Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man chapter 4.3

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This woman is an old pervert in her forties. Because of domestic violence, she divorced her ex-husband, and her ex-husband was forbidden to visit the children.

She has no faith in life, and her favorite thing to do every day is to torture her artists.

Liu Yiran made more than a dozen calls to her, and when no one answered, she sent a few short text messages angrily, each cursing the original owner.

“Mu Yanyan, are you being tough right now? You dare not answer my call.”

“Do you not know who is my father and dare to be tough with me?”

“Mu Yanyan, I tell you, you’d better never pick up , I announced today that I canceled it for you, waiting for you to come back and beg me.”

“The fifty million compensation is ready, it’s useless even if you beg me, don’t blame me for letting you go to sleep with the fat-eared President Wang, maybe he lost money for you with all his heart.”

The words in the front can barely be seen, and the swear words are in the back. Mu Yanyan glanced roughly, and then exited the messenger.

The original owner grew up with her mother and developed a soft temper, because no one is in charge, she can only digest everything she encounters, and never resists.

Even so, her mother has been persuading her to be kind and generous, saying what her father likes, and if she wants to return to her father’s house in the future, she has to be like her father.

The original owner actually fought once, but her mother forced her using her life, so she gave up.

After she came to the entertainment industry and signed an entertainment company, she met Liu Yiran, an unscrupulous agent.

Squeezing her hard, and constantly bullying her, asking her to bind top-flight cp, rub the heat, rub the red carpet, and constantly go to other people’s presence to brush up on her sense of existence, resulting in her being hacked by the whole Internet, and even being attacked by the Internet.

Liu Yiran is only keen on hot topics, but doesn’t care about acting skills at all.

At the beginning, the original owner was scolded, and planned to study acting skills, but how could Liu Yiran give her time so that she could only keep her flow and popularity.

The original owner couldn’t bear to go to an economic company once. Not only did she not get the support of the company, but when Liu Yiran knew about it. After slapped her, he got even worse.

Over time, the original owner became numb.

If it weren’t for her boyfriend’s cheating, and something went wrong in the last play where she needed to compensate her for 50 million yuan, which caused her to collapse. She would not have thought of poisoning Han Zheng.

Mu Yanyan pulled back from the original owner’s tragic past, glanced at the phone, and a sneer slipped on the corner of her mouth.

She is not the original owner. Although the original world is very poor, she is not a little white flower who is bullied.

She want her to beg that old pervert, huh, even if she asks Han Zheng, the villain who must report to the scorpion, she will not ask the female pervert.

There is also the fat-eared President Wang. I heard that she likes unspoken female stars very much. Yuan Shijie herself is unable to act because of a rogue director. In this world, she must make such a scumbag get retribution.

After dinner, Mu Yanyan sat in the bedroom and checked the original owner’s bank card. The good guy had a cleaner face than her.

She really didn’t expect that the original owner, a third-rate wallflower actress, could mix to this point.

If she leaves the Han family now, her life will probably be very difficult. It’s okay to stay here. Anyway, if an old lady is in charge, the Han family will not do anything to her.

And Han Zheng didn’t mean to pursue her.
“Young Lady, the Young master called you over.” While Mu Yanyan was in a daze, a servant came and knocked on the door.

Mu Yanyan’s heart tightened, “Young Master called me?”

Han Zheng won’t find out anything, now let her settle the account.

The servant respectfully replied: “The Youngest master said that we don’t need to clean up his body anymore. You will have to deal with this kind of close affairs yourself in the future.”

It turned out that it was not settled, and Mu Yanyan was relieved immediately, and then: “… ”

“What? Letting me clean him up?”

Her eyes become round. Her thinking was numb for a moment, and she couldn’t believe what the servant just said.


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