GMTB – Ch 21

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Chapter 21 Gifts (1)

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Shen Youbai’s sleep quality has always been poor, he either had very deep dreams or very shallow sleep that was easy to wake from.

When he opened his eyes, some light was coming through from a narrow slit through the curtains.

He tried to move, but after all his senses were awakened, he realised that someone was holding his waist, her face pressed against his side, and one leg crossed over his crotch.

Shen Youbai tilted his head to look, and saw that half of her face was covered by the quilt, and her hair was scattered on the bed.

For a moment, his dreams overlapped with reality, and and for a moment they were indistinguishable.

Last night, Xu Pinyu wore his sweater last night, which was too big for her and fell on her thighs so she didn’t need to wear pants.

After a while, the clothes unconsciously rode up to her waist.

Who said that he had a good sleep?

Shen Youbai took a breath and he currently had a very normal physiological reaction that usually occurred in the mornings.

But not once, was it as unbearable as it is now.

Because the person who had had sex with him in his dream, was lying down right next to him, when he woke up.

If he wanted to move the leg that was on top of him, he couldn’t do it without covering her thigh with his hand.

Fingers on top and palms on the back, starting from her knees, his hands moved upwards.

As he touched her soft skin with his hand, he soon reached the base of her thigh. He paused, and the direction of his hand moved up again and touched her buttocks.

His fingers were bent and then stretched, reaching underneath the underwear.

Xu Pinyu didn’t have any problem the different bed, as long as she was given a quiet environment, she could sleep soundly anywhere.

She felt a little uncomfortable and gradually regained consciousness. When the hand on the hip kneaded lightly, she was shocked awake.

Shen Youbai held her down and said in a low voice, “Don’t move.”

She was stunned. There was something underneath her thigh.

After a moment, she realised it was hard.

Xu Pinyu raised her chin and looked at him, she opened her mouth.

“Don’t talk!” Shen Youbai said with a pant.

She shut her mouth immediately.

After a few seconds, Shen Youbai withdrew his hand from her hip, held her thigh, and turned over.

He embraced her in his arms.

Xu Pinyu’s forehead was against his collarbone and one leg was still resting on his waist, so his erection was directly against her lower body.

There were sanitary napkins in her panties, the thickness of which made her unable to feel the specific shape of his desire, which reduced the amount of lust that was in the air.

Shen Youbai whispered, “Let’s go to sleep.”

She wiped his skin with the tip of her nose and looked up at him. How could she fall asleep in this situation.

Shen Youbai’s Adams apple moved as he swallowed. He raised his hand to cover her eyes that where looking at him.

Of course, the matter of Xu Pinyu being late almost every morning, it was not without reason.

It was still not time for her to get up, so after a moment, she fell asleep again.

Her breathing was even and warm.

She was real.

Shen Youbai slowly tightened his arms, while resting his chin on her head.

He wanted to cut open his body and hide her inside.

Xu Pinyu turned over and stretched.

There was a lot of room in the bed, she opened her eyes, and she didn’t see Shen Youbai on the bed.

She propped herself up on her elbows. The light that lit up the room came from some random, opened French window.

The wind slightly blew the curtains up and down.

Someone was on the balcony.

Xu Pinyu lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

She walked to the French window.

The weather was bad, it was gloomy, and a bit wet, like it had just rained.

Shen Youbai was leaning against the balcony, with his back facing her, his straight shoulders looked very nice.

He was wearing a white jacket and black pants.

Grey-blue smoke dispersed from him.

Xu Pinyu was barefoot, so there was almost no sound when she approached.

When Shen Youbai noticed her, some smoke got into his eyes due to his surprise.

He held one eyeball with the palm of his hand.

His tear ducts were stimulated, and his eyelashes were stained with water.

She grabbed his wrist and pulled it away.

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his left eye.

The soft touch left.

Shen Youbai first looked at her heel, then at her slender calf and finally her white thigh.

He didn’t want to think about it more.

He pulled her and kissed.

He held her waist with one hand and the back of her head with the other.

The ash that fell on the ground sparkled slightly with the remnants of fire.

Xu Pinyu only froze for half a second before catering to him.

She hadn’t worn a bra yet, and her breast were as soft as two sponges.

Hot breathing.

He put his fingers through her the hair, his fingertips were cold against her scalp.

His hot and damp tongue entangled her.

The saliva flowed constantly, and it was almost too much to swallow.

Shen Youbai had just smoked a cigarette, and his mouth tasted bitter.

Why did smokers become addicted?

She didn’t know.

However, the taste in her mouth tasted bitter.

Xu Pinyu had told her mother that she would go home the next morning and she did not dare to break her promise.

She kept good faith, that there would be a next time.

She didn’t let Shen Youbai send her to the door of the house and waved to him from across the road.

However, Chen Qiuya was not at home.

Xu Pinyu went back to her room and put down her bag. She took out some clean clothes, and took a shower in the bathroom.

After she faced the mirror and stripped naked, she saw a few dark red bruises on her chest, and immediately averted her eyes.

She turned on the water.

The shower head spouted hot water that fell on on her.

Xu Pinyu remembered the scene that occurred in his bathroom last night.

[passster password=feather]

His hard and hot sex organ rubbed against the root of her legs, and the sticky blood from her lower body hung on his twitching pillar.

Her back was against the tiled wall, he sucked her breast, and bit her nipple.


She got goosebumps whenever she thought of it.

Xu Pinyu shook her head hurriedly and quickly finished her shower.

While she was wiping her hair, she started thinking again, that Shen Youbai looked very slim, but he still had abdominal muscles and his arms were hard.

Walking into the flower shop, Xu Pinyu saw two bags of gift boxes on the table where the bouquets were packed.

It was bird’s nest soup.

She blinked suspiciously.

Chen Qiuya only stayed in her flower shop and in her home. Even when she went shopping for vegetables, the shop was close to her home, like a demarcated boundary.

The reason was unknown, and Xu Pinyu never asked.

So this bird’s nest soup was definitely not bought by her alone.

Chen Qiuya came out from the back room.

Xu Pinyu pointed to the gift box on the table, “Mom, who gave this?”

Chen Qiuya was stunned for a moment, unable to think of a suitable name. After a long time, she gestured, ‘an old friend.’

Xu Pinyu was not a person who liked to get to the bottom of matters, so she didn’t really care about it deeply.

She picked up the picture frame on the table.

It was a picture of her and Chen Qiuya.

It should have been placed on the shelf next to it. How come it came to the table?

She put it back in its place.

In the evening.

Xu Pinyu went to the supermarket to buy vegetables as ordered.

Originally, she was going to wait for Chen Qiuya to cook dinner, but she was waiting for Chen Quiya to confirm it.

She had a hunch that she had to run errands.

As predicted.

Chen Qiuya was interrupted by her as soon as Chen Quiya was halfway through her gesture.

Xu Pinyu was angry and she said helplessly, “I don’t want to deliver any flowers to any uncle! How can they forget it everyday!”

Seeing her lovely expression, Chen Qiuya laughed and touched Xu Pinyu’s head to comfort her, ‘It’s hard for this child. I’ll cook red bean paste and wait for you to come back.’

The night sinked in quickly.

As the car drove across the bridge, cold fog gradually rose on the river.

Cai Yao finally couldn’t help asking him, “Where are you taking me?”

Zhou Qishan said with a smile, “I couldn’t help you make an appointment for you yesterday. Today is Chen Mo’s birthday, so he will definitely come.”

She opened her eyes, “You- Couldn’t you say this earlier, I’m bare-faced right now!”

He turned to look at her and said with a smile, “It’s okay. It’s pretty.”

Cai Yao was stunned. She dodged his eyes. She turned her head and looked out of the window.

They booked the night club and held a birthday party for Chen Mo.

When Qin Ran was about to go in, he recognised Zhou Qishan’s car.

He stopped and waited for the person to get out of the car.

Unexpectedly, Cai Yao also came out.

Zhou Qishan stepped up and asked, “Is Youbai here?”

“I called him just…”

Qin Ran hadn’t finished speaking, and there were some engine noises from afar.

So he looked at the wide road and raised his chin. “Hey, here comes the man.”

Cai Yao also turned her head to look.

A heavy locomotive, extremely fast.

In less than ten seconds, he stopped two meters away from them.

The man in the machine took off his helmet.

Cai Yao looked at his profile amongst the night road lights and forgot to blink.

Shen Youbai stepped out of the car.

Zhou Qishan leaned over in her ear and said, “Girls all love such horrible means of transportation, don’t they?”

At his words Cai Yao regained her senses.

He shook his head and sighed, “It’s still safe for a locomotive.”

Shen Youbai stepped up to high- five them, not looking at her.

It’s too much beyond Cai Yao’s expectations.

She thought that at least, he would show an expression of boredom and would say, why are you here too.

However, Shen Youbai acted like he didn’t know her.

She was completely ignored.

Zhou Qishan saw this and there was no trace of a smile on his face.

Before walking into the colourful room, he lowered his head and asked softly, “Do you want to give up?”

Cai Yao gritted her teeth, “Impossible!”

She did not resign.

She couldn’t swallow it.

In fact, the name Cai Yao, Shen Youbai knows, is a girl who can play.

He even knew about her bet with Zhou Qishan.

But her appearance…

To tell you the truth, it didn’t leave any impression on him.

It’s not that he has bad memory.

He can remember everything about Xu Pinyu, even the small mole on the inside of her arm.


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