DRCFW Chapter 23

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In other words, in another half an hour, this little ball of light will dissipate, and the corresponding person will die!

“Go!” Fu Yao stood up, “I’ll take you back…Which hospital?”

Xiao Guangqiu thought for a while, “City People’s Hospital.”

Fu Yao knows the place well, and her father stays there.

She stretched out her hand and said softly: “Let’s go, I will take you back!”

Xiao Guangqi hesitated for a moment, and slowly landed on her palm.

She took her wallet, another umbrella, and quickly went downstairs, trying to stop a taxi on the side of the road.

The sky is raining heavily and thunder is roaring, it is difficult to stop the car at this time.

Fu Yao glanced at the electronic watch she was wearing, which was the prize for her school exam when she was in junior high school. This electronic watch is waterproof and can also order an alarm clock, which is especially practical for her.

There are still more than twenty minutes. In this weather, twenty minutes may not be enough for her to stop the car.

She gritted her teeth and ran directly into the heavy rain.   

The light of the little ball of light became a little dim, but the amplitude of the beating was even greater, as if extremely disturbed.   

Xue Heng was left far behind, he could only sigh while running.   

Finally, the sign of the People’s Hospital in front appeared in her eyes.   

Fu Yao wiped the rain that poured on his head and ran into the hospital.  

The small ball of light suddenly seemed to be sucked by something, and it flashed into the hospital at an extremely fast speed, and disappeared.   

Fu Yao breathed a sigh of relief, as Xue Heng said, the spirit was sucked away by her body.   

He should be… all right?   

Suddenly she felt dizzy, a little unstable, reaching out to hold on to something, but there was nobody around her that could support her.

The hospital is not too far away. If she runs over, as long as she is fast enough, there should be enough time.

Xue Heng followed her and sighed distressed, but didn’t say much.

He couldn’t stop her now, after all, she was holding a fresh life in her hand.

The rain was getting bigger and bigger. With the gust of wind, the umbrella held by Fu Yao was blown crookedly and could not cover her body. After a while, her whole body was soaked in rain.

Fu Yao simply put away the umbrella and ran forward holding the umbrella.

The little ball of light was beating restlessly in her palm, and she had no time to look down at it.

Occasionally passing by a few private cars, someone noticed the girl running in the heavy rain, but no one stopped. Fu Yao didn’t expect anyone to stop and help her, so she didn’t plan to waste time stopping the car.

She felt that she was going to fall, but suddenly a pair of backs supported her waist, and then a pair of big hands picked her up.

“You kid, why…” Fu Chengyan’s voice came from above her head, “I just felt a little flustered, so I had better come out and have a look…”   

Fu Chengyan could get out of bed long ago because of the immortal power in his body. The speed of recovery is much faster than normal people. He just didn’t want to make himself behave too strangely, so he wanted to stay two more days before being discharged.   

He changed the subject, “Doctor, my daughter got caught in the rain, please see her!” 



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