Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man Chapter 2.3

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    Everyone was rushing around. Han Zheng is surrounded by people like stars holding the moon, this was a treatment of a prince.

    Mu Yanyan moved to the corner while people were not paying attention, she secretly looked at Han Zheng. This man, as long as he said a word, she could go to jail anytime.

    Fortunately, he just woke up with a lack of energy and was paid so much attention by everyone that he didn’t even have time to pay attention to her, so he gave her a chance to breathe.

    Now, as long as she slipped out quietly, no one would probably be able to get any more evidence.

    Thinking of this, she lifted her toes and moved out inch by inch, fearing that she may shock the people inside.

    Han Zheng has long been accustomed to being the focus of attention, but today he has some important things to do.

    He only lay down for a year, and out of thin air there was a poisonous woman as his wife, and that woman must be driven out as soon as possible.


    His voice was not high, but it was penetrating, like a magical effect, it nailed Mu Yanyan, who had finally moved to the door through the dozens of people in the room.

    Mu Yanyan’s breathing was stagnant, and she looked at him with a pained expression on her face.

    She can go out as long as she takes one more step, why not give her this time.

The old lady was the first to discover the clue, and she took Han Zheng’s hand with her face full of love: “Grandson, she is the daughter-in-law chosen by grandma. You just have been in a coma for such a long time. Thanks to her, otherwise you won’t be able to wake up.

    “Although you haven’t given your consent, you can’t make her feel angry. She is your benefactor and also the benefactor of our Han family.”

    “Benefactor?” Han Zheng sneered, his tone was cold and full of irony. “Is she a doctor or nurse relying solely on metaphysics?”

    “Xiaozheng,” the old lady disagreed with him, “At that time you were in a coma, and we invited a master of fortune to find a wife to Chongxi,”  She sighed, as she recalled the past she still felt sad.

    Han Zheng has been likable since he was a child and always showed filial piety to his elders and he is not bad to girls. He also has many female friends.

    She couldn’t recognize the other girls who usually chased him and called him brother, but who knew that after he was in a coma, those little girls disappeared.

    Even the girls who grew up with him ran away. The two families are ready to initiate engagement with each other, but now they are hiding in a foreign country and not answering the phone.

    At that time, her old lady was so sad.

    Although their Han Han family is rich, they are not the kind to be bullied easily. When their grandson got sick, they snatched them over, regardless of the girl’s wishes.

    So even though they were sad, they still went to find a girl who voluntarily married her grandson.

    Sure enough, they found it, it was Mu Yanyan.

    Of course, the old lady didn’t know that Mu Yanyan also wanted to disagree. After all, the person who communicated before was Mu Yanyan’s biological father. How could the old lady know Mu Yanyan’s true feelings?



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