GMTB – Ch 22

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Chapter 22 Gifts (2)

After the taxi stopped, the moment the door opened, Xu Pinyu felt like she had entered an ice cave.

She shivered unexpectedly when the permeating night breeze came.

The wrapping paper of the bouquet in her arms slightly crumpled.

Xu Pinyu went to the driver’s window and said to the driver, “Please wait for a moment. I’ll deliver the flowers and come back.”

The address left by the buyer was away from the city centre hence, Xu Pinyu didn’t know where to go when she came out of the subway station.

Therefore, she stopped a taxi, but she didn’t expect that the money she brought was not enough, so she bargained with the driver uncle to take her home directly later, and then she would pay the fare.

The driver uncle looked at her, hesitated for a moment, and agreed.

However, she had switched five to six trains on the subway, she didn’t dare to think about the fare for the round trip. She was very distressed.

If only, at this time, a little angel could come to her and hand over a few banknotes. She didn’t need a lot, just enough to pay the fare.

Xu Pinyu was holding the address, and her hands were shivering due to the cold.

She stopped in front of the bar, black and blue forming the main decoration style.

Cao Yunwen had been the assistant to the president of the student council for a long time. And this was the first time she had participated in a group activity.

When she found out that it was to celebrate Chen Mo’s birthday, she naively thought that maybe everyone would book a restaurant, blow a candle and eat a cake.

Cakes and candles were there.

There was a bonus of deafening music, dizzying lights, and colourful wine glasses.

Faces that you could either recognise or not were shaking their bodies in the middle of the dance floor.

The ceiling was covered by balloons.

Lavish, and realistic.

Shen Youbai sat on the edge of the sofa, right next to her.

With a cigarette in between his fingers, he seemed to be looking at the flickering light in front of him.

Shen Youbai suddenly asked her, “Why don’t you play?”

Cao Yunwen was stunned, “Ah, I’m not used to this.”

He breathed out a puff of smoke.

Sure enough, he asked just for the sake of being polite, no matter what she answered, there was no questions that followed.

Shen Youbai was such a person.

He was polite.

And he kept it on a scale that made people think he’s only polite and doesn’t want to get closer.

More than often, even if his chin was is not raised while he was looking at people, he felt arrogant and cold.

It wasn’t really looking down on people, it was just that he wasn’t interested.

This wasn’t a particularly bad characteristic but it wasn’t good either.

But it was something that many girls rushed towards.

For example, the one that was brought here today.

Cai Yao and Zhou Qishan drank a few rounds. She held wine glasses with both her hands, and reached out to Shen Youbai with one hand, “Shen Youbai.”

Shen Youbai glanced at her and took the glass that was about to overflow.

Cai Yao was drunk and looked up, her cheeks flushed a little, “I want to apologise to you for doing things that bothered you before.”

After her reminder, Shen Youbai finally remembered who she was.

He nodded and didn’t say anything, the wine glass was pressed to his lips, and was poured into his mouth.

Cai Yao couldn’t hide her upturned mouth.

She thought that she all her opportunities were not lost.

She took a sip of wine.

She couldn’t tell what the taste was, it burnt the oesophagus all the way down.

Next to them.

Zhou Qishan was chatting with everyone. He took the vibrating mobile phone on the desk and said, “I’ll take a call.”

The road was near the river, and the wind that blowed felt like ice needles.

Xu Pinyu held the bouquet with one hand and the phone in the other hand, her cold legs trembling.

After it connected, she said, “Hello, I’m from the flower shop, is it convenient for you to come out and sign for it?”

The man over there hesitated for a moment before he said, “Can you bring it in for me?”

After hanging up on the phone, Xu Pinyu felt that the other person’s voice was familiar.

They started to drink with each other, Shen Youbai’s position was a little farther away.

Cai Yao had just handed him a drink, although he said thank you very indifferently.

But this felt like the role of a girlfriend, which made her feel sweet.

So, she deliberately drank a few more glasses, became dizzy, and fell to her side.

When Xu Pinyu came in, the floor was slightly shaking by the sound of the bass from the music, which almost shook her ears.

The soundproofing of this bar was very good, there was no sound that leaked outside.

The dance floor of the DJ’s control panel was very lively, but there were no people in the sitting areas.

In the only area where the seats were full, all the people that Xu Pinyu saw, were people who knew him well.

To be honest, Cai Yao looked good, she became slightly charming after becoming drunk.

She fell on Shen Youbai’s shoulders.

The lighting was dim and wine was in the air, it was an ambiguous picture from every angle.

Zhou Qishan was the first to spot her, “Oh, why are you?”

Xu Pinyu walked up with a blank expression, holding a bunch of flowers in her arms.

He laughed, “I ordered the flowers to give them to Chen Mo. It’s his birthday today.”

Zhou Qishan’s words sounded like suggestive instructions.

She was no stranger to Chen Mo, a key member of the student union, no one in the school didn’t know him. She recognised him in the next second and was about to hand over the bouquet.

But Chen Mo didn’t know anything about Xu Pinyu, he only thought she was the girl who seemed to be returning the umbrella. He was about to reach out to take it.

Because Shen Youbai stood up suddenly.

Cai Yao lost her balance and fell half on the sofa.

Somewhat astonished, he looked at him.

Shen Youbai held the bouquet, stuffed it into Chen Mo’s hand, and congratulated him as an afterthought, “Happy birthday.”

Xu Pinyu was stunned for half a second, and immediately put down her hand.

It was impossible for Shen Youbai to watch her send flowers to other men, no matter what was the reason.

It was impossible.

Zhou Qishan returned to his senses and looked at him with a smile. “Why do I feel like you are offering flowers to Buddha?”

The music was too loud, so Qin Ran shouted, “I’m wondering, why send Chen Mo flowers, do you fancy him?”

Chen Mo, exaggerated and pretended to be frightened, “That’s it, I don’t dare to accept it, I’m as straight as a rod.”

How could Zhou Qishan say that he knew that the person who ran the small flower shop was Xu Pinyu’s mother, so he wanted to take a gamble, would it be her who would send the flowers?

Unexpectedly, he won.

Zhou Qishan smiled at her, “Feather coming by is such huge a coincidence, why don’t you stay and play together.”

Xu Pinyu quickly waved his hand, “No thank you. I have to go home.”

Then she said to the person beside her, “Happy birthday, Classmate Chen mo.”

Before Chen Mo replied thank you, she was dragged away by Shen Youbai.

Zhou Qishan asked, “You, are you coming back?”

Shen Youbai paused and said, “It depends.”

In the confused flashing light, all kinds of men and women were jumping like crazy.

Xu Pinyu stopped, he turned to look at her, and she opened her mouth and said something.

The music was so loud that Shen Youbai couldn’t hear her clearly and he frowned.

She grabbed his arm, stood on tiptoe, and leaned to his ear, “Wait for a while, I will go to the bathroom.”

Alcohol can soothe nerves and amplify desire.

And he drank a lot.

It’s like the heat melts into the blood.

Xu Pinyu changed her sanitary napkin and opened the compartment door.

She was shocked by Shen Youbai, who was facing her and leaning against the wall.

This was the ladies’ restroom.

She looked around the compartments on both sides, but fortunately there was no one there.

In the mirror, Xu Pinyu lowered her head and put her hands under the water to wash them.

She asked casually, “What’s your relationship with that girl?”

Shen Youbai was puzzled and thought, “Cai Yao?”

Xu Pinyu turned around and said, “You still remember her name.”

He looked at her two hands hanging from her side. The water ran down her fingertips and fell on the tiles.

Xu Pinyu was a little anxious, “She is not what you think she is.”

Shen Youbai’s gaze returned to her face.

Xu Pinyu took a step closer. “She’s not pure. She has no quality of perseverance. She made a bet with Zhou Qishan.”

She added, “What I heard with my own ears that day was that she asked Zhou Qishan to trick you in the haunted house.”

The light in the bathroom was dim, and the wallpaper was enchanting.

She was wearing a burgundy sweater.

In the eyes of the crystal chandelier’s luxurious light.

It was like an abyss of indulgence in luxury.

“If it wasn’t for me…”

Xu Pinyu words got stuck in her throat. She was embarrassed to finish the second half of the sentence.

Biting her lower lip, she lowered her eyes, “Anyway, she is not cute.”

She was not jealous. She was afraid.

Even she herself thought Cai Yao was pretty, and then she inexplicably thought, what if Cai Yao hadn’t come to her at this time?

For a while, no one spoke.

Xu Pinyu raised her eyes to look at him.

And Shen Youbai was staring at her, frowning.

Xu Pinyu suddenly thought that what she said involved Zhou Qishan, his friend.

Regardless of whether Shen Youbai believes her or not, she spoke ill of others behind their back.

She wasn’t cute.

But she felt wronged again, she was only telling the truth.

Xu Pinyu wanted to explain, but there was no explanation came out.

Watching her open her mouth, her breath coming in and out.

Her eyebrows moved slightly, the corners of her lips tightened and then loosened.

His expression was not very good, “Xu Pinyu.”

She was stunned for a moment.

Her full name.

Xu Pinyu’s expression was sour, and she quickly lowered her head to ignore him.

She pursed her lips and said, “Yeah.”

Shen Youbai said, “I just drank some wine, but it was okay because I didn’t see you. Now I want to have sex with you.”

He frowned and shook his head, “I can’t bear it anymore.”


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