Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man Chapter 1.3

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   This gave her time to continue acting and had to work hard in order to reverse her current image in his heart.

    The original owner married Han Zheng as the object of Chongxi (Married to someone on a death bed), and her family would not care about her except for her as a cash cow. (Someone who only gives money)

   After the original owner of the book went to prison, the original owner’s family left her behind and tried to please the Han family, and even voluntarily asked the judge to increase her sentence.

    The father of the original owner is a super patriarchal scum man. He dated two women together and both were pregnant.

    It was the idea of ​​marrying whoever gave birth to a boy.

   Her original mother became pregnant first, but unfortunately, she gave birth to a girl. The original host’s mother was eliminated first, and the original host’s father married another woman.

    It’s a pity that the woman also gave birth to a daughter, and they never had another child.

    The original father’s wish to have a son isn’t fulfilled yet.

    Before his son was born, the original’s father put all his thoughts on the company and focused on making money.

   The company encountered a crisis six months ago. He heard that the Han family’s grandson had become a vegetable and planned to find a girl for Chongxi, so he picked up his daughter’s idea.

    The family’s daughter was reluctant, so she sold the original owner to the Han family.

    They received an investment of 300 million yuan.

    Of course, the original owner was unwilling to marry Han Zheng. She has a boyfriend and the two have a very good relationship.

However, to save the man she loves, the original’s mother did not hesitate to threaten her life and forced the original into the Han family.

    The original owner is a third-rate star, she is bound to the top-flowing cup (Metaphor like a glass full of water and when overflow the excess leaves the cup), and she has not done anything worthy of the attention of the public.

She does not have many fans but has a lot of black fans. 

Some people even built a super chat on Weibo. Check-in every day and ask: “Has Mu Yanyan retired?”

    Mu Yanyan didn’t even think about killing Han Zheng at first. She originally wanted to get involved in the entertainment industry, redeem herself with the money she earned, and then live with the man she likes.

    But who knows that the man she likes got involved with her half-sister. 

She has been kicked out of the entertainment industry and her acting skills were not very good.

Not only did she make no money, but she also owed five people due to a lawsuit. Ten million.

    Then she extended herself to the evil claw of Han Zheng.

    She had signed a contract and she became a Chongxi. If he died, she would get a lot of money.

    She felt that the tragedies in her life all started with Han Zheng, because of him her boyfriend and her sister got together.

    She was sold by Mu’s family because she wanted happiness for him.

    There is no place for her in the entertainment circle, she has only this way.

    That is, poison Han Zheng.

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