S3YOC Chapter 33


 The baby is angry, it’s hard to coax that kind!

    “Whether you eat or not, I made your favorite tomato and egg soup, braised pork, and spinach.”

    “Eat!” Qingqing replied super loudly, eyes shining brightly.

    ‘My younger brother is so nice, he can cook, all that Qingqing likes to eat.’

    Fu Sishen who was busy eating: “…”

    Suddenly he felt that the meat in the bowl was not delicious anymore.

    Wasn’t this done for him?

    However, his gaze swept over Gu Lan, who was awkwardly studying how to put a bib on Qingqing, and Fu Sishen lowered his head to pick up rice, pretending that nothing happened.

    It seems that the relationship between his uncle and his mother is actually not that bad.

    “This has to be turned over.”

    Qingqing wanted to eat already, but Gu Lan couldn’t find out how to handle the bib, so she simply took command of her own.

    For convenience, Fu Heng bought all disposable bibs for Qingqing.


    This kind of bib is only a piece of paper with a peculiar shape and made of a material similar to oil paper.

    To turn it into a bib, you need to turn over the small pocket underneath, then wrap the two straps around the child’s neck and use the double-sided tape that comes with it to fit it together.

    After finally putting on Qingqing’s bib, Gu Lan was exhausted and sweating profusely.

    He was no longer ready to feed, so he took a bowl of various dishes and filled it up, and then stuffed a spoon for Qingqing to let her eat by herself.

    Qingqing can eat by herself, but her five fingers were short and fat, and she can’t hold the spoon very firmly, so she can only use the whole palm to cover the handle of the spoon, therefore she eats very awkwardly.

    Her awkward eating made the table full of rice grains everywhere, even on the ground.

    As sh eat and drink, the scene is no longer enough to describe it as a simple mess, it’s a total mess.

    However, the two adults didn’t take it seriously, it wasn’t a big deal to ask someone to clean it up for them.

    “Time to wash up.”

    Gu Lan took Qingqing and also told the same to Fu Sishen, and then directly take the little child to wash.

    Since he agreed to go to the amusement park, he would not break his promise.

    Soon, the cleaned Qingqing wore a beautiful little skirt again and happily ran out of the door carrying a small schoolbag.

    “Hurry up, we need to go!”

    “Wait, put on your shoes first. Do you want to go out and play barefoot?”

    Gu Lan slowly followed, Qingqing was so excited she surrounded him like a bee, and her feet were spinning around.

    “Brother, hurry up!”

    She was anxious.

    “Feet.” Gu Lan crouched down, picked up Qingqing’s small sandals, and motioned for her to raise her foot.

    Qingqing stretched out her foot and asked Gu Lan to put on shoes for her.

    Neither of them felt anything, but Fu Sishen, who was watching this scene, was so shocked that his eyes were bulging out.

    The man who gently squatted down and put on shoes for his mother was really his uncle who was always cold and had no friends?


    Maybe when you unzipped his back, another person came out?

    The typical TV series he watches were too many that he started imagining things.

    After finishing the outfit, they are finally going to set off.

    Qingqing took Gu Lan’s big hand, strode out the door, but before leaving she suddenly remembered something, she stopped, turned her head, and looked at Fu Sishen, who was still motionless: “My son, hurry up. “

    She thought Fu Sishen would also follow.

    This little girl still thought about him.

    Suddenly there was a sense of comfort that the children at home would care about others when they grew up, but Fu Sishen refused: “I have something to work on, so you can go.” His freedom is just an arm’s reach, how could he let it go for nothing? This is a chance to take this opportunity!

    As soon as they left, he immediately packed up his luggage and drove away. He would never go back home until he didn’t spend ten and a half days outside!

    Moreover, when he was young, his mother had taken him to play the amusement park ten times and eight times, and every time was early in the morning.

    Sudden silence enveloped Fu Sishen’s body.

    It’s a pity that Qingqing had already followed Gu Lan, but he didn’t realize that he was emotionally wrong.

    The little girl was lying on the car window at this time, looking excitedly at the fast-rewinding scenery outside, expecting the amusement park to arrive soon.

    “Amusement park, I love amusement park, Qingqing’s amusement park…”

    She also happily composed a song for the amusement park herself. Although this song is a bit incomplete, it does not affect Qingqing’s mood all the way.

    Even Gu Lan, who was driving, was infected by her and couldn’t help but smile a little.

    “Is that so happy?”

    “Yeah, Qingqing is the first time to go to an amusement park.” Qingqing raised her hand and made a ‘1’ emphasizing it.

    “Have you never been there before?”

    “If you haven’t been out, how one can go?” Qingqing pouted. She can’t fly and can’t go to the amusement park by herself.

    Gu Lan sneered unconsciously when he heard she had never left the house.

    Oh, that pair of parents were even more incompetent than he thought.

    “Has my brother been there?” she was asking about the amusement park.

    “I’ve been… once.” Gu Lan’s voice was a little low.

    He suddenly remembered that the only trip to the amusement park in his life seemed to be with Gu Qingqing when he graduated from elementary school.

    Although the two were unhappy in the last half of the game, and each went home with bad emotions, in fact…it was quite a happy day.


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