Transmigrated as the wife of wealthy vegetative man chapter 5.3

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Thinking of the original owner’s blood-sucking father, the scumbag not only did not raise her for a day, but wa also shameless to sell her to a vegetative man for money.

She will never let him live so comfortably.
Mu Yanyan thought for a while, and said, “Then can you do something for me?”

Han Zheng was very curious about what the poisonous woman wanted to do.

Although the woman’s face is very beautiful, it is like a snake’s face.

Her fingers were soft and tough, and it was very comfortable to fall on him cold and cold, but it was like a poison that had been preparing to poison her prey. It was clear that she wanted to poison him all the time.

“What’s the matter?”

Mu Yanyan’s soft fingers pinched the towel and continued to clean his body, her mouth said: “My dad took a lot of money from your family, I hope you can get it back.”

Han Zheng’s pupils shrank slightly, as if thinking about hwr motivation.

Mu Yanyan smiled and said: “I don’t want this money to be paid to you directly. I will definitely pay back what I owe you. I just don’t want that scumbag to settle down. He sold me, regardless of my life or death, for such a huge amount of money, how can such a person qualify to live?”

For the bad guys, they should be allowed to taste the bitter fruit and receive retribution.

What he hates most is the hypocritical people, the white lotus flower, who pretends to be generous, as if he is the only good person in the world.

Hearing this, he responded without hesitation: “Okay.”

It turned out that Han Zheng was quite talkative.

Mu Yanyan thought that the Han family would soon get the money back.

The original owner’s scumbag really lost his daughter and broke down. Whenever she thought of his angrily and depraved appearance, Mu Yanyan couldn’t help but smiling to herself

Even the strength of her subordinates has increased a bit.


Han Zheng snorted when she touched a place that shouldn’t be touched.

Suddenly realizing that she seemed to have done something wrong.

She turned her embarrassed head away from him and change the place she was wiping.

But she has already wiped out for most of his body, so Mu Yanyan thought of stopping it but there were still some places not yet wiped.

Forget it, he should bear it.

About half an hour later, Mu Yanyan’s work was finished. She took a shower, changed into clean clothes and came back to Han Zheng’s bed.

Worried about what he said was just on a whim and didn’t really want to sleep with her. After all, he couldn’t do anything. She confirmed, “Do you really want me to sleep here?”

Han Zheng moved his body, the body that was rubbed by the girl just now.

At this moment, the fire was scorching, and he couldn’t tell what was he feeling.

He stiffly said: “What are you doing in a daze, go to bed and turn off the lights.”

The Han family had a bad temper, and Mu Yanyan didn’t want to mess with him, so she turned off the lights and slowly climbed onto the bed.

She was an orphan in the original world, and her family’s property is occupied by patriarchal grandparents. She can only come out to rent a house, which has only a single bed and a two-centimeter-thick sponge on the top.

In order to save money, she thought about saving money, but who knew that due a serious illness her hard earned money was spent in the hospital.

The hard bed was uncomfortable at all.
Unlike the large bed of a wealthy family, while lying on it, her whole body reveals the aura of being very proud and rich.

It didn’t take much time for her to fall asleep completely.

She slept fast but Han Zheng could not fall asleep.

He was worried about what the poisonous woman would do to him. He didn’t expect that she would fall asleep so soon. Under the moonlight, the girl pouted and looked heartless. It was indeed not like the kind of person who wanted to kill with deep intentions.

But after all, she is in the entertainment industry, maybe she was still acting.


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