GMTB – Ch 23

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Chapter 23 Gifts (3) *


Xu Pinyu opened her eyes wide and looked at him. She avoided his gaze again, and said embarrassedly, “But I…… will dirty you.”

Shen Youbai took a deep breath. He exhaled heavily through his nose and blinked slowly, “Hmm.”

He stared at her for a while, took out a pack of cigarettes and lit it in between his lips.

When Shen Youbai lowered his head to start the fire, he frowned, and there was a flash of fire on his face.

He closed his eyes, raised his head and spit out a puff of smoke, the curve from the chin to the collarbone was sharp and angular.

The gray fog disappeared without fogging up the crystal lamp.

He was frustrated. He messed up his hair, his bangs covered his eyes a little, the ambiguous light tempted Xu Pinyu , she approached him, and straightened out his hair.

After having his fill, Shen Youbai swung the cigarette to the ground, and the small fire fell on the ceramic tile.

He fished Xu Pinyu’s waist and bit her lip.

The pain in her lips made her closed eyes tremble.

She stretched out the tip of her small tongue to touch him.

It caused a storm of plunder deep into her throat.

As if his consciousness was violently churning in her mouth, he curled Xu Pinyu’s tongue and sucked on it.

How could he save himself?

It was better to just drag her into the abyss.

Xu Pinyu’s feet were soft and couldn’t keep up with him, she felt like she was being dragged into the compartment.

While Shen Youbai closed the door with one hand, he still hugged her and exchanged saliva, causing the door lock to fail to buckle.

She paused the kiss first, chuckled softly, a trace of liquid stuck to the corner of her mouth.

The smell in the air was a fresh floral fragrance, mixed with refreshing alcohol.

Shen Youbai frowned, buckled the lock in less than a second, and turned her around and pressed her against the door panel.

[passster password=feather]

He lowered his head and gnawed at Xu Pinyu’s neck. Her lips and teeth were moist and hot after a deep kiss. She seems to have been scratched.

Pulling up her sweater, he was leaning into her waist, she squirmed due to feeling weird, but he suppressed it.

His hot palm pressed against her skin and went up, and the tingling sensation spread to her chest.

Pushing down her bra, the tender breasts were grabbed as soon as they jumped out. He held the round shape with his big hands and squeezed, he pressed the nipple with his fingertips and rotated it until it became like a pearl.

Xu Pinyu squinted slightly, her breathing quickened.

She put her hands on the door, her legs had turned soft, and she was able to stay standing by relying on him to hold her from behind.

She clearly felt something hard and hot pressed up against her.

Xu Pinyu’s last bit of clarity was burned by the erosive desire. She obeyed her hand and pulled her jeans and underwear down to her knees.

The blood on the sanitary napkins condensed like petals, she was too embarrassed to look at it.

The thick head squeezed in between the base of her thighs, and the firm flesh rubbed against the delicate skin between her legs.

Xu Pinyu bit her lip and slowly curled her fingers against the door.

Shen Youbai squeezed her delicate breasts, and she made a faint voice that was almost inaudible.

The slippery blood was mixed with his cloudy fluid. He stood up and began to pump slowly.

But Xu Pinyu’s legs were too soft to clamp, and because of her height, the burning meat rod was rubbing against her two honey lips.

As waves of electric current climbed up her back, she couldn’t help it, she wanted to moan from her chest.

Now, as long as Xu Pinyu dropped her eyesight, she could see the dimly lit sight.

His cloudy head entered and retreated between her legs.

However, the honey lips which were squeezed tight, gradually grew outward, and the thick head rubbed the flower core.

“Ah…” She finally couldn’t help it, and she made a soft moan.

In response, the person behind her gasped deeply and he twitched crazily.

She was confused, her mouth was dry and no matter how much she swallowed it was to no avail.

The music vibrated faintly outside the bathroom, the light leaked in through the gap in the compartment door.

Shen Youbai slammed forward again, which directly caused her knees to soften.

Fortunately, he held her and avoided her kneeling on the ground.

On the other side, amongst the loud music, the dazzling light beams illuminated the strong smell of tobacco and alcohol.

Qin Ran didn’t pay attention to whether they had left the bar or not, thinking that Shen Youbai had just gone to send someone out, but afterwards he still hadn’t returned for a long time.

He thought for a while, and asked the person next to him, “If it depends on the situation, what’s the situation right now?”

Zhou Qishan laughs, “If it depends on the situation. It’s a situation of valuing sex over friends.”

Chen Mo came up and said, “That girl?”

He paused, “Xu Pinyu?”

Qin ran was surprised, “They are dating……”

But before he could finish his words, Cai Yao stood up suddenly and knocked down the glass on the table.

Zhou Qishan quickly caught the cup with his hands, but unfortunately all the wine spilled out, soaking the corners of her skirt.

She gritted her teeth and said, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Cai Yao opened the bathroom door and was taken aback.

There was a cloudy smell in the air.

Although the unaware girl didn’t know what this smell meant.

However, unconcealed gasps and groans came from the compartment.

Before Cai Yao came in.

He flipped down the toilet lid.

Shen Youbai turned her around to to face himself, and sat her down on his lap. His penis slightly opened her honey lips and stuck to the clitoris.

He rubbed her soft chest with one hand, and comforting his own desire with the other hand.

Xu Pinyu unconsciously put her free hand on the back of the hand that ravaged her breast through her clothes.

With every movement of the lower hand, his knuckles scratched the sensitive clitoris.

Rose-red blood, sticky like honey.

Mixed with his cloudy semen, his hands were covered in a mess.

Xu Pinyu closed her eyes, her cheeks flushed, she forgot to stop her lust from venting, “Hmm…”

Outside, Cai Yao’s face was slightly hot.

She was about to wash her hands before leaving.

Because it was normal for sex to happen in a bar.

“You, just a moment ago……Did you not hear me……”

Cai Yao was startled.

Xu Pinyu’s voice was very characteristic, and there was always a feeling of scratching a person.

Uncontrollably, she crept up to the compartment door.



Cai Yao opened her eyes wide and couldn’t believe her ears.

How could it be him, impossible.

“Then you……Ha… Umm……”

He pressed the hot rod to the middle of her flower lips, which made Xu Pinyu spasm slightly.

Her skin is warm and powdery, and her sweat sticks to her hair.


Shen Youbai licked her white neck, his voice was hoarse, “Call my name, I don’t want to hear anything else.”

Her throat seemed to be burning, and she opened her mouth, “Er…… Ah…… Youbai”

Cai Yao’s feet were filled with lead and she couldn’t move.

Standing sluggishly, she listened to the people in the compartment groaning over and over.

Until Xu Pinyu screamed.

“Ah…… Don’t put you fingers inside…… Dirty……”

Cai Yao, who had recovered her senses, turned around in a panic.

She opened the door vigorously and ran out of the bathroom.

The door hit the wall and closed slowly.

The movement shocked Xu Pinyu into recovering a little bit of her sanity.

She turned her head and said with blurry eyes, “…… Someone is there.”

Shen Youbai kissed her cheek with his lips, “Don’t mind them.”

Finally, he found her mouth that exhaled heat.

The sound of there saliva mixing was amplified in her ears.

There was the smell of tobacco in her mouth.

The two things Shen Youbai was addicted to were combined into one.

Outside of the bar.

The night breeze made Xu Pinyu squint her eyes.

In the next second, something hot hit her shoulders.

Xu Pinyu was stunned. She grabbed his coat and wanted to pull it off. “No, you’ll catch a cold if you do this.”

Shen Youbai held down her hand, “Put it on.”

He simply said, “I am feeling very hot now.”

Her way of thinking was straightforward, those scalding images entered her mind and she could no longer refuse. She wore the coat sincerely.

Xu Pinyu pointed to the intersection, “There is a taxi waiting over there.”

He said, “No, I will take you back.”

She said, a little ashamed, “That’s not it, that uncle has been waiting for me for a long time.”

Shen Youbai was puzzled.

She answered, “……Because I didn’t pay.”

Shen Youbai was paying the taxi uncle.

Xu Pinyu stood behind him and texted Chen Qiuya.

She smelt it. The cuff of his coat had a faint smell of smoke.

Xu Pinyu never thought about the method he would use to send her.

In other words, what type of transportation.

She saw Shen Youbai sitting on the heavy locomotive and buckling the black windshield of the helmet.

As if there is no engine sound.

She only heard his heartbeat.

The city lights were reflected on the river.

She hugged Shen Youbai tightly, the wind lingering in her ears.

She pressed up against his back and closed her eyes.

The lights and shadows crossed over her closed eyes.


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