Sweet daily life with my rich fool husband chapter 1.3

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Aunt Jiang was so angry when she learned about it, her half-brother and niece slept together.

What a scandal, it was the night of her nephew’s bridal chamber, but she let her poor character taken over her just to get banged by another man even though she had just married earlier that day.

Having a fool nephew, she just swallowed that humiliation.

When others know this, they are even more afraid to speak, so they keep one eye closed, anyway, Jiang Chengzhan is a fool.

Later, the original owner and Jiang Yushen became more and more courageous, and they both slept together openly without scruples.

After the old man found out, he scolded the two of them, the original owner knew how to avoid some suspicion and returned to Jiang Chengzhan’s room, but she also kept torturing him.

She was drugged. Su Wanwan feels that she is getting hotter and hotter, she is about to lose control, what should she do?

She can’t run out now, no one in Jiang’s family will help her, and if she sleep with Jiang Yushen, she will inevitably go down the old path of the original owner again.

No, absolutely not, Su Wanwan shook her head vigorously.

Even if she and Jiang Chengzhan have no feelings for each other, she will not do anything to insult him.

Now the key thing is to put out the fire. Rather than having to look up with Jiang Yu in the future, it’s better…

She looked at the little brother in front of her, how come he became more handsome the longer she looked!

She has now narrowed her eyes and her face was full of love.

Su Wanwan took Jiang Chengzhan to the bed, bit her lip, and asked in a brazen attitude: “Do you know how to make a family?”

She knows how stupid she was for asking a fool with a childish mentality about how to make a family, so how could she expect an answer from him.

Jiang Chengzhan proudly took out a small notebook from his trouser pocket, and shook it in front of Su Wanwan.

His speech speed was much slower than ordinary people, that he almost paused at every word, “My uncle gave it to me, he said. There are pictures and follow them.”

“What?” Su Wanwan grabbed it and opened it quickly.

In the next second, her eyes won’t blink anymore. Isn’t this a little yellow book? (Porn comic)

The posture inside was a standard male and female sex position.

Seeing the picture, she started blushing and felt more uncomfortable with the hotness she was feeling, she stretched out her tongue and licked her lower lip.

She limbed onto the bed, and let Jiang Chengzhan lay too.

She kneeled in front of the man, now they were face to face with each other.

In the original world, she didn’t have a boyfriend, and Jiang Chengzhan didn’t have a woman she liked.

She didn’t have to have a psychological burden.

When he gets better, then the two of them will be together if they have feelings.

If they don’t have feelings, they will get divorced normally.

When the time comes, she would leave.

And both of them would walk on their respective paths.

‘How can a man be so handsome, I am not taking advantage of him. I am not taking advantage of him for nothing!


Su Wanwan finally stretched out the devil’s claws, hugged the man’s neck, patted him on the back, and said softly, “How can I bear to abuse such a handsome little brother. Come, let this sister hug you.”




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