S3YOC Chapter 31


“Brother…brother…” After being called several times, Gu Lan suddenly came back to his senses: “What’s the matter?”

“Will you take Qingqing to go to the amusement park, OK?” Qingqing’s eyes were bright, she was very hopeful.

This is the idea she just thought of.

The younger brother is an adult, so he can take her to the amusement park!

For this kind of building that seems to only exist in the mouths of others and travel magazines, Qingqing has always had the same strong obsession with eating burgers.

She feels that if she doesn’t try it once, her life will not be complete.

So whenever there is a chance to go to the playground, she has to hurry up and take this opportunity.

“You haven’t played enough just now?” Recalling the mess in the Fu’s living room, Gu Lan twitched his mouth.

If the Gu family is destroyed today, he swears that even if he beats his sister, he must teach Gu Qingqing how to be a woman.

“Qingqing wants to go…” Qingqing has a long tone and acted like a baby.

For one o achieve their own goals, children can always become sweet and well-behaved, which is irresistible.

But Gu Lan didn’t want to go. He was a busy man. There was still a lot of work to be done in the company. Where would he be free to accompany Qingqing to play?

“Today is already late, let’s go tomorrow.”

“Okay! Brother is the best.”

Qingqing jumped on the bed with joy, while Gu Lan was covering her face in annoyance.

Why did he agree?

Was his mouth cheap?!

No matter how regretful he was, Gu Lan has always been a person who will do what he says, so he appeared outside Fu’s house on time the next morning.

It was just breakfast.

Fu Heng and Fu Sishen were still working in the company and did not come back, so there were only Fu Sishen and Qingqing left at home.

These two children are both troublemakers, they don’t have the basic ability to take care of themselves, and they are incompatible with the kitchen, so they choose takeaway with self-knowledge.

They ordered the soy milk fritters and rice dumplings, a timeless classic breakfast, which is not greasy.

Qingqing had been a little absent-minded since getting up in the morning, even if he was eating breakfast, her small eyes always looked out from time to time, as if waiting for someone.

It wasn’t until the long-awaited figure appeared that she cheered excitedly: “Brother is coming! Hmm…” With quick eyesight and hand, Fu Sishen delivered the last mouthful of dumplings to Qingqing’s mouth, doing so Fu Sishen was relieved.

He was finally finished feeding this little ancestor.

There was something in her mouth, and Qingqing had to spend time chewing it, which caused her to be unable to speak for a while, and her nose was sweating.

“You finish eating first, and I won’t run.”

Gu Lan casually collapsed on the sofa and closed his eyes, his voice a little hoarse after staying up all night.

To make room for today’s schedule, he dealt with work overnight last night, and only slept for less than an hour in the morning, he was lacking of sleep.

Seeing that Gu Lan hadn’t run and stayed obediently, Qingqing reluctantly resisted her eagerness and finished the breakfast first.

When she finally finished eating, she didn’t need to be hugged, so she jumped off the chair and eagerly urged Fu Sishen to get her the small backpack that she packed last night.

“Hurry up!” She was anxious.

“Don’t push me, don’t you just get it for you?”

Fu Sishen was very tired, but he was still very active.

As long as this beast is sent out, he will be liberated today. The small backpack is in the study room upstairs, and he has to go upstairs to get it. Let Qingqing wait in the living room for a while.

When he brought Qingqing’s small backpack, Fu Sishen didn’t see the little figure that was eagerly jumping for joy.

“Qingqing?” With a strange cry, Fu Sishen walked around the sofa and fell silent when he saw the scene before him.

He saw his uncle fell asleep on the sofa with a tired look, while Qing Qing happily pulled a blanket and awkwardly covered Gu Lan.

Noting that Fu Sishen came over, she turned her head and put up a small index finger, making a gesture of ‘shhh’ in front of her mouth.

Signaled him to be quiet, and don’t bother Gu Lan.

‘Didn’t you want to go to the amusement park?’

This sentence seems to have no meaning to be asked.

Fu Sishen put the small backpack in his hand, and then quietly exited the space.

“Little kid.” He chuckled softly after he was far away from the living room: “How can you be so sensible?”



Gu Lan had a dream.

He dreamed that he was pressed by a big rock and It was so heavy that he couldn’t breathe.

He struggled for a long time, and finally woke up, only to find that his chest was still very stuffy as if something was pressing on him.

Soft and warm, the little one is just a bit heavy.

Not surprisingly, looking down facing a small furry head, the small hair swan above is still clearly visible.

Gu Qingqing slept soundly on his body.

‘Is she asleep?’

Carefully removing the child in his arms, Gu Lan sat up and found that he was still on the sofa in the living room of the Fu family.

It’s just that the time now has changed from eight o’clock in the morning to twelve noon, and he actually slept for that long.

“Uncle is awake.”

Fu Sishen stayed busy in his study until he felt hungry, and then got up and went downstairs to search for food. He just saw Gu Lan wake up.

“Why didn’t you wake me up in the morning?”

Gu Lan rubbed his aching shoulders and asked in a low voice.

“Here.” Fu Sishen used his chin to tap the Qingqing, indicating that the culprit’ was this one. “I saw you asleep in the morning and covered you with a blanket. How can I bear to wake you up?”


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