Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man Chapter 2.2

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    “Han Zheng, you wake up quickly, OK, otherwise I… Han Zheng, are you awake?” With tears on Mu Yanyan’s face, she saw Han Zheng open his eyes and she was so shocked that her movements became stiff. Looking at the man in front of him she stayed stunned.

    Ignoring the murderous aura coming from him, she quickly managed her expression, and made a look of surprise and joy, with a faint tremor in her voice she said: “Han Zheng, are you awake?”

    Then she rushed outside and shouted: “Grandpa and grandma, Han Zheng is awake, come, come, come, Han Zheng is awake.”

    “Heaven, it must be my prayer that moved God and made you wake up.”

    She pretended to be at a loss and couldn’t help but to play down the vicious image of the original owner as much as possible, so when he showed a trace of pity, she could escape.

    But Han Zheng is not such a foolish person. He reached out and grabbed Mu Yanyan’s wrist, his eyes showed a fierce look as if he was about to delay her: “Poisonous woman, I don’t want you to lie to me!” 

He is unlike what an awoken vegetative person is like. His hand strength was quite strong, and Mu Yanyan took a lot of effort to draw her wrist back.

    She just fixed herself up and looked at him in a particularly happy and aggrieved manner, with tears hanging in the corners of her eyes she said: “As long as you wake up, you can call me anything. I hoped you could wake up. Look…”

    She lowered her head and wiped the corners of her eyes. With tears, she smiled gently and continued, “I don’t know what to say, I just swear to God that as long as you wake up, I will eat meat for a year and be vegetarian for a lifetime. I pray for you. Sure enough, you wake up. God must have heard my heart.” 

The girl was soft and beautiful, with delicate and white skin, like the most exquisite jade.

    Especially with tears hanging in the corners of her eyes, red and swollen eyelids, and tears down her head, she looked like she was being bullied and she didn’t want to show it. It makes someone unable to believe she was pretending.

    Han Zheng was in a subtle mood, and he didn’t make any aggressive moves anymore.

    Since she had never thought of really poisoning himself, she broke the medicine bowl and didn’t pour it down to him, so he has the right and believes her words are somewhat true.

    But this is not enough to keep her in Han’s house and let her be his wife.

    He, Han Zheng, is the “only grandson” of the richest man in the Han family. How could he tolerate this kind of poisonous woman staying? She must be driven out immediately.

    At this moment, the old lady Han came with the support of the people. The old lady was almost seventy years old. When she heard that her grandson woke up, she walked like the wind and even threw her crutches.

    As soon as she entered the house, she rushed to the bed: “Ah, my dear grandson, you finally woke up. If you didn’t wake up, grandma, I wouldn’t be able to live anymore.”

    At this moment, all the servants and relatives of the Han family gathered around and said appeasing words. Currently, the bedroom is blocked.

    Mu Yanyan was standing next to the bed just now, and someone came over to squeeze her back a bit. At this moment, her waist was tightly against the window.

    If another came in, she may be squeezed out of the wall directly.

    “Zheng, you finally woke up.”

    “Cousin, you’re awake.”

    “Xiaozheng, if you didn’t wake up, we all don’t know what to do.”


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