IJWLHGRAR Chapter 30.1

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Seeing that Su Cheng ignored him and was about to leave, Gu Cheng said again: “Give up, don’t insist anymore.”

Su Cheng certainly knew what Gu Cheng meant by giving up.

Suddenly, Su Cheng laughed, looked at Gu Cheng coldly, her expression became serious, and then said word by word: “He is my brother.”

Gu Cheng squeezed his hands firmly on his side, “I know he is your brother, but you should have your own life.”

Su Cheng should have a life that belongs to her, laughing or making trouble, in short, shouldn’t delay her life for him.

If she wants to, he can no longer appear in front of her, no longer disturb her life, he can silently guard her from afar without needing to be beside her.

And she just needs to live her life splendidly like that carefree little angel.

“You don’t understand at all.” Su Cheng waited for Gu Cheng and said coldly.

There must be a reason why her father refused to let her find Su Rou. Ye Fan is her only relative in this world. Even if she died, she would not give up on him.

What’s more, Su Cheng has money in this life, and then she can make a lot of money. She can send Ye Fan to the best hospital, and she can definitely watch him wake up in this life.

Faced with Su Cheng’s persistence, Gu Cheng was very helpless: “You need to face reality, he won’t wake up again!”

Gu Cheng didn’t know how much stimulation his words brought to Su Cheng.

“You are saying nonsense! He is just injured, and if his body is still alive, he will definitely wake up!”

“No!” Gu Cheng’s tone was determined.

For a time the two quarreled.

Su Cheng still believes that his brother will wake up.

“Take a good look.” Gu Cheng pointed to the person on the hospital bed: “If he can wake up, then what am I!”

No one knows better than him that the body lying on the hospital bed will not wake up again, so in his previous life, until he listened to a warlock and completed a certain sacrifice ritual, his breathing stopped completely without his consciousness. 

“What did you mean by what you just said?”

“Sorry, Cheng Cheng…”

Su Cheng never thought that in the course of the dispute between the two, he would hear the so-called truth from Gu Cheng’s mouth.

Gu Cheng and Ye Fan…

“No, it’s impossible, you are just lying to me!”

Gu Cheng, this person who has shown great disgust towards her since the first meeting, and even all the hardships Su Cheng suffered in his previous life are all because of this person.

How could he be Ye Fan…?

Ye Fan will never hurt her.

Su Cheng struggled to push Gu Cheng away from him.

“Chengcheng, calm down, listen to me, I didn’t lie to you…”

“Remember? The first time you came to our house, you hid behind Su Rou…”

“You like sugar, especially watermelon-flavored sugar.”

“You like to eat chocolate-flavored ice cream. In summer, Dad gave you two dollars a day to buy ice cream. You secretly saved that money and bought me a model. Do you remember?”


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