.

Gu’s family already detected the existence of Ye Fan, what about their family’s enemy?

Su Cheng thought about whether to transfer Ye Fan to another hospital again.

It’s just that it’s not so easy to find another hospital like the current hospital with good medical conditions and high privacy.

Su Cheng secretly began to search for a hospital that was somewhat similar or better. Before she could found a new hospital, Ye Fan could only continue to settle in this hospital. For now she paid the nurses and securities in order to prevent people from entering the ward other than herself, the Doctors and staff in charge of him.


Su Cheng has been busy these days, mainly busy opening a store with Sun Xiaosheng.

After a period of communication, their first online store has been opened and a new brand has been established.

Store management and brand management were not as simple as Su Cheng thought before. Product labels, pricing products, placing products on shelves, advertising, and determining shipping channels, everything requires their own intervention in order to finish them.

Fortunately, Liu Xi was a reliable collaborator, and Sun Xiaosheng’s ability to carry goods is also quite strong.

Except for the various chaos in the early stage of operations, their product sales are still very good.

Apart from the busyness of the shop, what Su Cheng still needs to do is live broadcast of the game for half an hour every day.

After the photos were posted during the last competition, Su Cheng occasionally showed up on live broadcasts. The attention of face-to-face live broadcast is higher than before, and the effect of bringing goods is better.

In Sun Xiaosheng’s joking words: Su Cheng is now willing to show her face in order to sell a few more products.

Su Cheng finished three games this day, and after seeing that there were still a few minutes left, she simply switched the camera to her live broadcast room.

[Ahhhh, Big Orange showed up today!]

[After watching the three great games of Shuangshuang, now I see Big Orange again, I declare that I am the happiest person today.]

[Today’s big orange is also very beautiful~]

[Big Orange The bunny ears headband you wear on your head is so cute, it is crazy to suggest links!]

“Is this? I just bought this online.” Su Cheng touched the hairband on his head: “If you like it, let’s draw a lottery and draw out 100 fans to send the starting band.”

[Okay, okay!]

[Although I can’t use it as a man, I can collect it, hehe.]

[Big Orange, I love you so much!]

[Anyway, there are still three to five minutes until 9:30. Big Orange, do you want to consider Dancing as a part-time broadcaster or sing a few songs?]

[Yes, the big orange sings a few words casually, maybe you can gain another 200,000 fans~]

Su Cheng pretended not to see these fans, and said with a smile: “Since there are still a few minutes, let me make an advertisement.”

Su Cheng occasionally advertises things from her store on live broadcasts.

Every time Su Cheng said it clearly, and the things they sold were indeed of good quality and cost-effective, fans were not disgusted with Su Cheng’s advertising behavior, and sometimes found it quite fun.

After all, most of the time, Big Orange is a low-key and steady anchor, but when selling things, she was hardworking and lively, even a little bit funny.

[Hahaha, pay attention, Big Orange is about to start selling things again.]

[Come on, big orange, tell me what are you going to sell today?]

“Well, I recommend this mobile phone handle to everyone today. The slogan is…”

“Wait, let me see what the slogan is.” Su Cheng sent out a large product introduction that Liu Xi had given her before, and it also included different advertising slogans that Liu Xi prepared specifically for her and Sun Xiaosheng.

[Haha, Big Orange, you are not familiar with your business, this is a bad review.]

“The main reason is that there are too many things in our house. Look at how many this one contains.” Su Cheng held the brochure and shook it in front of the camera.

“Found it, here.”

“Are you still worrying about sweating with your hands? Are you still worrying about the size of your phone that doesn’t fit your hand? Are you still worrying about being scolded by everyone because of poor equipment?This could be caused by the handle of our mobile phone, right? Cheap, affordable and easy to use, it is suitable for a variety of mobile phone models. You are worthy of the choice of the great god, okay~”

[Big Orange, you read this advertisement too unconsciously.]

[Lol, I just want to know who wrote this advertisement, it is so chronological.]

Su Cheng: “It’s not me anyway.”

[The big orange, do you use this?]

“No,” Su Cheng said honestly: “But our mobile phone handle is really easy to use. I have tried it. It is very suitable for novice players, and it is also very suitable for people who need to play a long day of games.”

“And the price is really affordable. If you need one, you can buy one and try it.”

[Haha, big orange, you have said so, then I will have one.]

[I’m going to come and buy me 10, I will change the color every day.]

[I will buy it because I want to support big oranges.]


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