MFBILWMA Chapter 15

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When she heard that the door of the hallway was opened, the teenager was standing at the hallway and changing shoes.

Zhou Yizhi felt like a cat’s tail scratching her heart (Nervous), and could not help quietly turning her head to look over there.

It seems that her brother had taken a shower and changed into dry clothes. He was wearing a white long-sleeved t-shirt, and his neck was slightly worn, but still looked neat and tidy. His black hair has been washed and dried, and some water droplets fall on his white neck.

Her elder brother was only sixteen years old at this time. Although his face was indifferent, he was tall, and a bit too precocious, the clean and green breath of the young was still ready to come out.

Xue Xi was slightly startled when he saw that there was a cotton mop of his size in the hallway.

After the change, he raised his head.

Zhou Yizhi, who was peeking at him, was almost found out and was startled. She felt a bit hot on her cheeks, and turned her head hurriedly.

In the eyes of Xue Xi, the girl with a slender back was sitting gracefully at the dining table, without looking back, eating coldly. Her action seemed to be a little impatient, and her elbow hit a plate aside, making a noise.

Is she impatient to get away?

She hated eating with strangers very much, even in his previous life, it was only after a few months passed before they could sit at the same table.

So Xue Xi was not sure whether he should dine or not.

Everything is over again, he doesn’t want her to end up in a dead end because she rejects herself.

Xue Xi thought for a while and walked toward the kitchen.

According to what the housekeeper just said, it seems that Mrs. He cooked the food and asked him to eat with her.

Zhou Yizhi’s heart jumped from the moment her brother came in, when her eyes fell on his back, she was even more stiff, and she couldn’t help but lift her neck slightly, revealing her beautiful neck.

Just taking advantage of Mrs. He’s cooking, she jumped upstairs and picked a cold silver necklace. Wearing it would make her neck more slender and elegant.

However, she never expected that she was sitting on pins and needles here, and he in the hallway turned straight and walked towards the kitchen!

Zhou Yizhi immediately turned her head to look at him, but he had already walked into the kitchen and went to see Mrs. He.

If you can’t eat yourself, why look for Mrs. He?

What can Mrs. He help you for?

Zhou Yizhi was frightened and angry, what had just happened?

Is it true that men are all big trotter? In her last life he told that he liked her but as soon as she was reborn, he wasn’t interested in her?!

Zhou Yizhi couldn’t help coughing, and said, “Mrs. He is not here, she is upstairs.”


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