GMTB Ch-19

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Chapter 19 Research (4)



Saturday morning, it began to rain.


The accumulated rainwater fell from the eaves of the windows, dripping down to the ground.


Xu Pinyu sat on the toilet, staring at the underwear in between her knees, which was stained with dark red blood drops.


She froze for a while, and thought to herself that her aunt really picked a good time to come.


Last night, she had sneaked out to the drugstore to buy a contraceptive, which was now useless.


After changing into a pair of dark jeans, Xu Pinyu put the skirt she was going to wear back into her wardrobe.


She put two more sanitary napkins in her bag and went out.


She walked up the steps in front of Shen Youbai’s house, stood in front of the door and closed her umbrella. She shook of the rain from it and reached out to ring the doorbell.


The bell rang, and she waited for about ten seconds. There was no reply.


Just as she was about to press it again, the door opened.


Shen Youbai was wearing a dark gray T-shirt and linen trousers. He had a towel over his head and his hair, that blocked his eyes, were wet with drops of water. It seemed that he had just finished taking a shower.


After entering, she glanced around.


The light in the room was very dim, just like a dark morning.


He took out a pair of women’s slippers from the shoe cabinet, “Why didn’t you call me to pick you up?”


Xu Pinyu replied while changing her shoes, “It’s raining. It’s troublesome to run around.”


She wore a thin sweater with a wide neckline.


She bent over, holding the cabinet with one hand, and taking off her shoes with the other.


The neckline dropped.


Shen Youbai’s eyes fell on her white chest and simple bra.


Soon, she straightened up.


Shen Youbai then fixed his gaze on her face, “Did you eat this morning?”


“Yep.” Xu Pinyu nodded and pushed him, “Go and dry your hair, don’t catch a cold.”


Before leaving the living room, Shen Youbai said to her, “The TV remote is on the table.”


After he entered the bathroom, Xu Pinyu did not turn on the TV and instead went to the corridor.

She looked at the paintings in the corridor from beginning to the end.


Shen Youbai blowed his hair half-dry and came out of the bathroom.


The living room was very quiet and no one was seen.


He caught a glimpse of the lights on in the corridor, so he walked over.


She was standing in front of the painting, and was admiring it.


Shen Youbai was slightly startled.


Dreams were easy to forget, but when scattered fragments of it overlap with reality, they will suddenly be remembered.


At that moment, Xu Pinyu noticed him and turned around.


He looked at her hand first.


Xu Pinyu was puzzled. She raised her hand and looked at it, but there was nothing wrong with it.


He walked up to her and grabbed her hand.


He held her cold fingertips, as if confirming whether there was anything in her palm or not.


She laughed, “Are you going to tell my fortune?”


Shen Youbai looked up at her for a while. H e did not respond, and led her back to the living room.


Xu Pinyu sat on the sofa and watched him turn on the laptop on the coffee table.


Shen Youbai’s slender fingers left the mousepad and he turned his head and said to her, “Choose one.”


Xu Pinyu blinked in confusion, “What?”

When she moved her gaze to the screen, she saw the neatly arranged video files with their names. They were words that could be easily understood; secret, temptation, high school girl, voyeurism, carnal desire, etc.


Seeing her stunned appearance, Shen Youbai asked, “Didn’t you want to see it?”


Xu Pinyu had forgotten that matter.


Although she didn’t really want to see it, she scrolled down. There were 20-30 videos.


Xu Pinyu frowned, “There are so many.”


Has he seen so many naked women?


In fact, these videos had been given to him by Zhou Qishan, and naturally guys who were at the height of puberty would accept in happily. 

He had watched two or three of them, only because the heroine’s eyebrows, or voice, were a bit like Xu Pinyu.


However, Shen Youbai missed the meaning in her words and asked her, “If you want it, I’ll mail it to you.”


She pursed her lips, “No, you can keep it for yourself.”


Xu Pinyu quickly scrolled through the page in a gloomy mood. None of the titles attracted her attention.


The mouse flew for a long time, without looking at Shen Youbai, she asked him, “In this, which one is your…favourite?”


Shen Youbai leaned forward and controlled the mouse. “This one.”


When his hand reached in front of her, his warm breath brushed the hair beside her ears.


Xu Pinyu felt her ears burning.


She knew that this kind of film did not have much plot, and some even went straight to sex from the beginning.


Fortunately, the movie that Shen Youbai had clicked on contained some amount of plot, so she can hold on for a while.


At the beginning of the story, a girl and her boyfriend went to a resort. They showed a few seconds of the innkeeper’s wretched eyes as he looked at the girl.


In the evening, the couple changed into their yakutas in their rooms and met to go to the hot springs.


Xu Pinyu seemed to have guessed where the plot was heading, but she didn’t expect it to get to the point so quickly.


When the girl changed her clothes and went to go find her boyfriend, she met a little girl who appeared to be cringing.


She told the girl that her boyfriend was waiting for her at a different place from the originally agreed place.


Xu Pinyu wondered why she didn’t make a phone call to confirm, and then thought that the plot holes were not important in this kind of film.

[passster password=feather]

When the girl walked into the room, her mouth and nose were covered by a cloth, her eyes rolled over and she passed out.


When she woke up again, she found that her hands were wrapped around a beam, and her mouth was stuffed with a cotton cloth that muffled her voice.


At this moment, someone came.


She couldn’t see behind, so she didn’t know who it was.


The man pressed her down, the masculine smell filled her nose, and the girl showed a panicked expression and twisted her body desperately.


 The strange man lifted the hem of her bathrobe from the back and inserted his strong thigh in between her legs, forcing her to open her legs. Her helpless cry was blocked by  the cotton cloth.


Rough hands slid to the front, it went down to her secret place, tearing away her underwear in a short movement. A tearing sound was heard. The man’s fingers quickly teased the small clitoris, and the thick fingers poked into the narrow parting of her thick labia, he opened it and and moved his fingers around, before continuing to go deeper.


Agitated, almost savagely, the clear liquid spurted out. The girl sobbed in tears. /sizzled?


Xu Pinyu hugged her knees and glanced at the person next to her.


Although his face was expressionless, he was still staring at the screen.


She retracted her gaze, and a sulky air accumulated in her chest.


Shen Youbai indeed lacked interest in these types of films, except for this one.


He had watched it several times, just for the scene that was coming up at the 28 minutes and 03 seconds mark.


25 minutes and 12 seconds, the man’s glans pressed against her two wet lips, it opened them, and slowly squeezed in. The lubricated honey hole made it easy for the thick sex organ to advance, and the struggles of the girl who was tied up at the waist seemed to be weakening.


26 minutes and 45 seconds, the thick penis was completely submerged in the tight honey hole, more than half of it was pulled out, and then rammed back in deeply. After more than a dozen thrusts, the girl’s eyes gradually become cloudy with confusion, and the nature of her whimpers blurred.


28 minutes and 03 seconds, the man removed the cotton cloth from her mouth, and the crystal saliva was pulled into a thin line before it broke. Under the brutal thrust of the man, she yelled deliriously.


Xu Pinyu opened her eyes wide and and her breath hitched.


The female protagonist shot from this angle looked 80% similar to Xu Pinyu.


While she was in a daze the girl moaned again, even the slutty moan sounded like her voice.


Xu Pinyu froze for a moment. She closed her mouth after recovering, moisturising her dry mouth.


She subconsciously turned her head to look at Shen Youbai, who was half lying on the sofa with his face on the back of his hand, his eyes fixed on the computer screen.


Xu Pinyu couldn’t control her gaze as she lowered it to his freely spread legs.


Her eyes seemed to have been scalded, and she quickly turned away, only to unsuspectingly meet his eyes.


Shen Youbai looked at her with a thin layer of lust in his eyes.


Xu Pinyu explained, “Originally, today I was going to…. Do this kind of thing with you.”


With these words, Shen Youbai’s look deepened and his body moved.


“But I got my aunt.” She quickly added.


After listening, he went back to his lazy posture and looked back to the screen.


Xu Pinyu was dumbfounded. The next second, the girls sudden, top-notch groan woke her up.


Even if she resembled her, that was another woman.


Xu Pinyu was frustrated and sat on his waist and abdomen.


Shen Youbai was really shocked.


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