MFBILWMA Chapter 13

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The Zhou’s villa was very large, and the gardener’s house was right next to the garage. With vines growing on it, the chance of being repaired in the future was very slim.

Even if it was still afternoon, the lights around the villa were already on.

A clean stone road extends from the steps of the villa to the garden and by then be divided leading to the courtyard door and the door of a small house respectively.

The red narrow iron door of the hut was always open, so that Uncle He, Aunt He and the driver could occasionally enter in order to rest.

The housekeeper hurried out holding an umbrella, and saw the young man standing in front of the narrow iron gate with his schoolbag in one hand.

He looked quiet and cold.

After seeing him coming out, the young man turned his eyes and looked down at him slightly: “Uncle He, can I sleep here temporarily at night?”

Xue Xi knew that the housekeeper was going to leave later, and was anxious to return to his own home in order to help his child with his remedial homework.

Xue Xi must decide where to live before the butler left.

It was fine for him to live here temporarily. After two months later, before her parents came back, he just had to find a way to discuss changing his room with her, in order to prevent Zhou Yizhi being scolded like in his previous life.

“Here?” The butler was taken aback for a moment.

Having been dizzy all day and if the boy didn’t remind him, he would almost forgot to arrange his accommodation.

The young man’s thoughts coincided with him. According to the temper of the young lady, he was afraid that the impoverished young man who wears worn-out shoes will not be allowed to live on the second floor. If he were to be brought in, they will definitely be in trouble. Everyone will be sleepless tonight.

The first floor was already occupied by him and Aunt He, so it would be better for Xue Xi to put his luggage in this room first.

Anyway, when Father Zhou comes back, he would arrange a room for him.

The young lady has a bad temper, so it’s better not to anger her.

The butler looked at the house behind Xue Xi and felt that he could also live in, so he said to him: “Okay, you will live here tonight. I will call the Zhou’s patriarch tomorrow to ask about the situation. What happened today was unexpected and there was no time left to arrange a room for you. Prepare some daily necessities. See if there is something you need, I will talk to the lady tomorrow and buy it for you.” Xue Xi nodded, then took the schoolbag into the door and put it on the table.

He raised his eyes to the butler and said, “Thank you Uncle He.” The damage to the boy’s vocal cords still hasn’t recovered yet, and his voice was a bit hoarse, but it was not unpleasant.

It feels unspeakably handsome and indifferent, yet restrained and polite.

Before going to pick up Xue Xi, the housekeeper received a call from Mr. Zhou and got a general understanding of the situation of the impoverished student who was going to be sponsored by the Zhou family. Originally in the housekeeper’s imagination, the young man was in a distressed family situation. Just after the funeral, he should be full of desperate fatigue. His clothes and trousers should be worn out like crumpled vegetable leaves.

But unexpectedly, when he drove the car to the entrance of the hospital, lowered the window and when he saw the boy at first glance, the butler was taken aback.


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