GMTB – Ch 24

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Chapter 24 Gift (4)


They stopped at the roadside less than ten meters away from her home.

She said, wait for two more minutes.

Two minutes later, she came back again.

Xu Pinyu leaned against his car, raised her head, the sky was black like ink.

The indistinct starlight was covered by grey clouds, it was like a black blindfold covering the eyes.

No one spoke for a while.

Xu Pinyu asked curiously, “What’s your astrological sign?”

He frowned slightly and shook his head.

She asked again, “When is your birthday?”

Shen Youbai said without hesitation, “It’s this month, on the 29th.”

Xu Pinyu was a little surprised, “Isn’t that…”

After calculating in her mind, she opened her eyes wide and said, “Next Saturday.”

Shen Youbai nodded.

Xu Pinyu blinked, “What do you want for you gift?”


He answered without any hesitation.

She froze for a moment.

Xu Pinyu lowered her eyes, “This won’t work out.”

It was bitterly cold.

He gradually lost his expression.

But then, she leaned close to Shen Youbai’s ear, “My period is not long, and it will definitely get over before next week.”

Her voice was a little bit of a smile, “And birthday gifts can’t be given in advance.”

After that, Xu Pinyu kissed suddenly kissed his lips.

It was a light touch, she immediately stood back up.

Shen Youbai looked at her.

Her hair twisted him like a sticky poison.

And her eyes were containers.

He would easily soak his heart in it.

She couldn’t help but laugh when she looked at him.

Shen Youbai thought, most likely, he was the one who dug out and offered his heart to her, it had nothing to do with her.

He asked softly, “What are you laughing at?”

Xu Pinyu pointed to the coat on her body and “I cheated you out of your clothes.”

Before entering the house, she looked back and saw that Shen Youbai had not left yet.

She waved at him and motioned him to leave quickly, it was quite cold now.

Xu Pinyu heard the sound of the TV in the hallway, took off his jacket and hung it on the hanger next to the door.

She walked to the living room, nestled in the sofa, and hugged Chen Qiuya, “My classmate was the one who ordered the flowers. They celebrated their birthday today, so I ate a slice of their cake.”

Chen Qiuya patted the back of her hand, and gestured, ‘I’m going to rest early.’

Xu Pinyu rubbed her against her, and asked, “Where is the red bean paste?”

Chen Qiuya glanced at her, then gestured, ‘You already ate cake and now you want red bean paste. It’s already too late to eat more. You won’t be able to digest it, just go to bed.’

Since yesterday, the temperature had dropped steadily.

The morning sky was a cold grey covered by fog.

The door closed.

Xu Pinyu took the straw on the milk carton, aligned it with the round hole, and penetrated the tin foil.

She raised her eyes to see Wei Yixun walked up.

Xu Pinyu bit her straw and asked, “Are you still sick?”

He replied with a nasally voice, “It’s almost gone.”

As she approached the main entrance of Dezhi School, more and more people wearing the same school uniform passed by.

She thought of something, and her face filled with embarrassment, “Wait. No matter what they say later, you can’t blame me, I’m also a victim.”

Wei Yixun looked at her with confusion.

But he soon figured out what she meant.

Recently, Xu Pinyu had become the new hot topic to talk about in school because she confessed to the President of the Student Council in the men’s bathroom.

And Wei Yixun, who had always been paired up with Xu Pinyu by everyone, undoubtedly added a huge amount of new gossip to the story.

Unfortunately, he just had to have asked for a leave at that time, which added a sadomasochistic side to this scandal.

Wei Yixun, who was hurt by love, became ill.

To explain it briefly, the more they talked about it, the darker it got.

The bell rang, signalling the end of the class.

He left his classroom and walked towards Xu Pinyu and Chen Zixuan who were standing in the corridor and basking in the sun.

Wei Yixun said, “Now, everyone looks at me with sympathetic eyes.”

Xu Pinyu reiterated, “You can’t blame me!”

He asked doubtfully, “Did you really follow him to the toilet to confess to him?”

Xu Pinyu asked rhetorically, “Do you think I’m the type of person who will do something like that?”

Wei Yixun squinted slightly, “You want the truth?”

She raised her hand to stop him, “Don’t answer.”

The Biology Class Leader came out from the classroom window while carrying a stack of books, “Feather, help me take the homework to the Teacher’s Office.”

“Do it yourself.” Xu Pinyu replied mercilessly.

She wailed, “Please, Class Leader.”

Xu Pinyu thought for a while, before accepting the stack of homework.

The Teacher’s Office was on the first floor, but she deliberately passed by Class A in the corridor on the fourth floor.

It’s always such a detour every time. Today’s bad luck, the front and back doors are closed, no one is there.

She took this detour every time she went there. But today she was in bad luck, both the front door and back door was closed, no one was in the class.

Xu Pinyu mouth twitched and she walked away quickly.

She walked out of the office, and closed the door.

The surroundings were quiet, with only distant lectures in the background.

It was nearing noon, and the sun was dazzling.

It had been a while since class started, and the sound of footsteps walked forward across the empty corridor.

She was thinking, is Class A in a physical education class, should I go to the stadium to watch…



Something suddenly flew in from outside, broke the window, and passed by in front of Xu Pinyu’s eyes.

She fell back in fright and sat on the ground.

The glass shards clanged down like a meteor shower occurring in daylight.

A basketball rolled to the corner and bounced.

Light shined through the entire corridor.

Someone jumped up to the window.

She blocked the light with her hand, and squinted, only to see an outline of a silhouette.

The boy jumped in and stepped on the glass, it cracked under his feet.

Xia Xun was slightly startled when he saw the person sitting on the ground.

They looked at each other for a while.

He pointed at Xu Pinyu and opened his mouth, “Ah, panties.”

She was shocked for a moment, before she closed her knees and pulled down her skirt.

Just as Xu Pinyu was about to scold him, another boy who had followed the first boy jumped in from the window and quickly picked up the basketball on the ground.  他

He dragged Xia Xun away, “Run ah. Don’t pick up girls, the teacher is coming!”

Sure enough, a few seconds after they escaped, the nearest teacher rushed over.

Xu Pinyu was still shocked, amidst a shattered pieces of glass, she stood up cautiously.

Seeing the mess, the teacher was stunned, “Are you… practicing qigong?”

She hurriedly waved her hands , “No, no, I didn’t do it!”

The teacher motioned to her not to panic, “Okay okay. I know that you don’t have this much destructive power. Deal with your face first.”


Xu Pinyu subconsciously reached out to her face and touched a piece of skin -it stinged.

She retracted her hand, her fingertips stained with blood.

Fortunately, the cut was not big, it was a thin line.

She went to put a band-aid on in the infirmary, which used to be the director’s office the previous year.

When she entered, a male teacher shouted, “They’re obviously lying, everyone has witnessed it…”

He saw Xu Pinyu, and said, “Hey you, the person who just entered, come here and see if it’s these two guys.”

Following the direction in which the teachers hand pointed, Xu Pinyu saw two boys standing against the wall.

One looked at her pitifully.

The other, was not panicked, had a baby face, and looked at her with his head tilted.

  The male teacher shook his head in disgust, “No need to ask, both boys are in class K…”

Xu Pinyu originally wanted to say the truth, but when she opened her mouth it changed into, “Sorry teacher, I was so scared just now, that I couldn’t see who it was clearly.”

No one expected her to say that, and it was quiet for a while.

The Head Grade Teacher was a middle-aged woman, a little bit more calmer than the angry male teacher.

Coming out from around her desk, she glanced at the two boys, “Since you don’t admit to it.”

Next, she glanced at Xu Pinyu, “And you don’t know.”

Finally, “The three of you will clean the corridor together.”

Outside of the room, Xia Xun called her.

“Thank you,” he said.

He paused, then looked at her and said, “And, I’m sorry.”

Xu Pinyu said expressionlessly, “I should respond with ‘It doesn’t matter’ right?”  沒想到她這麼直白,夏尋怔了怔,才點頭,「可以。」

Xia Xun was surprised with her straightforwardness. In a daze, he nodded, “Yes.”

She said again, “Then you stay and clean up. Can I leave?”


Xu Pinyu finally raised a smile, “Thank you, goodbye.”

She waved and then she really turned around and left.

Wei Zhaoming, the other boy who caused the accident, suddenly smiled and said, “This senior sister is so cute.”

Xia Xun looked in the direction in which she left, paused for a few seconds, and turned to Wei Zhaoming

and said something.

Then, facing Xu Pinyu who was going down the stairs, he chased after her.

“Senior Sister.”

Xu Pinyu heard the sound and looked up subconsciously.

Half of the young man’s body was leaning over the armrest, with a wide smile on his face, and bright eyes, He looked a little childish.

He asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Xu Pinyu froze, she raised her chin and said, “Junior brother, did no one tell you that the school rules prohibit dating?”

Wei Zhaoming, who was standing in a daze in the corridor, seemed to be playing back Xia Xun’s words in his ears.

He said, “She is mine.”

There was dust in the light.

Fluttering up and down.

Wei Zhaoming came back to his senses, “Eh, I ran away to sweep it alone?”


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