S3YOC Chapter 34

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The amusement park in the afternoon was very lively, young students and parents with children coming together.

It was not late for Gu Lan to take Qingqing in the amusement park.

It’s just that his appearance was too outstanding and powerful, but when he holds a soft little cute baby in his arms a strong contrast was so obvious that it is hard not to let people notice them.

Under the superb looks of the two brother and sister, as soon as they walked inside, they were called the two most beautiful cubs in the amusement park.

Because it was her first time to the amusement park, Qingqing was very excited.

Her little head kept looking around, seeing new places and from time to time she was making cute exclamations.

The happy smile on her face from beginning to end has never stopped, and Gu Lan has become a little bit playful, he is no longer reluctant bringing Qingqing to play just out of promise.

“I want this hair band!”

Passing by a shop selling souvenirs in the amusement park, Qingqing glanced at the panda hair band above, and quickly straightened her little finger to the hair band and asked Gu Lan to buy it for her.

“Which one do you want?”

Gu Lan glanced at them. For him they were all the same. Without knowing which one she wanted, he simply hugged Qingqing and asked her to get it by herself.

Qingqing reached out and grabbed two headbands, one large and one small. The big one was already buckled on his when Gu Lan didn’t pay attention, Qingqing stuffed the small one and ordered: ” Put it to Qingqing.”

“Don’t you have any hands?” Gu Lan said and while he was complaining, he already put Qingqing’s headband and adjusted the angle on the way.

Two black and white dumplings, one on the left and the other on the right, are nestled on Qingqing’s head, with her own round little cheeks. They were really cute little pandas.

Unable to hold back, Gu Lan raised his hand and quickly rubbed Qingqing’s small head, then immediately pretended that nothing had happened before, and turned to look elsewhere.

Qing Qing covered her head and raised her head unclearly, then looked at Gu Lan’s focused side face.

She looked more suspiciously, her eyes gradually attracted by the black hair band on the top of Gu Lan’s head, she touched her head subconsciously, and suddenly her eyebrows curled and she smiled.

“Qingqing.” Click on his little panda.

“Brother.” Gu Lan’s cat ears were tapped again.

“The same.” It means that: ‘My younger brother should wear the same headband as herself, so they are good friends.’

Children seem to like to share small gifts to mark their friendship, and Qingqing is no exception.

Seeing Qingqing, Gu Lan has been automatically ignoring her sister’s antics such as rubbing his head.

Soon enough they saw someone selling marshmallows not far away, he immediately changed the subject without changing his face: “Want to eat marshmallows?”


“Would you like some hot dogs?”



“Yes! ”

“Little Bear Potato Cakes?”


“Ice cream?”


…They didn’t even took any ride, but Gu Lan and Qingqing had already tried almost all the food and snacks in the amusement park.

At last the two took the merry-go-rounds Ride with their swollen bellies.
This is also the only amusement facility suitable for a three-year-old child in the whole entire amusement park.

No, there was also the Ferris wheel.

It’s just that someone doesn’t dare to sit on it.

“Brother is afraid of heights.” Qingqing touched Gu Lan’s handsome face intimately, as if to comfort him.

“Let’s go home, Aunt Ding will be anxious.”

Gu Lan hugged Qingqing tightly in silence, before speaking after a long time he said: “…There is no Aunt Ding.”

No one had ever waited for him to go home.


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