Doting On Wife Like It’s His Life, The President Is Determined Not To Divorce Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 – You’re All The One

Mu Xin Cheng chased him and asked a lot about Qin Yue’s fiancée, Lin Xu helplessly told her everything he knew.

“Although it is a business marriage, Guo Cai Ning is a talented woman and she is also beautiful. Qin Yue actually matches her well.”

Mu Xin Cheng curled her lips, “Am I and him worthy?”

He said that woman was so perfect, the more she listened, the more uncomfortable she became, envy and hatred towards that woman.

Lin Xu looked at her and sighed slightly, “What is your use with him? You are all Jiang Jing Zhi’s!”

Mu Xin Cheng just couldn’t understand, she obviously liked Qin Yue at the time, how could she abandon Qin Yue and marry Jiang Jing Zhi?

“I want to see him.”

“Who?” Lin Xu didn’t know who she was talking about.

Mu Xin Cheng said with bright eyes, “Of course it is Qin Yue! Isn’t he your cousin? You can definitely take me to see him, right?”

“Although he is my cousin, he is not the one I could meet if I wanted to! He is so busy, and I didn’t even know if he is in the company now!”

It’s not that Lin Xu didn’t want her to see it, but it was difficult for him to see him himself, and he couldn’t guarantee it at all.

Mu Xin Cheng didn’t care whether he could guarantee that she wanted to see him now.

Lin Xu couldn’t help it, so he had to drive her to the Qin Building.

From the moment she got out of the car, Mu Xin Cheng became nervous. Before seeing anyone, her heart thump so fast.

She and Lin Xu have known each other since childhood. Qin Yue is six years older than them. She saw him for the first time at Lin Xu’s house. At that time, he was already a teenager. Not only was he handsome, but he was also very gentle. She fell from the first sight and had a crush on him until she was eighteen, for ten years.

Since she was young, she was looking forward to going to Lin Xu’s house the most, because only when she went to his house could she have the chance to meet Qin Yue. She was a tomboy since she was a child, but she always acted like a little woman when she saw Qin Yue. Lin Xu laughed at her several times.

Now, her mood is still the same as six years ago, and her heart beats like thunder at the thought of seeing him later.

However, when she and Lin Xu went in to make an appointment with the lady at the front desk, the other party told them with regret that Qin Yue was on a business trip and was not in the company.

Mu Xin Cheng was instantly disappointed, while excited for a long time.

Lin Xu patted her on the shoulder and comforted her, “Next time, there will always be a chance next time!”

Mu Xin Cheng recovered very quickly, not this time, she will always see it next time, she has the same expectation.

Later, the two go shopping, and Lin Xu took her through this city that made her familiar and unfamiliar.

Many places have changed, but there are still many places that are the same as before, which makes her miss and empathize.

Jiang Jing Zhi didn’t call her the whole time. If not for Lin Xu sent her back in the end, she would have forgotten him.

In the living room, only looking at a dim light, he sat on the sofa with the light behind his back, as if she couldn’t see his expression clearly.

Mu Xin Cheng felt a little flustered inexplicably, and that defensive posture came out unconsciously.


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