GMTB Ch-18

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Chapter 18 Research (3)


Xu Pinyu was stunned. Unexpectedly the news spread so quickly.


Although it had evolved to her confessing in the men’s bathroom, at least it was better than saying that she was a transgender or perverted.


Seeing that she didn’t intend to argue, Zhang Yang was slightly surprised, “Yeah, the class monitor dared to face the president of the Student Council. I have a whole new level of respect for you.”


Xu Pinyu was stuck on the “facing” for a second. Recently, because of the influence of Shen Youbai, her mind was always in the gutter.


She said to Zhang Yang, “You’re not bad, you know how to use slang.”


Chen Zixuan walked straight to her seat after entering the class and waved Zhang Yang away like she was driving away flies.


She glanced at Xu Pinyu’s desk again, “You have classes today?”


Xu Pinyu paused and replied, “No.”


To explain the situation, the current day was Friday, the last day before the holidays for Chinese New Year.


Chen Zixuan asked, “Then why have you taken out your textbooks?”


She lowered her head, and to reinforce an imposing manner she slapped the book on her table.


Xu Pinyu smiled and said, “It’s easy.”


“Monitor! Monitor”


Xu Pinyu took the textbook off her desk and put it back into the drawer as a boy ran to her desk in a hurry.


She was startled, “I have something to do, so quickly let go of my desk.”


He said with bright eyes, “The class next door is betting on how many days you’ll survive before the Student Council expels you.”


Xu Pinyu showed a somewhat incomprehensible expression, and then asked, “So what?”


He replied, “So… Promise me you’ll last for a few more days so that I can go over and place a bet. Then we can earn a fortune.” 


Chen Zixuan rolled her eyes, “It’s already boring enough.”


Xu Pinyu lowered her eyes.


Thinking that she was angry, he scratched his head and was about to apologise.


He didn’t expect that Xu Pinyu was just looking for her wallet. She took out two banknotes and handed them to him. She solemnly asked, “Help me bet on me lasting till graduation.”


Chen Zixuan was completely speechless.


Xu Pinyu assured her with a smile, “When I win the bet, I’ll treat you to dinner.”


The dishes arrived before the meal was eaten. 

Nope, it was only Cai Yao.


She stood at the back door of Class K “Excuse me, is Xu Pinyu there?”


When she heard her name, Xu Pinyu looked back and Cai Yao was right behind her.


Cai Yao told her that she had something to discuss with her, and took Xu Pinyu to the shady trail behind the school building.


Xu Pinyu became nervous on the way, regretting that she had forgotten to ask Wei Yixun whether this dishes classmate had practiced taekwondo or something, and couldn’t wait to split her in half.


At this moment, Cai Yao, who was walking in front, stopped and turned to her, “Let’s play fairly.”


Xu Pinyu was taken aback.


When Xu Pinyu couldn’t figure out what she meant, Cai Yao directly said, “I like Shen Youbai.”


Xu Pinyu didn’t show any surprise to what she said.


Cai Yao was puzzled. Then she lifted her chin again, “Let’s have a fair competition that depends on our own ability, and if one of us ends up with him, then the other is not allowed to stalk her.”


Xu Pinyu was about to speak, but she met with Cai Yao’s stubborn eyes. After thinking about it, she said nothing.


In fact, her expression provoked Cai Yao.


Cai Yao said, “But I advise you to give up as soon as possible.”


 “To be honest, I’m meeting with Zhou Qishan, and he will help me.”


“So, I have an advantage over you.”

Even though Cai Yao had said a lot of things, not only was Xu Pinyu unmoved she even had some sympathy in her eyes.


Cai Yao became anxious, “And tomorrow…”


The day before she had discussed with Zhou Qishan and they both had made a plan to trick Shen Youbai to come out for a date.


Cai Yao thickened her face and said, “Shen Youbai has promised to go to the cinema with me.”


After she spoke, she was satisfied to see that Xu Pinyu’s expression had finally changed significantly.


Immediately afterwards, Cai Yao’s gaze left Xu Pinyu and fell on the boy not far away.


Seeing Cai Yao stunned, Xu Pinyu turned back subconsciously.


Zhou Qitang  wasn’t in a rush as he threw the cigarette on the ground and put it out with his feet.


He raised his hands lazily and said, “I’m just passing by. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.”


He didn’t need to be introduced, from one look one could tell that he was a tough guy.

Cai Yao didn’t have anything more to say, so she looked at the boy warily, took two steps back, and turned to leave.


Xu Pinyu was stunned for a few seconds as she watched Cai Yao walk away quickly.


After coming back to her senses, she walked towards Zhou Qitang’s side and asked him, “Were we rivals in love?”


He said jokingly, “You are always blabbering so how can you be dumb at the most critical moment?”


Xu Pinyu shrugged, “She’s a girl and she has a thin face I don’t want her to be too embarrassed.”


He widened his eyes and teased her, “You’re so confident?”


Xu Pinyu said, “I’m not confident…”


She and Shen Youbai were already together. There was no need to argue with a girl who wanted to get closer to him by any means possible.


Before she finished her sentence Xu Pinyu noticed something, “This is really strange. Why are you here today?”


The most important parts of the welcome ceremony had already finished, and he only appeared on the last and most unimportant day.


Zhou Qitang said helplessly, “If I don’t come today, even my grandfather, who has been sleeping underground for more than ten years, will be called by Lin Hong.”


He leaned his hand against his ear as a telephone and imitated, “Hello! Is this the grandfather of Zhou Qitang? Please give your great grandson some inspiration and make him come to school!”


Xu Pinyu bent down with a smile and said, “Our good Head Teacher, What stuff are you forced to do…”


The two chatted as they walked back to the school building.


In the middle of the journey, Zhou Qitang suddenly stopped and pointed diagonally, “What’s going on over there?”


Xu Pinyu turned her head and looked around. The crowd formed a half circle, and several cameras were aimed at the person holding the mic. 


She said, “Television interviews.”


This situation wasn’t very common, but Xu Pinyu had seen it multiple times.


In addition to a few Head teachers nearby, the Student Council was also there. 


In the past, because of Shen Youbai, she would take a peek whenever she skipped class. But he never showed his face in front of the camera.


The host began to interview a girl.


The lighting board was placed below the girl’s body, and the light illuminated her in white. The breeze was blowing, and she tucked her hair behind to her ears.


Xu Pinyu blinked, “Your Lu Yin is very beautiful.”

Zhou Qitang praised her, “This prefix is good.”

When Shen Youbai walked towards them, Zhou Qitang instantly noticed that the person who was approaching them wasn’t in a good mood.


Shen Youbai stared at Xu Pinyu first, then he moved his gaze to Zhou Qitang, and with a low tone of voice said, “Stand further away.”


Qin Ran and the others went to go ask about what was going on, but when they saw who Shen Youbai was facing, they stopped, as if there was a minefield ahead, whoever steps on it would die.


Zhou Qitang’s family background was high, but his manner wasn’t the least bit high class.


Hence, other than Shen Youbai and the Student Council, he was someone you couldn’t provoke. 


If Zhou Qitang was like an arrogant and unconstrained leopard.


Shen Youbai was an exquisite and cold pistol.


They never had a chance to fight and it would be better if they could avoid fighting.


Xu Pinyu was stuck between the guy who was her loyal friend and the guy she rolled in the sheets with.


She reacted quickly, rushing to Zhou Qitang and started pushing him away, “He means that your hair will affect the image of the school so you should walk around them to get back to class.”


As Xu Pinyu walked forward, she turned around and mouthed to Shen Youbai, “Call me.” /call me?


Because it was the last day before the holidays, everyone one in Class K was in a good mood and hence they were chatting noisily.


After the third class in the morning Lin Hong, the Head Teacher, noticed that they were getting more and more excited, the excitement in their voices couldn’t be contained even though he tried to put them in their place constantly.


He decided to just let this group of people who were jumping up and down, go back home. Anyway, there wasn’t any fixed time for school that day. 

He specifically called out Zhou Qitang and told Zhou Qitang to follow him to the office to talk.


Xu Pinyu thought that it was still early and sent a message to Shen Youbai.


Then she walked to the bakery half a block away from the school.


Xu Pinyu chose several pieces of bread -based on the type of bread, she didn’t notice someone pushing the door in.


When she stood at the cash register, she was just about to dig out her purse when someone next to her handed  the employee a couple of banknotes.


Shen Youbai stuffed the change into his pocket and very naturally picked up the bag.


Xu Pinyu’s mind left her body. She didn’t notice when the school bag, that was on her shoulder, went to his hand.


At noon, the subway was crowded.


She faced the window, and Shen Youbai stood behind her -very close to her.


Every time more people squeezed in, he took a step forward, Xu Pinyu’s back was almost touching him.


A voice entered her right ear, “One is Wei Yixun, another one is Zhou Qitang, are there any more?”


Xu Pinyu was stunned, his silhouette was reflected on the black window. He grabbed the railing with one hand, leaned over and positioned his head right beside her cheek.


She thought for a moment. “Neither of them are important, only one is special.”


He suddenly lowered his eyes, “Who?”


“Shen Youbai.”

After a few seconds had passed, she turned her head.

His lips were a little cold, and he pressed the corners of her mouth lightly.


It was a fleeting kiss.


Xu Pinyu’s heartbeat instantly became impossible to count.


The arrival announcement sounded, and they finally escaped from the crowded train.


Walking out of the subway station, Xu Pinyu received a text message: Child, come to the store after school.


So she said to Shen Youbai, “I have to go to the flower shop.”


He frowned slightly, “The flower shop?”


Xu Pinyu nodded, “Well, my mother’s shop.”


She guessed, “Maybe an uncle who ordered some flowers forgot to collect it again.”


Two to three steps away from the flower shop, she stopped


Xu Pinyu asked cautiously, “Do you want to come in?”


Shen Youbai didn’t answer, walked up and opened the door, beckoning her to go in.


He followed her inside.


Chen Qiuya put down a custom-made flower basket and turned around to sign with Xu Pinyu, but saw the person behind her.


The boy had an indescribable temperament, which made her startle, it was seemingly familiar.


Xu Pinyu introduced him to her nervously, “He is my classmate, Shen Youbai.”


On the contrary, Shen Youbai seemed calm, “Hello Auntie.”


Chen Qiuya came back to her senses and smiled at him.


Then she made some sign language gestures to Xu Pinyu.


Xu Pinyu sighed, she had guessed correctly.


She turned around and translated to him, “The flower basket was forgotten so I have to send the flowers.”


Shen Youbai nodded, looked at Chen Qiuya, pointed at the flower basket on the ground, and got her affirmation. He went up and picked up the flower basket without saying anything.


After they walked out of the flower shop, Chen Qiuya smiled and shook her head.


After completing the task, she became hungry.


Xu Pinyu sat in the convenience store, waiting for Shen Youbai to bring a bowl of noodles and put it in front of her.


She picked up the chopsticks, blew on it, and asked tentatively, “What are your plans for the weekend?”


Cai Yao’s words, she hadn’t forgotten.


Shen Youbai said, “I don’t have any plans.”


She looked away unnaturally, “Then tomorrow…”


“I’ll go to your house… let’s play.”


Shen Youbai was puzzled, “What do you want to play?”


He really didn’t understand. In his house, what was fun, apart from doing it with her, he couldn’t think of anything else that they could play with.


Xu Pinyu took a deep breath and looked at him. It was hard to speak but she had to say it.


After holding back for a long time, finally approaching him, she asked in a low voice, “Do you still have that movie in your house?”


She said quietly, “I want to study it.”


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