GMTB – Ch 23


Chapter 23 Gifts (3) *


Xu Pinyu opened her eyes wide and looked at him. She avoided his gaze again, and said embarrassedly, “But I…… will dirty you.”

Shen Youbai took a deep breath. He exhaled heavily through his nose and blinked slowly, “Hmm.”

He stared at her for a while, took out a pack of cigarettes and lit it in between his lips.

When Shen Youbai lowered his head to start the fire, he frowned, and there was a flash of fire on his face.

He closed his eyes, raised his head and spit out a puff of smoke, the curve from the chin to the collarbone was sharp and angular.

The gray fog disappeared without fogging up the crystal lamp.

He was frustrated. He messed up his hair, his bangs covered his eyes a little, the ambiguous light tempted Xu Pinyu , she approached him, and straightened out his hair.

After having his fill, Shen Youbai swung the cigarette to the ground, and the small fire fell on the ceramic tile.

He fished Xu Pinyu’s waist and bit her lip.

The pain in her lips made her closed eyes tremble.

She stretched out the tip of her small tongue to touch him.

It caused a storm of plunder deep into her throat.

As if his consciousness was violently churning in her mouth, he curled Xu Pinyu’s tongue and sucked on it.

How could he save himself?

It was better to just drag her into the abyss.

Xu Pinyu’s feet were soft and couldn’t keep up with him, she felt like she was being dragged into the compartment.

While Shen Youbai closed the door with one hand, he still hugged her and exchanged saliva, causing the door lock to fail to buckle.

She paused the kiss first, chuckled softly, a trace of liquid stuck to the corner of her mouth.

The smell in the air was a fresh floral fragrance, mixed with refreshing alcohol.

Shen Youbai frowned, buckled the lock in less than a second, and turned her around and pressed her against the door panel.

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Shen Youbai licked her white neck, his voice was hoarse, “Call my name, I don’t want to hear anything else.”

Her throat seemed to be burning, and she opened her mouth, “Er…… Ah…… Youbai”

Cai Yao’s feet were filled with lead and she couldn’t move.

Standing sluggishly, she listened to the people in the compartment groaning over and over.

Until Xu Pinyu screamed.

“Ah…… Don’t put you fingers inside…… Dirty……”

Cai Yao, who had recovered her senses, turned around in a panic.

She opened the door vigorously and ran out of the bathroom.

The door hit the wall and closed slowly.

The movement shocked Xu Pinyu into recovering a little bit of her sanity.

She turned her head and said with blurry eyes, “…… Someone is there.”

Shen Youbai kissed her cheek with his lips, “Don’t mind them.”

Finally, he found her mouth that exhaled heat.

The sound of there saliva mixing was amplified in her ears.

There was the smell of tobacco in her mouth.

The two things Shen Youbai was addicted to were combined into one.

Outside of the bar.

The night breeze made Xu Pinyu squint her eyes.

In the next second, something hot hit her shoulders.

Xu Pinyu was stunned. She grabbed his coat and wanted to pull it off. “No, you’ll catch a cold if you do this.”

Shen Youbai held down her hand, “Put it on.”

He simply said, “I am feeling very hot now.”

Her way of thinking was straightforward, those scalding images entered her mind and she could no longer refuse. She wore the coat sincerely.

Xu Pinyu pointed to the intersection, “There is a taxi waiting over there.”

He said, “No, I will take you back.”

She said, a little ashamed, “That’s not it, that uncle has been waiting for me for a long time.”

Shen Youbai was puzzled.

She answered, “……Because I didn’t pay.”

Shen Youbai was paying the taxi uncle.

Xu Pinyu stood behind him and texted Chen Qiuya.

She smelt it. The cuff of his coat had a faint smell of smoke.

Xu Pinyu never thought about the method he would use to send her.

In other words, what type of transportation.

She saw Shen Youbai sitting on the heavy locomotive and buckling the black windshield of the helmet.

As if there is no engine sound.

She only heard his heartbeat.

The city lights were reflected on the river.

She hugged Shen Youbai tightly, the wind lingering in her ears.

She pressed up against his back and closed her eyes.

The lights and shadows crossed over her closed eyes.

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