Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man Chapter 3.2

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Just now, Mu Yanyan, who thought she was more skilled, almost laughed at what Yang Minxiao said. If it weren’t for her life, Han Zheng would definitely be moved by her.

    Fortunately, she said it first and what Yang Minxiao just said is not new.

    On the contrary, she said to eat for a lifetime while Yang Minxiao was only a year old, too pathetic.

    Han Zheng caught the point. He frowned slightly: “Vegetarian?”

    Yang Minxiao nodded like smashed garlic, anyway, she didn’t like eating meat, and she can definitely survive without meat for a year.

    Han Zheng sneered: “I remember you don’t seem to like eating meat very much.”

    Yang Minxiao: “…”

    Seeing Yang Minxiao’s constipated expression, Mu Yanyan felt very happy, knowing that Han Zheng is not a beloved person. Give a face to anyone.

    Although Yang Minxiao was upset by being stunned, she found a way to solve it: “Cousin has been in a coma for so long and still remembers my preferences. It seems that Minxiao is still very important within my cousin’s heart.”

    Such shameless words are said. When she came out, Mu Yanyan took the corner of her mouth and gave a mocking expression.

    Han Zheng’s eyes moved and finally fell on Mu Yanyan’s face.

    This poisonous woman coaxed her grandma to be happy and did a lot of play, but he would not be easily fooled.

    Before Mu Yanyan’s expression finished, she heard Han Zheng’s low voice: “Grandma, this woman must be driven away.”

    Before the old lady could speak, Yang Minxiao responded immediately: “Yes, grandma, you should listen to cousin’s request.”

    “Mu Yanyan has a bad reputation in the entertainment industry. Without a fan, she was thrown away by people when she walked on the street. She was notorious for her poor acting skills and her viciousness. The female celebrity who she was filming together was pushed off the stage by her, causing her face to be disfigured. This kind of woman has such a bad eye, how can she be eligible to marry into our Han family.”

    Mu Yanyan glanced coldly at Yang Minxiao, even if the original owner is not qualified, this Yang Minxiao is also not qualified. Absolutely not qualified.

    Mu Yanyan has never been a loser.

    Hearing Yang Minxiao’s words at the moment, the corners of her mouth were slightly tilted, and the original’s glamorous and noble aura was vividly displayed.

    “Yes, I am not qualified. I have a bad reputation and very bad acting skills. I came from a single-parent family. Unlike your Yang Minxiao, she has been a treasure of the family since she was young.”

    “So, I can only be wronged for marrying the man I like, while you can refuse a vegetative person without hesitation and live the life you want, right?”

    Mu Yanyan said this tactlessly. She ruthlessly revealed that Yang Minxiao didn’t want to marry Han Zheng without hiding any surprise.

    As soon as Mu Yanyan’s words fell, the expressions of the entire Han family changed. Yang Minxiao wanted to argue a few words, but the old lady only gave her a cold eye and didn’t intend to let her go on.

    “Yan Yan,” the old lady shook Mu Yanyan’s hand and said distressed: “Grandma knows that you are wronged, me and the entire Han family are indeed very grateful to you.”

    Two crystal teardrops fell from the corners of her eyes, and Mu Yanyan sucked her breath. Holding the old lady’s hand, she said in a small voice: “I am not wronged.”

    “As long as AZheng gets better, I am willing to do anything.”

    Han Zheng didn’t know Mu Yanyan before he fell into a coma. He knew about her only half a year ago. She married him as the object of Chongxi and never saw how good her acting skills are. Today, he saw it.

    He didn’t want to stay with this poisonous woman for a minute, but the old lady was so happy that he couldn’t command people to take her away forcefully.

    After hesitating for a while, he stretched out his hand weekly and rubbed his temples: “Grandma, I have a headache.”

    “Ah, my dear grandson,” the old lady felt sorry for her grandson, and quickly let go of Mu Yanyan to check Han Zheng. At the same time, she instructed the servant: “Hurry up and call Dr. Zhao over to check XiaoZheng.”

    “Pardon me. Seeing you wake up happy, I forgot to check your body.”

    Han Zheng leaned on the headboard and waved his hand while faintly looking in the direction of Mu Yanyan.

    Mu Yanyan subconsciously ducked aside.

    Han Zheng’s expression turned cold, and he said these exact words: “This woman is causing me a headache. Get her out quickly.”

    “She?” The old lady frowned in embarrassment, “XiaoZheng, Your body isn’t recovered yet, you should wait until you are healed…”

    “Grandma,” Han Zheng used his situation to his advantage. Rubbing his temples while closing his eyes and voice which was a bit sickly, he said: “I have a headache.”



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