Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man chapter 5.1

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The attitude of admiring Han Zheng has been expressed, and Mu Yanyan has no way to refuse his request because they are already legal couples.

Being taken care of his wife is something she had to do naturally.

But to clean him up…

Mu Yanyan came to the room slowly, hoping to just wipe his face.

The man was lying on the bed, silently closing his eyes and seeing no joy.

It was dark at the moment, and there was only a dim light in the room, which was not too dazzling, but also allowed people to see things clearly.

The faint moonlight outside the window came in, adding a bit of tranquility to the bedroom.

Mu Yanyan put a pot of heated water on the bedside table, then took a towel to wash him.
Under the light, Han Zheng’s hostility this morning disappeared. He had just woke up in the afternoon. At this moment, he was lying calmly, like a very well-behaved boy. Mu Yanyan took a towel and started to clean him up from his forehead little by little.

Not to mention, Han Zheng, a rich young master, has no advantages other than being good-looking.

But the fact that he looks good alone is enough to fascinate many little girls, not to mention so many golden men.

His eyebrows are high, like two sharp wind swords.

His eyes were deep, quiet and soft when they are closed, and harmless to humans and animals.

When they are opened, a pair of pupils are like the lake in winter night, thick and deep.
The bridge of the nose is tall, and the thin lips are sexy.

The contours of his face were clear and the lines are cold. It was perfect face.

Mu Yanyan swallowed her saliva.

She is an adult woman, and she will naturally yearn for certain things, not to mention that the person in front of her has such a perfect body.

She could just imagined it, she didn’t dare to get involved with this cruel and stubbornly rich family.

After wiping his face, Han Zheng never responded. She took the towel and planned to put the basin back, but who knew that at this moment, the man who had been silent suddenly said: “What are you going to do?” His deep voice suddenly fell into her ears.

Mu Yanyan was startled, and soon saw a pair of dark eyes looking at her, as if she was a prey.

Mu Yanyan’s heart tightened, “I’ll finish wiping you.”

Han Zheng was obviously upset, and his eyes fell on the basin in her hand, and said displeased: “If it was only the face, can’t I wipe it myself?”

Mu Yanyan’s breathing was stagnant: “Didn’t you let me wipe your whole body?”
Han Zheng: “Don’t you like me, aren’t you glad to marry me?”

“Don’t you want to watch me from afar? Now, aren’t you happy?”

Mu Yanyan: “…”

‘Like you my ass!’

Han Zheng didn’t care about her embarrassment, and continued: “Not only you will wipe me tonight, but you will also sleep with me.”

“Sleep together?” Mu Yanyan glanced at the man up and down, and her eyes fell quickly.

Somewhere in an unspeakable position, she had a questioning expression, “Are you… alright?”

Han Zheng: “…”

Why did he have to be bind with this broken system? As long as he sleeps with his wife for one night, he can increase his life value by seven days. With this life value means that he doesn’t need to see this nasty poisonous woman for seven days.

A life value can only let him live for one day, and he will have to her bother to complete the task when the time comes tomorrow.

It’s better to let this poisonous woman stay by his side for one night.

Anyway, the system didn’t say that two must do something.

He was not horny enough to do something with this poisonous woman.

Of course, wiping his body was not a system requirement, he just wants to disgust Mu Yanyan.

He was upset and couldn’t make her.
Mu Yanyan didn’t know what Han Zheng was thinking, but this man was a villain who will have her life in his hands. If he doesn’t follow his requirements, he will definitely trouble her in the future.

So she struggled a little bit, and accepted her fate.

But before going to bed, she still has things to talk about.


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