Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man chapter 4.2

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Just now, she was full of hope in life, but her mood quickly fell.

As soon as Han Zheng said this, she basically decided the she should stay.

Doesn’t this person still doubt her, wantinh to keep her by his side to observe at all times?

Anyway, she doesn’t think Han Zheng really thinks that she is pretty.

If this is the case, she has to be more cautious.

After Han Zheng finished speaking, he rubbed his eyebrows in pain, and he lay down slowly, and said with a bit of lovelessness: “I’m tired, you go out first and let the doctor in.”

“Congratulations to the host for completing the task and compkimentinh his wife. If you don’t want to become vegetative again, please keep working hard !” Han Zheng was really tired.

He thought he could do whatever he wanted when he was wake up, but he didn’t expect to be tied to this poisonous woman. It’s really hard to say.

The bullshit’s wife-doting system just wants him to please a poisonous woman.
What kind of ghost system is this? Did Mu Yanyan played a trick?

That’s it, it was not hard to please a woman, but no matter how hard the Han family has experienced, he can’t please a poisonous woman!

The old lady was tired after hearing Han Zheng’s words. Although she couldn’t give up and could not wait to stare at her precious grandson, she stood up and drove everyone out.

“Well, what are you going to do? The chef go prepare the food so Han Zheng will have to eat later.” She was supported by someone, walked tremblingly for two steps, and suddenly stopped again.

“Yanyan, Xiao Zheng is your husband, so you can stay and take care of him.”

Mu Yanyan, who walked the fastest and was about to leave the house, paused: “…”

So, can’t she escape Han Zheng?

Han Zheng closed his eyes for a while, felt that there was someone around him and then opened it again. He saw Mu Yanyan standing beside him and fell silent.

Someone had already accepted reality and asked, “You like me, right?”

Like a fart, of course Mu Yanyan this was impossible for the current her.She didn’t actually like Han Zheng, but she can only nod her head desperately in order to survive: “Yeah.”

Han Zheng: “You have admired me for a long time?”

Mu Yanyan: “Yeah.”

Han Zheng: “Just want to guard me silently?”

Mu Yan Yan: “… Hmm.”

Han Zheng: “It was good to marry me?”

Mu Yanyan wanted to bite her tongue and commit suicide, how could she say such a shameful thing!

But as someone that made all these nonsense words, she had to admit it after gritting her teeth: “Yeah.”

Han Zheng frowned, as if thinking about something, and then asked after a long while: “Eat vegetable for life?”

Mu Yanyan’s heart was hurting, this dog man really wants her to stop eating meat forever, she is a meat lover person, so she will be exhausted if she doesn’t eat meat for a day.

She can only blame her original world for being too poor and unable to eat meat.

Every time she ate meat, she would find all kinds of reasons before she was willing to spend her hard-earned money.

For example, today is the holiday; today is my birthday; today is the anniversary of the death of my parents.

The parents should not eat too badly, otherwise the parents should worry; for example, the little gangster next door has been arrested again, and she has to celebrate for the loss of society, and so on.

Now it’s hard to do it to a wealthy family.

Isn’t it killing her better than not to let her eat meat?

However, for the sake of her own life, she only had to give in for a moment.

After waiting two days, she went to the filming site to receive the scene. How could Han Zheng know what she was eating at that time.

“Well, I begged the Bodhisattva to bless you when you wake up and promised the Bodhisattva. Since the Bodhisattva has fulfilled my wish, then I will naturally repay it.”

Han Zheng was fairly satisfied with her answer, “Well, you go out first,” he slowly closed his eyes.

Finally he let her go, Mu Yanyan hesitated a little and ran away from the bedroom quickly.

There were a lot of calls coming in when she was in the bedroom just now, but she didn’t even dare to answer. This will leave the house, the first thing is to look at the phone.

Liu Yiran, the original owner’s agent, actually gave her more than a dozen.


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