Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man Chapter 1.2

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It didn’t take long for her to become a mentally disordered person and soon became extremely crazy.

At a moment of negligence in detention, she jumped down from upstairs, when she was reading this part she was unable to continue it and by skipping so she has no more news about the original.

    Mu Yanyan trembled all over, looking at the man on the bed. She may be arrested in the next second, and the current situation must be reversed as soon as possible.

    However, the original master’s plot to poison has been exposed, even if she is now useless, she can only take one step at a time.

   In a hurry, Mu Yanyan, threw the poisoned bowl neatly, holding Han Zheng’s big hand in one hand and his clothes in the other, pressing most of her body on his chest.

    She started crying as if heartbroken: “My husband, how can I live if you die!”

    She pitched her tone, as if very pained, “How could you just go like this when you are young…”

    She cried. She opened one eye secretly, carefully observing the man’s face.

   Han Zheng really yesterday, because he was lying down for too long, his actions were awkward and he didn’t have much energy.

    However, he had been conscious since half a year ago. Mu Yanyan treated him as a vegetative and didn’t shy away from doing anything. This allowed him to know everything she was going to do.


    Mu Yanyan, the poisonous woman, actually wanted to poison him. The first thing he did when he woke up now was to get her punished.

    If a thousand cuts don’t need to pay for his life, he really wants to kill her.

    However, he is the grandson of the richest man in the Han family. He has a great life. It is best to send her to prison without blood on his hands.

    Waiting for her to feed the poison, then he could catch her with his current situation, but he suddenly heard a heart-piercing cry.

    He still hadn’t fully recovered his body, his muscles tensed suddenly.

    What happened?

    Didn’t you want to poison him?

    What tricks is this woman playing?

    She conspired with others to administer medicine, he heard it with his own ears, how could she say that she had been widowed for a lifetime.


   Congratulations, you have obtained a set of wife doting systems. The doting wife system can give you a new life and prolong your life…>>

What is the doting wife system? Han Zheng automatically ignored it, and all his attention was focused on admiring Mu Yanyan. He was on guard against any other poisonous tricks she would use.

   Mu Yanyan saw Han Zheng’s eyelids move and knew that he was awake. She probably didn’t expect him to say these things and was still hesitating.


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