Doting On Wife Like It’s His Life, The President Is Determined Not To Divorce Chapter 24

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24 Almost Drowned

This man is shaking!

This recognition made Mu Xin Cheng startled. She didn’t understand, what was he afraid of?

“You…” She had never seen him like this, so she couldn’t push him away, “What’s wrong with you?”

After a while, Jiang Jing Zhi slowly loosened the hands that clasped her waist, and the expression on his face had also recovered, no longer the out of control Jiang Jing Zhi.

“You almost drowned here before, probably you didn’t remember.” Jiang Jing Zhi said slowly, his voice was deep, as if very depressed.

When Mu Xin Cheng heard this, she looked at him in shock, and pointed her finger at herself, “Me? Almost drowned?!”

Although she is not as good as the national swimming team, she also believes that she has excellent swimming skills. After so many years of swimming, she has never had an accident. So, how could she almost drown? This is make no sense at all!

Jiang Jing Zhi didn’t want to bring up the past either, so he avoided the seriousness and said to her lightly, “So, don’t just make this kind of joke in the future. If you want to swim, you can, just swim. Don’t be motionless as before, you know? ”

Only then did Mu Xin Cheng understand that he just saw her floating on the water because he thought she was dead! She is just meditating, she can stay in the water for at least two minutes without breathing!

“Understand?” Jiang Jing Zhi insisted on asking her to answer.

Mu Xin Cheng curled his lips and whispered, “I know!”

When the two came ashore, Jiang Jing Zhi took the big towel handed over by the bodyguard, and covered her with one hand, and then walked into the house with his arms around her, regardless of whether the suit on his body was dripping, and a puddle of water remains in the floor.

Back in the bedroom, Jiang Jing Zhi pushed her into the bathroom.

Mu Xin Cheng thought he would go out, but he also followed in and closed the door.

Mu Xin Cheng clutched the towel on her body tightly, and looked at him defensively, “Jiang Jing Zhi, what are you doing?”

He didn’t say anything, and began to take off his wet clothes in front of her. Mu Xin Cheng was frightened by his actions. Does this mean to take a bath together?!

“Jiang Jing Zhi, you…”

Before she could finish her words, he just took off his jacket and took out his belt and threw it on the ground. Jiang Jing Zhi suddenly struck her, trapping her in his arms and pushing her against the cold wall. A pair of beautiful eyes stared at because of the astonishment. Before she make any movement, he had already grabbed the back of her head, pinched her chin and kissed it suddenly.

Jiang Jing Zhi’s lips and tongue seemed to be on fire, burning her to the point of smoking, and his kisses were also aggressive, which was not like the previous one.

She was shocked.

What is Jiang Jing Zhi doing?

Is Jiang Jing Zhi kissing her forcibly?!

When she reacted and wanted to resist, Jiang Jing Zhi had already grabbed her wrist and slammed her side, she became fish on the chopping board.

She wanted to move her legs subconsciously, but he pressed them to suppress her legs. She couldn’t move at all and could only be bullied by him.

Such Jiang Jing Zhi made people scared, the kind of strength that seemed to tear her up made her tremble, and before she could understand, tears had already flowed from her eyes.


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