S3YOC Chapter 36

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It’s just that since his children have taken care of it, he won’t pursue it too much.

And he really didn’t have to care about it, the biggest culprit is still in his hands.

Perceiving Fu Heng’s vaguely unkind gaze, the small baby’s intuition broke out, Qingqing immediately looked back innocently, and then grinned, revealing a soft and cute smile.

“Uncle, Qingqing missed you so much.”

She embraced Fu Heng’s neck affectionately, and rubbed her white and tender face against the other’s slightly stubborn, handsome face, itchy, Qingqing couldn’t help but giggle.

The small little child had fun all day long.

With a chuckle, Fu Heng sat on the sofa holding Qingqing and touched her belly. It was bulging and a little hard.

A frown between her eyebrows: “How much did she eat today?”

“I don’t know. Uncle and Sishen took her to play today. I just went home after the meeting, so I didn’t see what Qingqing was eating.”

Fu Sijin guaranteed as he just got home half an hour earlier than his dad.
“You eat too much.” After all, he is a father of two childrensi he still has some parenting experience.

Fu Heng saw that Qingqing was struggling.

Children have a weak perception of their bodies, and they tend to eat very easily until they don’t know they are full. They just keep eating when they are fed with delicious food, regardless of whether their stomachs can bear it or not.

Therefore, at this time, parents are often required to estimate their children food intake. Once the eaten food exceeded, the child should stop eating, otherwise it will be bad for the child’s stomach.

“Qingqing gets up and run, okay?”

Can you not give her medicine without giving her medicine, so Fu Heng wanted to make Qingqing move more, so that she can digest.

It’s a pity that Qingqing, who had been tired in the amusement park for a long time, didn’t want to move: “Qingqing wants to watch the big cat catch the mouse.”

“Just run for a while, and my uncle will be with you.” Fu Heng continued to coax her.

“I will accompany you too.” Fu Sijin also saw something from his father’s attitude, and quickly agreed to suggest: “Let’s play hide-and-seek, Qingqing hides, I’ll find you, okay?”

Playing games.

This is also very attractive to Qingqing.

She looked at the TV hesitantly, and then at Fu Sijin and Fu Heng who were waiting expectantly for her reply. The balance in her heart gradually fell towards the father and son.

Forget it, the cat can watch the mouse anytime, but the opportunity to play with the family is rare.

Alas, it’s really hard to bring this class of adults.

Life is not easy, Qingqing sighed.

“Let’s play with one, two, three, wooden people!” She suggested enthusiastically in a blink of an eye.

What’s so fun about hide-and-seek, the house is so big, you must come to play with wooden people.

“Good.” Fu Heng and Fu Sijin had no objection.

Originally, Qingqing played games with her so that she could exercise more. As long as Qingqing was willing to move, she could play anything.

Three people can decide who will count and who will be the wooden person directly with the back of the palm of the hand.

First round
It was Fu Sijin who counted. He lay on the stone pillar at the other end of the living room, closed his eyes and shouted: “One, two, three, wooden people.”

Then he turned around immediately.

Qingqing and Fu Heng, who were sneaking forward, immediately froze.

Fu Heng is okay. Qingqing looks a lot funny when she walks in a normal posture.

She seemed to want to run behind Fu Sijin as soon as possible, but she rushed too fast for a while, and one foot couldn’t be lifted up when the time to be frozen cam, and her hands were raised exaggeratedly forward so her expression was so cute and funny.

As a result, she couldn’t stand still, and her whole body was shaking, and she was about to fall down.

Fu Heng quickly stretched out his hand to support her.

“Dad, you moved.”


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