Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man Chapter 3.3

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The old lady felt sorry for her grandson, not to mention that she would not hesitate to drive out a Mu Yanyan, even anyone from the Han family.

    Seeing the grandson’s insistence, she had to discuss it with Mu Yanyan: “Yan Yan, I ask forgiveness on behalf of the Han family. When Xiaozheng is healed, I will let him personally thank you…”

    Yang Minxiao next to her heard that Han Zheng insisted on Mu Yanyan to be driven out. She was smiling so much that her mouth was about to split.

    Anyway, Mu Yanyan can’t stay any longer, and the term “rich and abandoned woman” will be on the hot search for a while, and she won’t even be able to mix in the entertainment industry anymore.

    However, Mu Yanyan felt that this was not a bad thing.

    Although the original owner’s family members are scumbags, the original owner was still a third-rate star in the entertainment industry. It was not a problem to be self-sufficient in life if she can at least receive a drama.

    Maybe by landing on an insignificant character, her acting skills will explode, and she will get to the front line at once. She can still get a big prize or something. Isn’t life just blissful?

    As long as Han Zheng doesn’t disturb her and doesn’t hold her accountable, then she will return to the sea and the tiger to his own mountains and forests. From now on, the entire entertainment industry will belong to her, she looked pleased as she thought about this.

    Thinking of this, Mu Yanyan made a particularly unwilling look and said to the old lady: “Grandma, thank you for your love. I am afraid that Yan Yan will not be blessed to serve you in the future, as Yan Yan will leave now.”

She wiped her eyes, pretending to leave reluctantly.

    The old lady was still reluctant to let go of the girl that remained by her grandson’s side when he was in trouble. She hesitated for a while and said, “Wait a minute.”

    Then she said to Han Zheng, “Anyway, Yan Yan is here to give you joy. In order not to lose your life, Xiaozheng, you should tell her in person and give her an explanation.”

    Although he was very insistent just now, it must be because he did not seek her opinion, which made him resist.

    Mu Yanyan didn’t think Han Zheng would feel soft, including all the Han people in the room who have the same thoughts as her.

    After all, Han Zheng’s cruelty and ruthlessness have been famous since he was a child.

    At this moment, everyone was sympathetic, ridiculed, or looked at Mu Yanyan with the mentality of watching the excitement.

    Although when she married, the entire Han family was grateful to her, because she was willing to marry the Han family’s vegetative heir for Chongxi.

    But now that the vegetative person woke up, who cares about her thoughts as a tool.

    The Han family is the richest man in country C, so naturally, he wants to marry a right girl.

    Especially Yang Minxiao, who was gloating unabashedly on the side.

    It’s a pity that Mu Yanyan doesn’t feel sad. She was very happy to leave the Su family. As long as Han Zheng says she can leave, she can thank his ancestor for eight lifetimes.

    Han Zheng also thought that he would definitely say something about the poisonous woman and let her leave now, but he couldn’t say any vicious words when he faced Mu Yanyan’s beautiful little face.

    There was a voice in his mind: “The wife doting system has taken effect, and the first task is to praise, “Wife, you are beautiful.” Otherwise, your health will be deducted by 1, and you will be asleep again in 10 seconds, and never to wake up.”

    Han Zheng frowned and asked in his heart: “What is the wife-doting system, what is the life value minus 1, and what does it mean…I can’t be awake anymore?”

    System: Han Zheng, who doesn’t want to be in a coma forever, will be in a coma again if his life value was subtracted and every point is equal to a day. If the health value becomes negative, you will be in a coma again…” 

He felt that this broken system is so powerful, but he still speaks with difficulty: “…wife, you…are very beautiful. “

    System:”…1. “


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