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Su Cheng saw Gu Cheng again only a year later, a person who she hadn’t seen for many years.

Even though she haven’t seen Gu Cheng once in these years, Su Cheng knew that the other party was actually there all the time.

He was not far from her, just according to what she said at the beginning. Gu Cheng never let her see him…

At the very beginning, Su Cheng might not have noticed it, but after a long time there were traces left.

When she was in college, she ran into a few hooligans on the way back to attend a dinner in her club. Su Cheng wanted to take the opportunity to call the police, but when the police arrived, the hooligans had been knocked down on the ground. Except for the traces of the fight, she didn’t see who took the initiative to teach this group of people.

When Su Cheng attended the graduation ceremony of the university, she obviously had no relatives to attend the graduation ceremony, but someone wrote her blessings on the graduation blessing board.

Later, Su Cheng graduated. When other students who stayed in the city at school were struggling to find a house, she found the house easily and rented the house at a price much lower than the market price. Su Cheng did not think that this was luck.

After graduating, the shop opened by Su Cheng, Liu Xi and Sun Xiaosheng has gradually developed, and the three together began to formally start a business, establish a brand, and establish a company. During the first two years of starting the business, Su Cheng was very busy. But no matter how late, as long as she comes out of the studio, there will always be a taxi waiting at the door.

The restaurant downstairs will always open late, every time it will not close until after she has bought the last meal, and no matter how late it was, it will always be a bowl of hot soup.

Before Su Cheng went to participate in a business entertainment party, a company vice president hit on her at the party. It didn’t take long before she heard that the vice president had been expelled from the company because of a serious mistake.

Many people say that City Y was messy at night, especially in the vicinity of their company. Su Cheng often works overtime until late, but it seems that she did not encountered any danger.

What really frightened Su Cheng was the car accident six months ago.

It happened when she went to a project consultation meeting, and her car was driving on the road, suddenly a large truck that was out of control rammed over. The huge shaking made her lose consciousness on the spot.

Her only thought she was dying, but when she woke up, she found that she was in the hospital.

Later, the police officer who handled the scene said that if the big truck hit it straight at that time, she would be probably would dead right now, but suddenly a car appeared on the scene and hit the front of the big truck. Deviating the original route of the track.

Afterwards, Su Cheng did not find the owner of the car at the scene.

For almost half a year, Su Cheng felt that the original person seemed to have disappeared from her…

Looking at the person in front of her at this moment, Su Cheng’s mind suddenly came up with a sentence that he had read in the book: When there are so many coincidences, it is artificial and deliberate.

From the first semester of high school to now, she haven’t seen him for nine years.

Gu Cheng in front of her was much more mature and calmer than he used to be, but she didn’t see the high spirits he had when she first saw him.

Even in Gu Cheng’s eyes, there are no trace of life in the vigor.

“Sorry, I know you might not want to see me.” Gu Cheng looked at Su Cheng with bitterness and guilt in his eyes.

“I came here today just to tell you that I have found out the truth.”

He finally found out the truth, but it took two lifetimes of pain as the price.

The police/inspector who colluded with the Leopard gang was called Wang Biao.

It turned out that before Ye An was transferred to the brigade, Wang Biao was the leader there, and had always had unclear and contacts with people like Brother Leopard.

Ye An immediately began to vigorously rectify the underworld forces there, and even robbed Wang Biao from his original position.

Wang Biao was dissatisfied, so he was able to join other people who were also very dissatisfied with Ye An and planned behind the scenes to frame Ye An.

However, Ye An has always been cautious and honest in doing things, so that these people can’t find any loopholes to take advantage of.

So Wang Biao thought of using Leopard Brothers as a breakthrough point.

Before being sent to Ye An, Su Rou was actually Leopard’s lover. They forged Su Rou’s identity, they gave Su Rou the identity of a widow who was an orphan and has her husband died on frontlines.

In the beginning, Ye An and Su Rou got married, but in fact it was more out of sympathy.

And Su Cheng was a child they found casually.

Now that the truth has come to light, Gu Cheng has also found out everything.

Brother Leopard died accidentally in a gang killing incident in Country J, and Su Rou died because of smoking too much. The rest were all taken back to the country.

As for Wang Biao, who later changed his status as a businessman, he would also be sentenced to death because of the large amount of evidence provided by Gu Cheng.

All this was finally over, and he finally found a reason to have a chance to stand in front of Su Cheng and tell her that he found the truth.

Except for the six months since he was recovering from the car accident, Gu Cheng has not missed any of Su Cheng’s growth in these years.

The girl he once wanted to protect but hurt deeply, really grew up and became a beautiful and strong independent woman.

That’s fine, let him bear all the rest of the unhappiness and regret.

“I’m delaying your last minute.”

“This may be useful to you.” Gu Cheng handed a note to Su Cheng.

On the note is the life experience of Su Cheng that he investigated.

It turns out that Su Cheng’s parents are really doctors along the borders, and they just died in a serious disease that broke out in country F.

Su Cheng had been living with his grandmother until she was three years old, but was sent to the orphanage because of an accident, and was later picked up by Brother Bao’s group in the name of adoption.

Gu Cheng checked that Su Cheng’s grandmother was still alive, and the old woman has been hanging up the newspaper all these years, looking for Su Cheng.

“I’m finished, I’m sorry to disturb you.” Gu Cheng said to Su Cheng, every word was so difficult, as if every word had to use all his strength.

Finally, Gu Cheng said two words dryly: “Take care.”

As he turned and left, Gu Cheng took a deep look at Su Cheng again, as if to imprint the person in front of him deeply in his mind.

Perhaps this is really the last time, the last time the girl who looked at him like this…take care of yourself.



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  1. I don’t know what to say for the ending. I thought they would be together at the end, cause really the effort that Gu Cheng made in those years left me unable to dislike him. Anyway, Its a Good Novel for me and Thank you for translating this till the end ^^

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