S3YOC chapter 32


 Gu Lan’s expression was a bit complicated, Fu Sishen didn’t understand it well, but he felt that his uncle seemed to be touched.

    Despite that, he didn’t intend to delve into it.

    These are the grievances that belonged to the previous generations, and it was not his turn to take care of them.

    The most urgent task now is to comfort his grunting stomach.

    “I’ll get something to eat, do you also want to uncle?” He stepped towards the kitchen.

    “What would you make for food?”

    Gu Lan expressed deep doubts about Fu Sishen’s cooking skills.

    “I remember there are some canned foods at home, there are bread and fruit in the refrigerator. We can eat them just as we please.”

    Sure enough, you can’t expect Fu Sishen, a childish adult.

    “Don’t always eat junk foods, it’s not nutritious.” With a sigh, Gu Lan got up and threw the blanket to Qing Qing who was sleeping soundly with her belly wide open. He walked with his long legs, passed by Fu Sishen, and entered the kitchen.

    He opened the refrigerator and he took all the fresh ingredients from it.

    Gu Lan chose carefully, took out two tomatoes, a handful of spinach, also chose a piece of fat and thin pork belly. The serving size was about three people.

    Seeing his uncle was preparing to cook, Fu Sishen immediately gave up the kitchen happily.

    Like a baby, who was only waiting to be fed, he lay down at the kitchen door, ‘monitoring’ his uncle’s cooking progress.

    Gu Lan rolled up his sleeves on both sides, revealing a small section of white forearms with well-proportioned muscles. He moved neatly to cook, and his posture makes him looked quite skillful.

    He steamed the rice first, wash the pork belly, add two slices of ginger and simmer it in a pressure cooker.

    After a while, he started preparing to remove it and make it into braised pork.

    Taking advantage of the lack of stew, Gu Lan also made garlic stir-fried spinach, tomato, and egg soup.

    Different from the common salty tomato and egg soup outside, Gu’s family is used to sweet tomato and drinking egg soup.

    It tastes sweet and sour, just like drinking sugar water.

    In recent years, Gu Qingqing’s cooking frequency is neither too many nor too few. At least the two brothers of the Fu family were taken care of by her, so they are used to sweet tomato and egg soup. However, they didn’t get used to those salty tastes, which always felt weird.

    Therefore, Fu Sishen accepted the taste of Gu Lan’s food, and even missed it a little.

    Uncle’s cooking tastes very similar to his mother’s. He seems to…have not eaten his mother’s cooking in a long time.

    Unconsciously looking out, he just saw Qingqing’s chubby legs kicking off the blanket on her body, and her bulging belly from breathing, like a little frog.

    There was a sudden shock, and Fu Sishen deeply felt that he might just be flooded with emotions, from missing his mother.

    Maybe he could hear the sound of the sea by shaking his head now. (When someone has a deep feeling of emotion and suddenly couldn’t hear anything else.)

    Attracted by the scent of food, Qingqing’s little nose moved slightly, and she was awakened as she smelled it.

    “Hmm…” She sat up with her messy hair, rubbing her sleepy eyes, and calling some names milkily: “Aunt Ding, Qingqing is up.”

     “Aunt Ding it has been a long time.”

     “Suddenly Going back to home for the elderly, how can I wait for you to get up here.”

    A pair of big, well-knotted hands stretched out and picked up Qingqing, followed by a warm wet towel, covering her face and rubbing against her again.

    This action made Qingqing fully awaken.

    The corners of Fu Sishen’s mouth twitched.

    ‘Uncle, she’s still a white and tender three-year-old dumpling. Can’t you be gentle?’

    “Eat some meal.”

    Qingqing, who was acting like she was not treated rudely, was quite cooperative, wiping her face with her small hand, and immediately started to eat after wiping.

    Her little hands like white rice dough pulled Gu Lan’s shoulders, and her upper body leaned toward the dining table salivatingly.

    This posture was very dangerous. If he was not careful, she will fall over, and Gu Lan was so frightened that he quickly hugs her tightly.

    “You don’t want your life anymore?!”

    His voice was a little frustrated: “If you don’t act obedient, we will not go to the amusement park in the afternoon!”

    “Amusement park!”

    Hearing these key three words, Qingqing was taken aback, and then she realized her position. Later, she remembered their travel plan today, and then…

    “Wahh” she cried out.

    “Qingqing fell asleep and can’t go to the amusement park noooooow…”

    She cried with a red nose, looking so pitiful. Seeing her like that made Gu Lan a little bit dumbfounded.

    “It’s me who is clearly fell asleep, and who told you that the amusement park can only be visited in the morning. It is still the same as the afternoon, little idiot.” He lightly touched the tip of Qing Qing’s nose, as soon as he was done.

    Not only Gu Lan, but even Qingqing was stunned.

    Since Qingqing was born, she has rarely been so close to an adult.

    The nanny is just a nanny and will take care of Qingqing carefully, but she has her own children, and the two are only patrons, so she will not be too intimate with Qingqing.

    Their Mom and Dad were busy making money and work outside all day long. It was good if they were able to see Qingqing three times a week. More often than not, they may not see each other for half a month.

    Even Qingqing almost can’t remember what her parents look like. If it weren’t for the nanny and auntie showing photos of her parents to Qingqing, she may have forgotten them after a long time of not seeing each other.

    Scratching her head, Qingqing pulled Gu Lan’s collar and asked in a low voice, “Brother, do you have pictures of our parents? Qingqing… why don’t Qingqing remember our parents.”

    “How could I have.”

    When he heard about his parents, Gu Lan gave a cold face for a second, and his tone was a little bit ironic: “Those two guys who didn’t know anything other than making money, why to bother thinking about them?”

    “…” Qingqing narrowed her mouth, trying to refute, but the facts are just as Gu Lan said. Being a three-year-old child she has a limited vocabulary and can’t express it clearly, so she doesn’t know how to say it. In the end, she sulked herself.


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