MFBILWMA Chapter 14

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He was not the same as he imagined.

He indeed looked tired, but there was still a calm and reliable aura, his eyes were clean and pure, dark and bright.

It seems that even if he was overwhelmed by life’s hardship for these three years, it still failed to wipe out the tenacity present within his bones.

The entrance of the hospital was noisy. There were many children of his age, either with their coats spread out and squatting together in twos and threes, or frowning at being the support of the adults. 

He was the only one standing in the corner, with a clear outline and a cold look, indifferent and clear eyes, with a height of 1.85 meter. His school uniform is a bit old, but it was cleaner than everyone else, he did not look around impatiently, but waited quietly.

He stood out among the crowd.

So the housekeeper didn’t spent time to look for him, and he intuitively felt that he was the one Mr. Zhou asked himself to take home.

Knowing his life experience, the housekeeper couldn’t help but sigh within his heart at this time, due to a crime, a good family broke apart.

Although supported by Mr. Zhou, according to the temper of the young lady, his life in this family may not be any better.

The housekeeper sighed and said, “I’ll talk about it later,let’s go eat first.” 

Xue Xi put down his things, prepared to clean up the room, sorted out a desk, and put the textbooks on it. Unexpectedly, he was slightly taken aback when he heard the housekeeper’s words.


The housekeeper was shocked when he saw him, and asked, “Have you eaten in the hospital?”

Xue Xi shook his head, but felt something was a little strange. 

He had no food and no room in the previous life. He waited for a long time on the first floor of the villa. 

Didn’t he step into the hallway or dirty the carpet she likes in this life, so some changes have taken place.

He looked at the housekeeper, and asked, “…Did Zhou Yizhi give permission?” 

The housekeeper remembered what Zhou Yizhi had just said, and said, “No, it’s becauseMrs. He just made a few dishes. Don’t be hungry. Let’s eat together.”

Xue Xi was silent for a moment, “Yes”.

“Thank you, I’ll go later.”

The dining table in the villa is covered with light-colored tablecloths on the metal long table in front of the French windows on the first floor. There are several home-cooked dishes that look delicious and delicious, including steamed pork ribs and a few other sweets on one side, and two dishes of vegetables on the other.

There was a candlestick in the center of the dining table, which has burnt marks, but it has not been lit at the moment.

Just now Zhou Yizhi took out the lighter from the kitchen, and while Mrs. He went up to tidy up the empty room, she lit two candles, wondering if it was a little warmer, but immediately felt too deliberate, so she hurriedly blew it out.

After a while, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a tall figure coming from the gardener’s house holding an umbrella from the French window. She hurriedly sat down in position and pulled her hair behind her ears.

She took the chopsticks, picked up a vegetable and stuffed it into her mouth to chew, pretending to eat it as if nothing had happened.



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