Doting On Wife Like It’s His Life, The President Is Determined Not To Divorce Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – Work Hard To Be A Good Mother

She was scared by him during the day. Is this person has a criminal record? What if he suddenly goes crazy again?
In just a few seconds, she had a lot of things in her little head.
Jiang Jing Zhi stood up, and she immediately took a step back, which was completely subconscious.
Because of her action, Jiang Jing Zhi frowned, stood still and did not walk over, “Why did you come back so late? Have you eaten?”
She couldn’t tell whether he was upset in his voice, and Mu Xin Cheng breathed a sigh of relief and said to him, “I’m full.”
“Really?” Jiang Jing Zhi changed the subject, “Nianbao has been looking for you just now. After waiting for a long time you haven’t come back, so he cried and went to sleep.”
When Mu Xin Cheng heard his words, her heart pierced and she felt guilty.
No matter how she didn’t know how to get along with the child, the child was her son, and she did not spend much time with him. Hearing him said that he just went to bed crying, she was heartbroken.
She immediately wanted to go up and see him, but Jiang Jing Zhi called her to stop, “He is asleep now, you can go tomorrow!”
“I won’t wake him up.”
If she doesn’t visit him now, her conscience is disturbed!
Jiang Jing Zhi put his hands in his pockets and asked her, “Do you know what our son’s full name is?”
Mu Xin Cheng had already flown upstairs with her original thoughts, but when she heard this question, she was taken aback.
The child’s full name?
Isn’t it called Nianbao?
Jiang Jing Zhi walked towards her and stood in front of her, as if the phoenix eyes in the deep pool reflected her dazed expression, “His name is Jiang Nian Cheng, because he is a boy, so he didn’t use your Cheng (橙), but use Cheng (呈) from Cheng Xian (呈現 means appear, emerge).”
Jiang Nian Cheng?
Who made this name? Why do you have such a name? What is the meaning?
At that moment, Mu Xin Cheng didn’t dare to think about it, as if it was a pit, and she was about to fall down one step forward.
Jiang Jing Zhi’s big palm gently touched her face, leaned down and approached, before she recovered, he pecked her lips, “Don’t you want to see the child? Go.”
When Mu Xin Cheng reacted, all the advantages had been taken!
She raised her eyes and glanced at him, then she stopped talking, and finally went upstairs to see the child. She should stop thinking about those questions. The more she thought about it, the more chaotic she became. Anyway, she couldn’t remember all of them.
Jiang Jing Zhi waited for her to go upstairs before he went to the dining room, where the cold food was placed on the table.
He watched for a while, sighed slightly, and then covered it all with plastic wrap.
Mu Xin Cheng stood in front of the child’s room, opened the door cautiously, and went in gently. When she came to the child’s crib, he saw the little ball.
She knelt down and gently lifted the quilt to reveal his fleshy little face. She felt heartache when she saw his long eyelashes still wet with tears hanging in the corners of his eyes.
Alas, she’s really not a qualified mother. Usually the child goes to kindergarten. She didn’t spend much time with him when he was at home. She only thought that she didn’t think of anything else at all. She was really selfish.
“Nianbao, I’m sorry, mother was wrong, I will try my best to be a good mother in the future.”
After speaking, she gently pressed a kiss on his face.


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