Sweet Daily Life with my rich fool husband chapter 2.1

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Jiang Chengzhan is the eldest grandson of the Jiang family. He also has an older sister. His mother passed away when he was very young. His father had an incurable disease two years ago and died last year.

Since his father was seriously ill and couldn’t handle the business, he began to take over the company. He has done a good job for more than a year. He is clever and witty, decisive, and has a weird style. He is known as a business genius.

If it weren’t for this car accident, he would be able to take the company to the next level.
It’s a pity…

Su Wanwan woke up and rubbed her sore waist, looking at the man in front of her with a small twitch on his head.

The Jiang Chengzhan used to be a majestic and magnificent on the shopping mall business, and now he was mentally handicapped person sleeping stupidly and drooling, she can’t connect these two people together.

No, last night, the two of them turned upside down. At first, the man was a little clumsy.

She flipped through the little yellow book to guide him.

Later, she got fever in her body and couldn’t help climbing onto him.

She doesn’ t know if all men are talented with this kind of stuff and it has completely become his home court, causing her bones to be cracked now.

Why is it okay for this fool?

The man’s arm was still on her body, she gently took it down from him, and the next second he lifted it up again, refusing to put it down.

Forget it, she didn’t want to think about it anyway, she had to think about the future, let him go.

She remembered that the original owner in the book offered tea to the elders the next morning after sleeping with the younger uncle. After the grandmother did not give her a good face, the younger uncle was able to relieve her, but she seemed to have kicked Jiang Chengzhan. Since then, even the servants have started not taking Jiang Chengzhan seriously.

It also made Jiang Chengzhan more and more miserable.

“Master, grandma, it’s dinner–” Suddenly there was a knock on the door from outside, and Su Wanwan was frightened and rolled out of bed.

She hadn’t got used to it just after she walked through, and she was dizzy and thought it was her previous little life, where she would sleep whenever she wanted to.

This rich courtyard must be confusing her.

“Hey,” she stretched out her hand and patted Jiang Chengzhan’s face, “Get up, get up.” He must have been exhausted last night. Why didn’t Jiang Chengzhan wake up at this time? Su Wanwan thought about it.

She shouted at the door: “Here, here, here.” She looked down and saw a ball of paper on the ground. She was too tired last night and drunk, and she didn’t wash herself afterwards.

Jiang Chengzhan is a fool now, no one manages him, and he doesn’t even know that she has washed him so she is slimy now, and probably not clean.

Su Wanwan blushed, she bent down to put away the towel on the floor.

Su Wanwan took a shower first, and when she came out, she saw Jiang Chengzhan get up in a daze, with only a pair of shorts and no shirt on.

Not to mention that his figure is really good, although she felt it last night, strong and beautiful six-pack abs, perfect vest line, and strong chest, everything about him is full of temptation, which she can’t help herself but watch.

She swallowed her dry saliva, went to the bed and poked his muscles.

Jiang Chengzhan said aggrieved: “Why are you poking me?”

“Ah,” Su Wanwan smiled and pushed him to the bathroom, “Hurry up and take a shower. Someone came over and called us just now. I’m hungry, hurry up. Hurry up.”

Jiang Chengzhan stood still and looked at her pitifully and said: “I can’t wash myself.”
“Huh?” Su Wanwan didn’t seem to hear him, “You can’t wash yourself?”

“How old are you?”

“Can’t you wash yourself anymore?”

Jiang Chengzhan stretched out his three fingers: “Grandpa said, I’m only three years old.”

Jiang Chengzhan was at least 1.85 meter tall such a big man. If he didn’t move, Su Wanwan wouldn’t have force to move him.

She said in a negotiating tone: “No, grandpa was lying to you. You are at least five years old now and you can at least take a bath by yourself. Okay, I’ll put some water for you. You wash yourself and I’ll wait for you, okay?”

She stood in front of Jiang Chengzhan, looked at him, and blinked her eyes.

Jiang Chengzhan was unmoved.

Su Wanwan persuade him again: “Jiang Chengzhan, you are a man, and men should do things by themselves. Why you say that you old three years old at that time last night? You are three years old when you take a bath?”

Jiang Chengzhan’s eyelids drooped and his expression was not very happy. “They all said that I am Zhanbao, and I can’t do it yet.”
Su Wanwan asked back: “You can’t even wipe your ass, right?”

Jiang Chengzhan smiled, “I’m OK with that.”

She was scared to death.

Knowing this she finally breathed a sigh of relief. Why the tyrant’s in their home are all arrogant people?


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