GMTB Ch -20

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Chapter 20 Nightmare (4)

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She stared at herself (The actress). 


The obscene voices sounded in her ear, she slightly narrowed her eyes while staring at him, her breathing gradually becoming heavier.


Shen Youbai held her waist, he straightened his back and sat up. She ended up sitting on his crotch.


 Before that, his penis was only slight hard with a trace of desire due to the similar looking face and voice. Now it seemed to have recognised whose lower body was pressed against it, and it swelled with enthusiasm. 


She felt the hard thing pressing against her, and she was stunned, and her eyes softened without knowing what to do.


Her gaze became flustered, she didn’t know where to look. But she didn’t speak for some time, and kept still.


She waited for a few seconds.


Suddenly, she pressed her slender and soft hands on his shoulders, and leaned in front of him and said, “I’m not the same as her.”


Looking at Shen Youbai’s eyes, she frowned slightly and said, “She doesn’t look as good as me, and her voice is not as good as mine.”


Her breath cause air to flow back and forth, gently, like the strings of a violin, wrapping around his neck in circles.


Each word, tightened the strings a little, slowly strangling him.


Shen Youbai replied, “You’re right.”


She smiled happily when she heard it, and with a sly look in her eyes she spoke, “Then delete her, okay?” 


His voice was hoarse, “Okay.”


She was going to leave his body and go destroy the disturbing moan completely.


But Shen Youbai grabbed her arm, pulled her forward, and pressed her head.


Her lips were warm, like the blood rolling through her veins.


He gasped slightly, the tip of his tongue touched her teeth, and she opened her mouth to let him enter.


He wrapped his tongue around her’s, and pressed her waist towards himself with his arms to make her fit more tightly.


She secreted fresh saliva between her teeth and exchanged saliva with him, some of it overflowing from the corners of her mouth wantonly.


Parting her lips, cold air was sucked into her hot mouth.


She opened her mouth slightly to breathe.


The air was so cold that she couldn’t bear it, and she wanted to enter the warm mouth again.


She took the initiative to approach and put her arms around his neck, her voice was very soft, “You smell so good, the smell of your shower gel.”


The strings on his neck instantly broke the skin on his neck.


Shen Youbai straightened up and kissed her, drinking her saliva, he robbed her of all the flavour from her mouth.


He moved his hands down. He unbuttoned his pants madly, like a prisoner struggling to escape the death sentence.


And she was a kind judge.


When her somewhat cold fingertips pulled out his swollen desire, he trembled uncontrollably.


Her tongue was still in the process of panting. She took it, and began to move up and down on it.


Shen Youbai felt that his hands shouldn’t hinder her, so he lifted the hem of her sweater and stroked her waist, her belly, and her chest.


He opened her bra and knead his palm against the tip of her nipple.


She shrank her neck with a whimper, moving away from his lips, she put her forehead weakly on his shoulder.


It seemed to be that the more closer she got the more anxious she was to comfort his desire. 


The groans coming from the computer made him have an illusion.


Happiness was like butcher, holding a knife that could fall at any time.


She suddenly turned her face, kissed his neck, and licked his adam’s apple.


The rose-colored lips bit off the string that was about to kill him.


Suddenly, he summed, relief rushed in.


He raised his head and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath, and then opened his eyes again.


Her palm was white.


There was no blade.


Shen Youbai thought that this was the best scenery.


Unexpectedly, she stared at the cloudy liquid on her hand curiously.


Then he watched, as her dark pink tongue stuck out and licked away a bit of whiteness.


Shen Youbai suppressed the urge to kill, “Are you crazy!”


She was stunned and replied, “Maybe I am a bit crazy.”


Because, “I told my mother that I would be spending the night at a classmate’s house.” 


After a long silence, he asked, “Can your menstruation finish in one day?”


She glared at him again, “No way.”


In the evening, when she took a bath, she helped him release twice using her legs.


The hot water came rushing down, her wet hair stuck closely onto her white skin, and the heat that was rising made everything hazy. Through the fog, her cheeks and body were faintly red.


Holding his shoulders, she clasped her legs tightly, allowing him to pull in and out of her legs by an inch.


The blood flowing out of her lower body became a lubricant.


His desire was hot, rubbing her two soft thighs, and the hard nipples on her breasts pressed against him randomly.


Her slender, white shoulders trembled slightly.


While lying down, she said, “I will sleep well, don’t worry.”


The room, with the lights turned off, was full of her smell.


How terrible, he had nowhere to escape.


Shen Youbai remembered the bizarre dream.


She was standing in the corridor, admiring the painting.


He went up to her.


She turned around and held out her fist towards him.


He was thinking about where the knife would be and how pathetic he would look, and she would smile happily.


But she flipped her wrists and opened her palms.


There was nothing.


She looked at him and said, give it to me.


He asked, what do you want?


She laughed and said, ‘I want you’.


Her laughter was like a rose soaked in dew, every inch of her beauty was magnified due her laughter.


He reached out and grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed.


He separated her legs and entered her body.


Wanton twitching, and stimulated nerves.


She was knocked up and down, her eyelashes trembling.


In any of his dreams, he heard the groan of fascination, it was not as good as the sound of her breathing at the moment, it was enough to make him crazy.


He saw a person who looked exactly like her in the corner of the room, she was tied up and her mouth was gagged. She was staring at him angrily.


It was the person who had persecuted him and drank his blood for pleasure in the past, in his dream.


He only took a glance at her, then he turned his head and focused on the girl underneath him.



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  1. His nightmares is like what he envisions if he can’t obtain Xu Pinyu. He will force her and at the same time hurt each other emotionally but all of it will turn into a good dream if Xu Pinyu is equally attracted to him.

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