GMTB – Ch 25

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Chapter 25 Delusion (1)


Xu Pinyu liked seeing the hot water slowly soaking the dried ginkgo leaves.

It gradually curled itself up in the glass, and finally floated softly.

The taste was slightly bitter and not tasty.

With Xu Pinyu’s family background, she needed to take an entrance exam if she wanted to study at Dezhi School.

Her mentality was to just give it a try and not take it too seriously, so when she didn’t receive the admission notice, she wouldn’t feel too disappointed.

However, after Xu Pinyu had studied in a regular school for more than a month. She suddenly received a notice from Dezhi School.

It was not so much a notice as it was a letter of apology.

The letter alleged that Xu Pinyu’s results were skipped in the ranking due to an error in the school system. After re-entering them, she was eligible for admission.

If she still intended to transfer to Dezhi School, as a means of apology they would waive off her tuition fee for one semester.

Chen Qiuya asked what she wanted to do.

Xu Pinyu blinked and replied, “Of course I will go, the tuition is free.”

The first day in Dezhi was in the afternoon.

The light at dusk warmed the road, and was cooled by the approaching night breeze.

Newcomers will inevitably be a little nervous, plus they would be busy with the admission procedures.

Xu Pinyu only remembered that she once helped a classmate to the infirmary.

Who it was and what they looked like was vague.

She didn’t care about it either.

Chen Zixuan is a girl who looks difficult to approach, but is actually very cute.

She knew a little bit more about Dezhi than Xu Pinyu.

For example, she knew that the current most handsome guy was XX senior in class A in 3rd year.

The words that have nothing to do with learning are the memories that occupy our minds for a longer time.

Unlike other girls, Xu Pinyu would not pretend to say, “That’s boring, I’m not interested.”

In fact, she was terribly curious.

Xu Pinyu approached her and asked, “Who is it?”

So she likes Xu Pinyu who is straightforward.

Chen Zixuan pulled her, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to see.”

After crossing two teaching buildings.

Although the floor plans were the same, the faces she saw were all unfamiliar, and it felt very strange.

Thousands of mountains and rivers came, but she said that they were the seniors of the school grass, and they were comparatively not amazingly good looking.

Xu Pinyu comforted her, “Maybe they have a charmful personality.”

When she was walking down the stairs.

She watched Chen Zixuan suddenly lean on the handrail of the stairs, glanced down, turn her head and said softly, “Student Council.”

Xu Pinyu was stunned , and met several people head-on.

She voluntarily turned sideways and gave them way to go upstairs.

Who knows who installed an exhaust fan on the upper edge of the corridor, but its shadow fell on the ground, whirling.

The last man was wearing anshirt and trousers, white and red respectively.

He looked down and looked like he didn’t like to talk to people.

He was very thin, but not morbidy, he was like a model from a magazine.

He was very tall, so Xu Pinyu glanced at his jaw.

The outline of his side profile was very smooth, and his Adam’s apple was in just the right position.

A faint smell of smoke.

Xu Pinyu shrank her shoulders back.

Probably because of this action, he suddenly turned his head and glanced at her.

Their eyes were looking at each other, just a glance.

The clouds outside the window were low and dark at that moment. The clouds swept away, and her line of sight was lit up again.

After they left.

Chen Zixuan was very excited, “Damn, he looks better than the school grass.”

A while after Xu Pinyu recovered, she said, “Ah, he’s okay.”

But Chen Zixuan had already run downstairs, she hurriedly followed her.

That person’s name was Shen Youbai.

Inexplicably, he reminded Xu Pinyu of a kind of flower called bird of paradise.

She had heard that it once used to be a bird, but it committed an unforgivable sin, so it was punished by God and was forever imprisoned in a flower.

She thought that she would never meet Shen Youbai again, until that day.

When a senior sister who was carrying a box filled with items went downstairs, she dropped a section of coloured lanterns. Xu Pinyu called out to her to stop and squatted down to pick them up.

Unexpectedly, there was a person carrying a box behind her, but she hit her without seeing that she was squatting down.

In the chaos, Xu Pinyu almost rolled down the stairs, and the decorations were scattered all over the place.

The senior sisters came up anxiously, “Are you okay!”

Xu Pinyu, who had a few strings of fairy lights hanging from her head, froze for a moment, but laughed, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Her knee had been scraped up.

She insisted that she would go to the infirmary alone, after all, the things fallen over here had to be cleaned up.

The male school doctor asked her to sit on the hospital bed, took out a medicine cabinet from the closet, and placed it by the bed.

Then he walked away, clutching his belly, and said to her, “You will find the iodine in that box so wipe the wound yourself, I’ll quickly go to the toilet and come back.”

Xu Pinyu dumbly stared at the medicine box for a long time. She really didn’t know how to deal with the wound.

After a while, the door of the infirmary was opened.

She held the iodine that she had recognised after searching for a long time, and thinking that it was the school doctor who came back, she lifted up the white curtain in front of the bed.

It wasn’t the school doctor.

Xu Pinyu saw the person standing in front of the cabinet, looking for something, but he could not find it.

The curtains in the infirmary moved with the wind, covering his back.

After returning to her senses, Xu Pinyu said aloud, “Are you looking for this?”

Shen Youbai was startled, he turned around and looked at her.

At this moment, she remembered the origin story of the bird of paradise.

Because its feathers were so beautiful, people thought it came from heaven. So they named it, Bird of Paradise.

He glanced at the iodine in Xu Pinyu’s hand and the medicine box besides her.

Then at the injury on her knee.

Shen Youbai frowned and walked up to her.

Seeing him come to her, Xu Pinyu handed out the bottle in her hand.

Thinking that Shen Youbai would take it and leave, she did not expect that he would pick up a low stool and placed it in front of her legs, “Put it up.”

Xu Pinyu asked subconsciously, “What?”

He raised his eyes and stared at her, “Legs.”

Xu Pinyu followed his instructions without thinking, and put one leg straight on the stool.

Shen Youbai sat next to her, opened the iodine, dipped it with a cotton swab, and touched her knee.

This act frightened her by surprise and she could only be stunned, as she watched him look at her knee.

He suddenly asked, “Are you not in pain?”

Only after she heard his question, she suddenly started feeling the scalding, stinging pain.

Xu Pinyu replied in a low voice, “A little bit.”

She didn’t know if it was an illusion, but after she finished speaking, she felt the pressure on her wound become lighter.

After helping her with the wound, Shen Youbai buckled the medicine box and prepared to leave.

Xu Pinyu hurriedly said, “Thank you.”

He paused, his eyes stayed focused on her hair for a moment.

In the end, facing Xu Pinyu’s puzzled expression, he left without saying anything.

  She sat in a daze for a while, stood up from the bed, and walked carefully to the door.

It just so happened that the male school doctor came in at that moment.

He looked at Xu Pinyu’s leg, “Oh, you’ve already taken care of it. Remember to not let it get wet for two days.”

She nodded, then she remembered, “Teacher, that- the medicine box was taken by Shen… Shen Youbai took it.”

“I know, someone fell in their class. “

Xu Pin Yu went to the toilet to wash her hands.

Turning off the water, she looked up.

In the mirror, Xu Pinyu saw a small piece of coloured paper in her hair.

Was this what Shen Youbai was looking at?

Then why not remove it for her.

What a strange person.


Suddenly she thought of Chen Zixuan’s sentence, about him looking better than the school grass.

If she would let Xu Pinyu answer now.

She would say, it was definitely this person.

How can he be compared by vulgar fans.

One day, when Xu Pinyu learnt that a girl in the next class had Shen Youbai’s phone number.

She realised the type of crime the Bird of Paradise had committed, for which it was punished so severely.

It was probably wantonly deceiving people’s hearts.

The theory was simple, just confess if you like him.

But Xu Pinyu was a person who gave up very easily.

As long as she was rejected once, she would give up.

And she didn’t want to give up on liking Shen Youbai.

Therefore, if she didn’t confess, she wouldn’t be rejected.

That was that. She would continue to like him.

Often the more eager the person was and the more they wanted something the harder it was to get.

Knowing that you can’t get it, insisting on staying in love is delusional.


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  1. My mind didn’t process clearly at first. It made me confused but then I realized that this was the second time they met? Xu Pinyu forgot the ‘classmate’ (Shen Youbai) she brought to the infirmary but he definitely recognized her hence he helped her with applying iodine to her wound. Correct me if Im wrong. The timeline is making me confused at times. ✌

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