Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man Chapter 3.1

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Although Mu Yanyan didn’t know what Yang Minxiao was thinking, she had read the book and knew that Yang Minxiao was the happiest with her demise, and was the first to call the police after Han Zheng woke up.

    Then she contacted a reporter to expose the original owner’s intention of poisoning her husband and took care of the original in prison several times by hiring other people.

    Now she doesn’t have to think about it, Yang Minxiao must have regretted to death why she didn’t marry the male protagonist in the first place, otherwise, she is now the protagonist’s righteous wife.

    Mu Yanyan glanced at her contemptuously, this kind of clown doesn’t need her acting skills.

Han Zheng was a delicious Chicken prepared on the table but when he got into an accident, he was dismissed and refused to be married. (Actually, he is referred to as the Chicken intestines. This dish is actually delicious, especially fried or barbequed but because this may not suit others’ taste I changed it to mere chicken.) 

    Mu Yanyan retracted her gaze and found that the old lady waved her hand. The cool energy just flashed past, and she quickly entered the plot of her own fortune and misfortune.

    She didn’t know how Han Zheng would deal with her. According to the plot he was vicious with the original, more vicious than the schemes of Yang Minxiao. 

    Fortunately, the old lady is sensible, and she is sheltering her, so let’s start with the old lady.

    She hesitated a little. She walked quickly to the old lady’s side and held the old lady’s hand. She shed tears while saying: “Grandma…”

The girl’s grievances made the old lady really feel distressed.

Knowing that Mu Yanyan has a spent difficult time for the past six months, she let Han Zheng released her hand and patted the back of Mu Yanyan’s hand, and gently comforted: “You girl, it must have been so hard these days.”

    Mu Yanyan watched carefully. 

Glancing at Han Zheng, the man’s face was chilly as if he was going to eat her.

    She shrank her neck unnaturally in fright, and said aggrievedly: “As long as Azheng is better, it will be worth the hard work for me.”

    “Grandma, I like Azheng very much, I accepted this marriage because I like him, but AZheng doesn’t like me, then…”

She said, covering her eyes with the back of her hand, pretending to be very sad and desperate but because she had to make a decision she continued:

    “As he wishes, I must not let Azheng be embarrassed. He has just woken up and his body has not yet fully recovered. He should be protected and don’t make him feel sad.” 

 Listening to this sensible one. Her words were full of affection, even if the little girl was wronged and forbearing but still taking care of the overall situation. 

Old lady Han really liked her.

    Mu Yanyan shook her hand tightly, while the old lady just looked at Han Zheng and said: “Listen to her voice and her heart. This one thing beating in her chest is yours, Does it not satisfy you?”

    “You know when you were in a coma. The doctor said that you might never wake up. She still marries you with all her heart and even plans to guard you for the rest of her life. Wherever we find such a girl, we can’t be the ungrateful person.” The old lady finished her speech. 

She gave a sharp glance at Yang Minxiao, Yang Minxiao, who was suddenly noticed by the Old Lady, suddenly took a step back unnaturally.


The excuse she gave to the old lady was that she was not suitable for a big marriage within two years, otherwise, there would be a disaster of blood and light.

    But the old lady probably noticed it and became more and more disgusted with her.

    However, Han Zheng just woke up and didn’t know many things. 

The old lady dismissed her as useless. Still, everything depends on what Han Zheng wants.

    If Han Zheng’s opinion is suppressed by the old lady, it will be more difficult to divorce in the future.

    Yang Minxiao took a step forward in a stance of giving up and said anxiously: “Cousin, you finally woke up. We all prayed for you every day. As expected, God heard my heart and made you wake up so soon.”

    “Before I even told God that as long as you wake up, I’m willing to be vegetarian for a year. “

    Turn vegetarian?



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