IJWLHGRAR Chapter 30.2

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Su Cheng shook her head and walked back silently.

These are all her memories, all about her and Ye Fan, why would Gu Cheng know?

Su Cheng was instinctively unwilling to accept that Gu Cheng was Ye Fan. This incident was too difficult for her to accept, as if everything had been subverted.

Tears seemed to be uncontrollable, streaming from Su Cheng’s eye sockets.

“Cheng Cheng…”

Gu Cheng stretched out his hand, but Su Cheng opened it all at once.

“Don’t touch me!” Su Cheng yelled at Gu Cheng, “Why? Why are you doing this to me?!”

She doesn’t care what other people do to her, but why Gu Cheng, who clearly has Ye Fan’s consciousness, wants to treat him this way.

The scenes that have been experienced have been gradually smoothed in Su Cheng’s mind, but at this moment, they are surging out like crazy, as if to cut her brain bloody.

“Cheng Cheng…” Gu Cheng called again, his voice choked and at the same time helpless.

——This is the first time that he saw Su Cheng cry like this, crying so sad.

In his last life, even if she was laughed at by the whole school and bullied by her classmates, even when Su Cheng was desperate in the end, Gu Cheng never saw her cry like this.

How sad she must be to break her tough girl appearance?

Gu Cheng regretted it: he shouldn’t have said all this on impulse.

The thing he was most afraid of finally happened: Su Cheng also remembered the things from her previous life. If it weren’t the case, she might be shocked when she heard everything he said, but she wouldn’t be so sad.

He hurted her after all.

“I’m sorry, it’s because I didn’t do it well. All of this is my fault.” Gu Cheng told Su Cheng what he had heard at the time. At the end of his life in his previous life, he kept asking himself why he only relied on one-sided words. He misunderstood her just by those words and didn’t bother to believe in her. 

“So now you know the truth, right?” Su Cheng looked like Gu Cheng, smiling, but crying in her eyes.

Perceiving something was wrong with Su Cheng, Gu Cheng’s heart tightened: “Cheng Cheng.”

“Don’t come here!” Su Cheng stepped back as if afraid, trying to avoid Gu Cheng.

When all the persistence beliefs collapsed in an instant, Su Cheng really didn’t know what else she could persist. It turned out that everything she had done was so ridiculous.

“Don’t come close to me”, looking at Gu Cheng, Su Cheng smiled sadly: “You are not…”

In her previous life, even if Gu Cheng treated her like that, Su Cheng didn’t hate him too much, because in her eyes, Gu Cheng was always an insignificant and unfamiliar person—he didn’t like her, she couldn’t change it, but she didn’t have to care.

But at this moment, Su Cheng suddenly didn’t know how to face this person in front of her.

This is her support, her only family, and she sacrificed her life to protect him, but he was also the person who hurted her the most in her previous life.

Su Cheng couldn’t accept such Gu Cheng, she would rather avoid him.

“I don’t want to see you again.”

The truth seems to have not changed anything, but it seems that everything has collapsed, and all are back to square one.

Even though she has no direction to work hard anymore, Su Cheng returned to school and continued to study silently. Nothing seemed to have changed in her. Only people who were familiar with Su Cheng knew: Su Cheng has changed, she has become more indifferent.

Su Cheng didn’t want to see Gu Cheng ever again, and Gu Cheng never appeared in front of her again after that day.

But Su Cheng knew that Gu Cheng was actually nearby. Sometimes, when she was studying on her own in the evening, and sometimes it was when she finished the shop and returned late.

But all of this was no longer important to Su Cheng. Whether it is Gu Cheng or Ye Fan, she has completely abandoned them.

Su Cheng seemed to have forgotten all these things, doing what she should do like a normal person.


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