DRCFW Chapter 22

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Ah Qi didn’t say a word, and ran through the wall, too lazy to find excuses.

Fu Yao herself was left in the room.

She thought to herself that these people must be hiding something from her, but if they didn’t tell her, she was helpless.

The room was very quiet. She walked over to the sofa and sat down. After cleaning up most of the day, she was very tired.

She lay on the sofa and turned on the TV to watch the news.

A piece of news is being broadcast on TV: “Last night, Ye Ran was seriously injured in the WIA accident during filming. This station brings the latest report. According to internal sources, Ye Ran has been out of danger but has not yet woken up.”

Fu Yao There was no TV in the rented house before, and she spent her usual time studying, and she didn’t know who this person was Ye Ran.

Of course, she is not interested in entertainment news either.

Just about to change the channel, she suddenly noticed a small ball of light floating in from the window.

Xiao Guangqi turned a few times outside the window, entered the room, and stopped in front of her.

She stared at the little ball of light, which was obviously not a natural thing.

“Are you…” She suddenly thought, “That kid’s ghost?”

All the ghosts she had seen existed in human form, and had never seen such a small ball of light.

“Can you…see me?” There was a voice from the little ball of light, a young man’s voice.

Fu Yao nodded, “I can see, are you…the one who has died? Is that the child? Where is your mother?”

Xiao Guangqiu hesitated for a moment before saying: “I don’t know if I am dead, I Mom… she’s going abroad!”

At this time, Xue Heng’s ghost poked his head from the outside, his gaze was fixed on the small ball of light, his face changed slightly.

“Is this… the spirit?” Xue Heng pulled Qin Huizhen in from the wall, “I saw the spirit for the first time!”

Qin Huizhen said eagerly , “I have to send it back quickly! If the spirit leaves the body for twelve hours …That is, one day, people will die.”

Fu Yao was a little puzzled, “What do you mean? Is he still dead?”

Qin Huizhen nodded, “Some people will leave their bodies in emergencies, but as long as not far from, the body will soon be sucked back …… If you can not return, people may no longer wake up to. “

She turned to ask the little ball of light,” Son, you come out of this state how long? “

The mall ball of light recalled, “Last night at 11:30, I saw myself being pulled away by an ambulance, and the doctor told the time. I couldn’t keep up with the ambulance. I was looking for my body today, but I didn’t recognize it. Road, I can’t find anyone if I want to ask for it. No one seems to see me.”

Fu Yao glanced at the time displayed on the TV.

It’s eleven o’clock now.


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