Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man Chapter 2.4

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 “Just because of your accident, you can’t even marry a daughter-in-law anymore. Fortunately, Yan Yan is sensible and willing to marry you, otherwise you…” The old lady couldn’t go on as tears kept falling, and wiped them. Because Han Zheng’s left was holding his Grandma’s, he swung his right hand to signal Mu Yanyan that he was letting this pass.

    Han Zheng leaned against the headboard, frowned, and looked upset.

   After all, Han Zheng almost couldn’t get married. He didn’t want to be a bachelor, so he should thank a poisonous woman?

    How could this be possible? He was handsome and possessed very high self-esteem, Han Zheng didn’t believe the old lady’s words at all.

    He squeezed a soft voice from between his teeth and insisted on his thoughts: “Grandma, I want to divorce, and she must leave today. Let that poisonous woman leave Han’s house immediately.”

    Without saying the word “get off”, he had already pardoned her enough. This saves grandma’s face.

    Mu Yanyan hid at the door and did not move.

    Although she tried to reduce her existence, she still couldn’t ignore the gaze next to her that seemed to be piercing her.

    From the memory of the original owner, she knew that it was a distant relative of the Han family, named Yang Minxiao, who was fairly beautiful and had a very arrogant personality. 

She liked the male lead since she was a child and had a good relationship with the male lead.

    After the protagonist was in a coma, the first thing the old lady thought of was her to Chongxi, but unfortunately, she found an excuse to refuse.

    Today, Yang Minxiao came to accompany the old lady. She still imagined that the male lead could wake up. 

She didn’t want to marry a vegetable who could not do anything and just lay in bed every day, but if the male lead wakes up, she must know it first.

    Unexpectedly, Han Zheng woke up. At this moment, she regretted it very much. Why did she not agree to marry Han Zheng? Then it is logical that Han Zheng’s wife is now her.

    The more she looked at Mu Yanyan, the more unpleasant she became, and she couldn’t wait to make this woman disappear from her eyes immediately.

    “It turns out that you knew my cousin would wake up before he was willing to marry, otherwise he would run faster than anyone else.”

    Yang Minxiao said strangely, “I used to think you are simple, but I seemed to have underestimated you, I didn’t expect you to have such a deep thought. Deep but useless, even if you are married now, the first thing that my cousin wanted was a divorce.”

“If you want to stay in the Han family, in your dreams.”

    She already called the reporter secretly just now, and it is estimated that this meeting has been guarded outside. 

As long as Mu Yanyan leaves Han’s house, there will be a hot search for the entry “An abandoned woman is driven out like a dog from the rich family” immediately.


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