MFBILWMA Chapter 17

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But… somehow, someone at the school recognized him, and he began to spread that he was the son of the provincial party secretary who committed suicide in the Haicheng bombing. Then there were rumors that caused him to have no more peace in school.

Zhou Yizhi pretended to eat, but in fact she was secretly looking at the person sitting opposite.

In this life, she must find a way to prevent the rumors from spreading.

Seeing that the boy was almost finished eating a bowl of rice, Zhou Yizhi was happy that he was full.

She pretended to casually mention: “Daddy has already told me, let me help you deal with the transfer, and let the housekeeper go through the formalities with you tomorrow.”

“The school uniform is already prepared. For your textbooks, you have to get it from your head teacher tomorrow. Besides, there is only one car in the villa. Usually there are only Master Li and the housekeeper taking turns to drive. The villa is far from the school, so if you take a bus or shuttle bus, it may take forty minutes… So I hope you will go to school with me in the future. Do you want it?”

Zhou Yizhi said quickly, but the last sentence was said in an inaudible voice

Her brother in the previous life came here and left him alone to deal with things. 

In fact, there were many tedious things to deal with. 

But no one told him the route of the school, no one told him the class time. 

The school uniform was customized costing thousands of dollars. 

He didn’t wear it the first day he went to school, and he didn’t know that he was avoided by his classmates due to his attire.

Zhou Yizhi’s father, an entrepreneur who runs around in the northern and southern hemispheres, can take care of these trivial matters. 

At most, let the housekeeper handle them and give the son of the deceased a sum of money.

But with his brother’s self-esteem, would he easily move by the money? As for the housekeeper, although he was kind, he wouldn’t get involved in other people’s housework…

Although he knew that nothing could stump him, he himself handled everything in a strange environment during his previous life.

But now, she wants to be better to him as much as possible.

Zhou Yizhi tried to say this naturally, but in fact, her face was a little hot, and she hurriedly lowered her head. And used a spoon to forcefully stir the soup in front of her.

Xue Xi was shocked, raised his dark eyes and couldn’t help staring at her.

He almost suspected that him being reborn is just a dream.

She actually sat opposite himself and offered to go to school together-why is it completely different from his previous life?

In his previous life, she was very repulsive to him, and left him alone every morning before going to school. 

When Uncle Zhou came back in December, it was snowing in winter and the weather was cold, so she was forced to accept to go to school with him.

After getting in the car, the little girl was criticized, her eyes were red, she curled up in the corner of the car, her face was on the car window, pretending to be holding her cheek in her hand, she was actually wiping her tears quietly.

She did not expect Xue Xi to see clearly through the rearview mirror.

So halfway, Xue Xi was angry and felt funny. He asked the driver to stop the car and got out of the car, let out a breath of chill in the cold air, and said to her: “Don’t worry, I will get out of the car when I get here from now on, and I won’t enter the school gate with you. “

Somehow she felt that his remark was a provocation, and said angrily: “I don’t believe it, you must go back and give a small report to my dad!” Xue Xi vowed that he would not.


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