Doting On Wife Like It’s His Life, The President Is Determined Not To Divorce Chapter 16

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16 I’m Afraid That The Person In My Arms Will Disappear

At night, she was lying in bed comfortably and preparing to go to sleep. This day seemed too long for her, and now she is also tired.

The door of the room opened, and she did not move, keeping her back to the door.

She thought it was the child, who was still so young, and always needed his mother.

Thinking of this, her heart softened, and she couldn’t help but remember the sweet smile when the child called her mother.

She thought, she would like this kid.

“Cheng er…”

However, what came from her ear was not a child’s immature voice, but a man’s strong magnetic voice, which scared her and make her turn around immediately, staring at the handsome face close at hand in amazement.

“What are you doing?!” Mu Xin Cheng is really going to be frightened by him, moreover he comes in without a hum, why should he stay so close to her?

She stepped back, Jiang Jing Zhi stretched out his long arms, hugged her back, she was thrown directly into his arms, and the male hormones that belonged to him rushed towards her face, her face flushed.

“Jiang Jing Zhi, you take advantage of me!”

The feeling of two people closes together made her feel goosebumps. This strange but familiar feeling made her panic.

Jiang Jing Zhi hugged her, leaning against her ear and whispered, “Cheng er, we are husband and wife.”

So there is no taking advantage.

Mu Xin Cheng was startled, did he mean to live a married life with him?

“Go to sleep.” Jiang Jing Zhi hugged her to sleep together, still did not let go, clasping her waist.

Mu Xin Cheng’s body was a little stiff, and she couldn’t relax at all, until she confirmed that he didn’t mean anything else, she gradually relaxed her body.

But being hugged by him, how can she sleep?

Mu Xin Cheng thought she would suffer from insomnia, but in the end, she quickly fell into deep sleep.

Under the moonlight, Jiang Jing Zhi painted her sleeping face with his eyes, so focused, so serious, and finally sighed slightly, and hugged her a little bit closer, as if he was afraid of the person in his arms will disappearing.

After taking care for a few days, the injuries on Mu Xin Cheng’s head were healed, but she still didn’t think of anything about herself and Jiang Jing Zhi.

Having been forced to sleep with him these days, she has gone from being unaccustomed to her current numbness, and she herself feels terrified.

He didn’t think of anything, but the familiar feeling rushed to her like a flood, making her wanting to be unstoppable.

Jiang Jing Zhi went back to work after confirming that there was nothing serious about her. She stayed in this house every day, so boring, and the child was going to kindergarten. She wanted to spend some parent-child time with him.

She also wanted to go out, but Jiang Jing Zhi refused, because she had no memory for six years, and he was afraid that she would get lost when she went out.

It’s a fart (bullsh*t), how could she get lost with her cleverness?

It’s so boring to be at home alone. She has walked around the room several times, and there are fewer bodyguards outside. Jiang Jing Zhi said that the withdrawal was indeed a withdrawal, so I don’t know what his subtext was at that time.

But she was still very dissatisfied with him. Didn’t she say to fill the swimming pool with water? As a result, the swimming pool is still empty now.


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