DRCFW Chapter 24

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He diagnosed Fu Yao and said to Fu Chengyan, “She’s okay, but she was too tired just now. She was too nervous, and she was in the rain, and she had a bit of fever. I gave her fluids and just let her sleep.”   

He looked over to the nurse on the side and said, “Change her clothes to clean one, it’s all wet.”

 The nurse responded, took the clothes over, let Fu Chengyan put Fu Yao on the bed, and then closed the partition curtain.   

Fu Chengyan knew that his daughter was okay, but he wondered why she ran to the hospital in the rain in the middle of the night, and was still worried about her.   

I feel more and more that I am an unqualified father. He has been back for a few days.

How can I still let my daughter do such a thing?   

As he was thinking, he suddenly saw an old man running to Fu Yao’s hospital bed and shouting, “Yaoyao, are you okay?”   

He was slightly startled.   

This old man… is not a human!   

Xia Rui smiled and said: “Don’t you know, this child clamored to get out of bed after waking up, saying that he was looking for a girl… He still had a cast on his leg! Fortunately, the doctor rushed over to give him a shot. One shot, I fell asleep now.” 

The doctor quickly made a silent gesture, “Don’t tell outsiders about this, Ye Ran is a big star, if this happens… I’m afraid they will pursue the hospital. The responsibility of leaking the patient’s privacy is terrible, and we can’t afford the lawyers and thieves in the entertainment industry.”  

Seeing that Fu Yao is fine, Xia Rui said to Fu Chengyan, “If something happens, press the bedside bell, I’m on duty. “

Although her father had a problem in his mind, her embrace made her feel very Warm and safe.

With heavy eyelids, she fell asleep groggy.

Fu Chengyan saw his daughter drenched all over, her face pale without a trace of blood, and her body was frighteningly cold, which made him panic. He wondered why his daughter made him like this.

He put his fingers between her wrists and felt her pulse beating vigorously. Knowing that she was all right, he was relieved.

He secretly condensed the fairy power on his fingertips, and slowly transferred that fairy power from his daughter’s wrist to her body.

In just a while, a bloody color appeared on Fu Yao’s face.

The doctor walked over after seeing the situation. When he saw Fu Chengyan coming in with a girl in his arms, he was taken aback and asked, “Can you get out of bed?”

He didn’t know what the ghost wanted to do with Fu Yao, so he didn’t say a word, and observed calmly.

The doctor went to put an infusion needle on Fu Yao, and Xia Rui came when he wanted to leave. She was on duty today, and came over as soon as she heard the news.

“What’s wrong with her?” Xia Rui walked to the bed, “Is she okay?” The doctor nodded, “It’s okay, just sleep. The child didn’t know what to think, and ran to the hospital in the rain most of the night. She is in good health and should be able to recover soon.”

Xia Rui breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good, right, you don’t know, Ye Ran just woke up!” The doctor was a little surprised, “Really? I looked at his condition before and thought he couldn’t be saved, and he couldn’t wake up…just if he wakes up, it’s really good news.”

Fu Yao was already asleep, so she was relieved.

Fu Chengyan nodded, “I see.”

Xia Rui walked away.

There were other patients resting in the ward. Fu Chengyan moved a chair and sat on the side of Fu Yao’s bed, looking at her daughter’s sleeping face.

She is so thin that he feels distressed. She has a fair complexion, but now she looks too pale.

Her hair wasn’t dry yet, and her bangs stuck together after being washed by the water, revealing a terrible scar on her forehead.

Fu Chengyan lowered his head and glanced at his finger.

His daughter’s injury must be cured sooner.


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