Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man chapter 4.1

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After Han Zheng finished speaking, the room was in an uproar.

“No, didn’t the young master insist on divorce just now?”

“Wife, why the hell are you so beautiful?”
“Did someone possess him?”

At this moment, everyone’s eyes are on Mu Yanyan’s face. They knew she was in the entertainment industry before, but she has no representative work, and everyone can’t get her beauty.

As they took a closer look today, they saw her willow-leaf eyebrows, small cherry mouth, small nose, white and delicate skin with no trace of pores, and her eyes were bright and clear, as if the sun, moon and stars gathered together, which is simply a magical touch.

Especially when she lowered her head to look aggrieved, those eyes made her grievances, intolerance, and heartache. All kinds of complicated feelings came to life.

Just now they didn’t think there was anything, everyone in this room felt a pain in their hearts.

Then they felt that their eyes had been deceived, and sure enough, men were still visual animals.

Han Zheng insisted on divorcing just now, cursing the poisonous woman bit by bit, but still boasting that she is beautiful.

At the critical moment, he was reluctant to drive her away.

Hearing Han Zheng’s words, Yang Minxiao’s eyes barely looked up. She looked at Han Zheng with an anxious expression, and wished to step forward and grab his arm in order to ask him, what does he mean?

Why was he so firm before but suddenly changed his words?

Isn’t he evil?

She looked at Mu Yanyan with bitterness, wishing to shave her face and strip off her beautiful face.

Unexpectedly, this poisonous woman would have such a high-level method, catching Han Zheng’s heart at once.

She really underestimated her before.

This is not the most terrible thing. The reporter rushed over after receiving her information, but Mu Yanyan was still not driven away. Then how could she deal with the reporters?

It was Han Zheng who was not planning to drive the person in question away. If she dares to release any news, then Han Zheng will definitely not let her go.

Thinking of Han Zheng’s fierceness, Yang Minxiao controlled her body without shaking.

The happiest among them was the old lady. She was the first to react and pulled Mu Yanyan into her brace.

“I know that my grandson is the most softhearted and the most grateful. It was all awkward just now. You see that made him move the real thing. If I really want to drive you away, wouldn’t I be reluctant to praise you for being beautiful right away?”

“Moreover, he called you wife again, so acknowledges you.”

At this moment, Mu Yanyan, who was still surprised by that phrase, didn’t hear the old lady at all.

Say what?

What does Han Zheng mean?

It was already unexpected that he didn’t send this poisonous woman to prison. But… Why did he still call her wife?

Why do you praise her for being beautiful? Does the dog man not regret of not letting her go, right?

What about the plans she made just now, isn’t it impossible to implement them?

“Azheng,” Mu Yanyan, who was eager to leave the Han family, had big black eyes filled with puzzlement. She blinked her eyes and tried to make at least an effort, “I am someone vicious in your heart, you don’t have to wrong yourself.”

Pause, “Even if you drive me away, I won’t hate you, I will be grateful to you, and I will be vegetarian every day to pray for you, so you really don’t have to embarrass yourself…”

A woman shouldn’t be grateful. Do you beg him to stay? What does it mean to leave now?

It was enough for Han Zheng to praise Yan Yan for being beautiful. Now that she heard that she was going to leave, his heart became even more irritating.

Suddenly he regretted it, so he might as well have been in a coma.

The old lady was actually very happy, she pinched hard at Mu Yanyan’s hand, smiled and interrupted: “You little should be happy, him calling you wife, means you get to stay.”

“To tell you, Xiao Zheng is the most unscrupulous, and has never complimented about a beautiful girl.”

Her eyes looked at Mu Yanyan from head to toe “Ah, such visuals, Yanyan is really the most beautiful.”

Mu Yanyan: “……”


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