S3YOC Chapter 30



Qingqing swayed back and forth by Gu Lan vigorously rubbing her body, like a swaying fat penguin, full of cuteness.

At first glance, Gu Lan’s movements seemed rude, but in fact, he had been carefully controlling his strength to make sure that Qingqing would not be hurt.

Not to mention, Qingqing was very comfortable being rubbed, so she did not resist Gu Lan’s doing.

When the towel was taken off, a cute little penguin with fried hair appeared in front of Gu Lan and Fu Sishen.

“Puff!” Fu Sishen burst out laughing instantly, and even Gu Lan couldn’t help but curl his lips.

But, when the two adults met the little innocent eyes of the child, both consciences were severely hit.

Immediately, Fu Sishen turned around and laughed, Gu Lan flattened the corners of his mouth, and the adults raised their masks skillfully(Be fake), pretending that nothing had happened.

Being a child alone, she didn’t realize that she was just ridiculed.

“Brother.” She pulled Gu Lan’s sleeves and raised her small eyebrows uncomfortably: “I want to change clothes. I’m wet and uncomfortable.”

“Now you know it’s uncomfortable? But then you dare to play with water.”

She was disgusted, but she unfurled the towel neatly in her hand, wrapped Qingqing entirely, revealing only a small fried head, and then hugged her directly to the third floor.

“I’ll take her to clean up, you clean up this place.”

Before going upstairs, Gu Lan stopped and ordered Fu Sishen and left the labor to him.

Fu Sishen doesn’t dare to defy his uncle’s orders.

He immediately nodded, and when Gu Lan disappeared into the elevator with Qingqing, he turned around and called someone to help clean up.

What a joke, he didn’t want to work himself.

Isn’t it better to call some housekeeping companies?


“Stay still.” Gu Lan threw Qingqing on the bed and started searching for clean clothes for her in the dressing room next door.

Fortunately, his brother-in-law was quick to act and bought a lot of new clothes for Qingqing yesterday.

Several of them have already been washed and hung neatly on a hanger in the dressing room.

On the left side of the hanger was a set of neatly ironed high-definition suits. On the right is a series of carefully maintained and luxurious dresses, which are horizontally inserted in the center of the children’s clothing is incompatible with the painting styles of the two. It looks unexpectedly harmonious, like a family of three. Warm.

Gu Lan couldn’t help but take another look, and then he felt sick in his brain again.

He randomly picked a set that looked warmer and went out, and threw it directly beside Qingqing: “Change it by yourself.”

“I don’t wanna.” Qingqing retorted with super invincible reason.

Gu Lan: “…”

Qingqing: “…” 

The two looked at each other for a while, and finally, Gu Lan took the lead to bow down.

“You’re such a troublesome little girl.”

Rubbing his face irritably, Gu Lan turned around again and called a housekeeper to help the little girl change clothes.

Don’t think that he didn’t know about Fu Sishen calling someone from the housekeeping company just to be lazy.

The Auntie changed Qingqing’s clothes and went out.

Gu Lan pushed the door into the room again, and saw Qingqing wearing new dry and soft clothes with wet hair, looking straight at him with watery eyes, she looked inexplicably pitiful.

“Brother.” The little milk sounded waxy, by using her nasal tone.

‘Are you going to catch a cold?’

“I don’t know if I should help you blow your hair?” Gu Lan unsatisfied, knotted up his pair of handsome eyebrows, he angrily picked up the hairdryer on the bedside, and waved at Qingqing, “Come here.”

Qingqing heard this.

She Immediately used her hands and feet together, climbed from the end of the bed to the head of the bed, spread her legs, and sat in front of Gu Lan obediently, letting him dry her hair.

The heat was blowing, and Qingqing was a little drowsy with the comfortable massage on the top of her head.

Just like rubbing her head with the towel before, Gu Lan also used twelve minutes to ensure that he would not hurt her.

‘My brother is so gentle, Qingqing likes brother.’

“Qingqing likes younger brother.” Without knowing it, Qingqing said her own thoughts.

After she finished speaking, she didn’t feel anything, but Gu Lan, his movements stiffened instantly, he almost let the hairdryer take off his hand and hit Qingqing’s small head.

He quickly put the hairdryer off and set it aside. Gu Lan habitually opened his mouth out of sarcasm to hide something.

“Do you still like me? Didn’t you say that the Gu family has you without me, and me without you?”

“Brother is stupid.” Qingqing nodded his little head and laughed at Gu Lan.

“Dare you say I’m stupid?!” Gu Lan instantly became cold.

Fortunately, he was worried that this girl would catch a cold and become ill. He has been busy taking care of others, but he will be scolded.

“My younger brother is stupid, Qingqing is already the mother of AJin and AShen, so I can’t live at home.”

Qingqing interrupted Gu Lan’s inner thoughts unconsciously. This is a truth that a three-year-old child understands.

Marrying, having a new family, and having two children, Gu Qingqing is no longer part of the Gu family.

So the insincere oath that she originally made has actually been realized long ago.

Gu Lan’s pupils shook slightly and suddenly became silent.

It turns out that he has long been a child without supervision?


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