MFBILWMA Chapter 16

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Hearing this, Xue Xi paused in his footsteps and looked back at her, seeming a little surprised that she would take the initiative to speak to him.

Zhou Yizhi saw her brother like this, and she felt very guilty suddenly- yes, when he first entered the house in the previous life, she regarded him as an uninvited guest. She shook her face and left when she saw him. It would be fine if she didn’t deliberately find fault. Should she say a few more words to him?

Zhou Yizhi felt guilty in her heart, turned to look at him, and said: “I want us to eat together. You just came to this house. There must be many unfamiliar things you find here. After eating, I will introduce them to you!”  

Xue Xi: …

He thought he was having hallucinations, but there was no one else on the first floor. The fifteen-year-old hedgehog was indeed talking to him—talking to him with her initiative.

Her tone actually rose slightly?

He fixedly looked at Zhou Yizhi.

To the black eyes of the 16-year-old brother, Zhou Yizhi panicked, staring back at the food in front of her, and complaining: “Why is the food that Mrs. He made it so light and not spicy enough? It’s tasteless, I can’t eat it at all, and it’s a pity to throw it away, it’s really a pity.”

Xue Xi took note of two things. She never liked to eat light and sweet things. During her birthday in his last life, she just threw away the cakes he bought with his money he gained by working and saved up. The so-called “eating together” should be just something she said out of boredom.

Based on what Xue Xi knew about her, he might have suspected that she had taken medicine for diarrhea if she hadn’t seen her eating those dishes.

Xue Xi paused and walked over.

Zhou Yizhi thought about how he was running around the train station and the hospital today. He must be hungry all day long. She felt uncomfortable. 

After he sat down, she pointed to the steamed pork ribs: “This dish is the most unpalatable…Why did Mrs. He cooked it today?”

Xue Xi glanced at her, pressed his thin lips slightly, he avoided the steamed pork ribs and took some of the vegetables, and got a little further away from her.

He suspected that she might have put laxatives in this steamed pork ribs.

When Zhou Yizhi saw her brother picking up the chopsticks, she tried her best to suppress her expectation, coughed, and said, “Hurry up.”

Xue Xi’s heart sighed, and the chopsticks paused over the steamed pork ribs… and took some of the steamed pumpkin.

Zhou Yizhi: ? ? ?

No, did she remember it wrong? She remembered that her brother’s favorite was the steamed pork ribs dish!

Mrs. He’s recipe hasn’t changed, so why did he suddenly didn’t want to eat it? Could it be that steamed pork ribs was his favorite flavor in the later years?…After all, people’s tastes are always changing.

But it is okay, just let him fill his stomach.

Seeing him eating several mouthfuls in a row, Zhou Yizhi felt a sense of satisfaction.

Her elder brother sat across from her, still looking like a young man, with short black hair, clean and deep eyebrows, and almost transparent white skin.

He’s so pretty.

In her last life, Zhou Yizhi knew that her elder brother was handsome, otherwise he wouldn’t have transferred to another school. There were always many people crowded in the front and back doors of their class. The forum was also very crazy for a while about him. Her elder brother relied on his height and handsome face. He was the most handsome among the school. 

After finishing work on the weekend, he didn’t hold up and fell asleep on the table on Monday. When he woke up, there were a lot of people secretly taking pictures of him.




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