Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man chapter 5.2

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“That…” Mu Yanyan returned her attention to the water pot, planning to treat this man as a vegetable, undressing and wiping his body.

He is just a patient, she shouldn’t think much about it.

So many patients have to take off their clothes during surgery. Doctors see men and women the same, so they must have seen more embarrassing things.

Those people can do it, why can’t she?!
Mu Yanyan, who was constantly calming her heart, finally untied Han Zheng’s robed.

Although the man has been lying down for a long time without moving, his muscle is clear and it still makes people can’t help but swallowing their own saliva.

In order not to make herself think too much, Mu Yanyan planned to take advantage of this time to talk to Han Zheng, and disturb her thinking, so as not to run out of water for a while.

“AZheng,” she grabbed his arm and wiped her fingers first, “I have something to tell you.”

“What?” Han Zheng stared at her unblinkingly.

He doesn’t believe anything about liking him.

This poisonous woman must be thinking of some way to kill him.

But he is not afraid, there is no one in this world who can kill him.

Even the wild woman outside his father can’t do it, but she smashed him into a vegetative coma for a year, and now he is awake?

Mu Yanyan kept moving, and said softly: “I know you don’t like me and don’t want to marry me. It’s just because of grandma that you didn’t drive me away…”

The girl’s voice was soft, with some The peculiar softness of the girl is a bit like the cakes made by the mother when she was a child, and it is full of comfort.

He looked at the girl motionlessly.

Mu Yanyan went on and continued: “I think we do not need to start divorce,we just need to pretend in front of Grandma until you are healed. After that she will listen to your decision.”

“Also my father took a lot of money from your family, I will pay you back that money as soon as possible.”

“Um…” Mu Yanyan thought for a while and felt that she couldn’t get that much money at once, so she should try her best to delay it.” I don’t have that much for the time being, but I will definitely pay it off.”

Will a third-rate actress be able to receive a script? When she can accepts the script, she will have the money to redeem the debt.

Having said that, she blinked her eyes and asked for Han Zheng opinion: “Don’t you think it’s okay?”

Han Zheng didn’t say a word.

The girl’s eyes were very beautiful, clear in the light, but there are some small charms faintly present, just right to evoke a man’s restlessness.

But he is not an ordinary man, want to seduce him?

Don’t think about it!

Mu Yanyan couldn’t hear his response, she wiped her arms and started rubbing her body.

At the same time, she said, “If you don’t speak, I will treat it as you agree.”

“Three years,” the man suddenly said, and Mu Yanyan was frightened.

After talking, she looked at him ignorantly.
Han Zheng seemed too lazy to explain, but still explained: “If we don’t get a divorce within three years, you will pay the money.”

“Oh,” Mu Yanyan understood.

Although I can’t leave the Han family for three years, it doesn’t seem to be a bad thing to eat, live, and have a big backer at the Han family.

But why is Han Zheng so easy to talk?
He was also very strange when he woke up.

He began saying things about the divorce resolutely, and then praised her for her beauty. There must be something tricky.

Han Zheng just wanted to solve the system problem within three years, and see if he could find any way to strip the broken system out of his body.

Mu Yanyan felt that she couldn’t agree to Han Zheng so easily, she had to try poking his bottom line.

After hesitating a little, she asked: “Why is it three years?”

“Your body should heal soon. Let’s just divorce by then. Don’t worry, I will pay you back the money.”

Han Zheng didn’t seem to like others disobeying him, and his face became cold when he heard those words. There was no room for questions: “I said three years is three years.”


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