Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man Chapter 2.1

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“…There is one thing that I haven’t told you. Actually…I have liked you for a long time…”

When she said this, she couldn’t help but get goosebumps.

“I didn’t marry you for money. Although my family did it for money, I didn’t take any of the money.”

    “I just like you and admire you. You didn’t know that I could only stand before to a place you can’t see but I was there watching you silently, you didn’t know how happy I was when I found out that I could marry you…”

    “Although you have become vegetative and can’t talk to me or be nice to me, as long as I can watch you silently I am satisfied.”

    Tsk tsk, I am also moved by my own words.

    Fortunately, she read a lot of romance novels before she got transmigrated, and now she can openly use what she read through her mouth.

    “Before, they consulted a fortune teller. If the great god were to visit you to stimulate you, you may wake up. What I said before might be vicious, but for you, I would rather let everyone misunderstand me as a poisonous woman… as long as you can wake up.”

    “Han Zheng, you wake up quickly, and when you wake up, I am willing to eat for you for a lifetime, and pray for you every day.” Mu Yanyan used the excuse of liking Han Zheng temporarily. She also talks about the invitation of the Great God. She didn’t expect him to be fooled completely. After all, Han Zheng was better than a monkey.

    But this excuse can fool him for a while.

    The original did not have anyone she liked, and when she got transmigrated, the original’s boyfriend had already gotten involved with her sister, and she couldn’t have anything to do with him anymore, so she didn’t care what Han Zheng thought.

  Pretending to be grieving, Mu Yanyan acted very well. If she inherited the original’s talent she would have been distressed with such terrible acting skills. Fortunately, she believes that even with the ironstone, Han Zheng will be moved with how she acted earlier. 

    Soon enough, she finished crying, and Han Zheng’s eyebrows moved.

    Like him for a long time?

    Admire him?

    As long as she can keep him silently by her side like this, she is satisfied?

    This vicious woman… isn’t she going to poison him anymore?

    At this moment, Han Zheng was very confused. He just woke up, he couldn’t keep up and couldn’t think of so many things. Moreover, Mu Yanyan crying sounds disturbed his thinking, making him thoughtless for a while.

    When Mu Yanyan first entered Han’s house, she did not say that she would be poisoning him to death at first. She just cried several times in front of him.

    When did she start to think of poisoning him?

    It seems to be from last month.

    Although he is just laying now he still has his consciousness awake, he may not be able to move, and not particularly sensitive to time, he can only guess roughly.

    Did Mu Yanyan do as she said, to stimulate him to wake up?

    No, Han Zheng suddenly denied his idea.

    Mu Yanyan, the poisonous woman, must have known that he was awake and wanted to fool him.

    Otherwise, how could the person that wanted to poison him before be involved with him?

    Thinking of this, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Mu Yanyan with cold eyes.


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