Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man Chapter 1.1

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At three o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was gentle and the room was quiet.

    There was a man lying on the white bed. His face was well-defined and was very handsome, but his figure was thin, and he looked like he had been ill for a long time.

    Probably the reason is that he had been lying in bed for too long. Although his body is clean, it still emits a faint smell of Chinese medicine.

    Sitting near the bed was a beautiful girl.

    She was holding the bowl with her left hand, while her right hand stretched out, which happened to land on the man’s nose. She seemed to be about to pinch his nose, pry open his mouth, and pour the medicine down.

    Mu Yanyan was suddenly struck down, and gradually regained consciousness as if her soul was returning.

    Her gaze fell on the patient’s face on the bed, and then moved to the medicine bowl in her hand, moving her sight back and forth between the patient and the medicine bowl, and finally completely fixed her eyes on the medicine bowl.

    The finger holding the medicine bowl was white and slender, but it looked like a poisonous snake waiting for her prey.

    If she guessed correctly, this was a bowl of poison.

    She just got transmigrated in a book.

    She has become a vicious wife in a romantic novel with a vegetative male lead.


    In the book, the original owner was unwilling to marry a vegetative, but she coveted his property. After half a year in the marriage, she finally couldn’t bear it and chose to poison him.

   But she didn’t know that the man lying on the bed had woken up one day ago, and had long known her poisoning plan. He just waited to catch her action when it was carried out so that she could be sent to prison.

    She didn’t notice it and just followed her initial plan. Just after she said “A Zheng, get up for medicine,” she was suddenly caught by her wrist.

    The patient who had been lying on the bed for almost a year suddenly woke up and looked at her with those particularly sharp and thin eyes. The voice was not high but extremely impactful: “Poisonous woman, go to death!”

    Then he pushed her with his hand. The original owner fell to the ground, half of a bowl of poison was spilled as she fell, and the remaining half was taken by people who rushed in from outside and kept it as evidence.

    The man lying on the bed is the “only grandson” of the richest man in the Han family, and also the man who is going to be the future patriarch.

    He has a poor nature, a gloomy and vicious character, cruel methods, and a villain who will slaughter his enemies.

   In addition, he has been raised since he was young, with eyes above the top, and often felt that he was the god standing on the highest point, watching all the creatures under his feet. He was so arrogant.

   One can imagine what kind of revenge the original owner will get  She was sent to prison first and then received special attention from there.

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