Sweet Daily Life with my rich fool husband chapter 2.2

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She was struggling for the last time: “Zhanbao, baby Zhan,” she stretched out her hand and rubbed his face.

His skin was really good, and she couldn’t help herself but to cares it a little bit more,

“You are a man, you should protect your wife. If you make me angry, you won’t be able to start a house in the future. Currently I don’t want to have a baby because you are too immature.”

After a pause, she deliberately said with a sullen face: “Look, you can’t even take care of yourself, how can you take care of the baby in the future?”

Jiang Chengzhan tilted his head and thought for a while, as if she made sense, “Okay, I’ll wash it myself.”

Finally, a major event was solved. Su Wanwan seemed to have overcome some difficulties.

Seeing Jiang Chengzhan walking into the bathroom, she suddenly ran over, “I will prepare the water so it will not burn you.”

She adjusted the water temperature before giving it to Jiang Chengzhan. Anyway, she is now his wife and she should pay attention to his safety.

As for other things, she was hurried a little, but she should wait for Jiang Chengzhan’s family before making a decision.

What kind of clothes will she wear in front of the family soon?

Su Wanwan opened the closet, and there was a dazzling array of seasonal clothes, almost blinding her 24k titanium alloy dog ​​eyes.

She picked up one and looked at it.
It was pretty, and that one was also pretty when she picked it up.

It was just right for her.

In her original world, she hid in Tibet every day, and she was never in a fixed place, not to mention her clothes, all the things she wear were all used for hiding.

Being implicated by her precious father, even if it was part-time job, she has never worked for more than three months.

Every time she did a good job, she would be chased over by debt collectors.

Whenever she ran on the street lifelessly, she was particularly envious of someone who had a fixed place to rest.

In fact, she was not very demanding. She can live happily if she can eat to her fullest, put on clothes, and had a shelter from the rain.

But God has never cared for her.

“Wife, wife, I’ve already finish washing myself,” the man ran out without coverinh himself and still soaked with water, he didn’t know how to put on a bath towel.

He stood in front of her and said as if asking for credit, “Zhanbao has washed himself. Is Zhanbao great?”

Her eye sockets were a little red, Su Wanwan sniffed and looked at Jiang Chengzhan and exclaimed: “Zhanbao is great, Zhanbao is the best.”

She took a bath towel and wanted to put it on him, but the mas was too tall, she couldn’t reach him so she tiptoe, and asked him to “bend over,” waiting for him to bend down she wipe him clean, and finally wrap the towel around his waist.

Her eyes fell inadvertently somewhere, thinking that his thing was in her body last night…

The tip of her heart trembled fiercely, and she quickly turned around.

Su Wanwan first gave Jiang Chengzhan a piece of clothing, anyway, he is a fool, and no one cared about him too much.

This will be the summer weather, and the temperature is quite comfortable.

She found a cheongsam and saw her parents on the first day after marriage.

She should wear the clothes she always being wore on Chinese republican Drama.
In fact, she just didn’t have a chance to wear this kind of clothes.

The people who watched TV were all beautifully dressed and was envious of them.

The original owner has a good figure and can definitely pull off wearing the dress.

Sure enough, she turned around in front of the mirror after putting it on, and she was shocked.

Her slender waist, sexy and graceful, she would not be able to control herself if she was a man.

Jiang Chengzhan wore something much simpler, a half-sleeved, cropped trousers that reach his ankles. He was dressed simple and casual.

The man was already good-looking, his hair is black and thick, his figure is well proportioned, and everything he wears is pleasing to the eye.

The two of them just stood in front of the mirror, and they matched well to each other.
“Go, go,” Su Wanwan took Jiang Chengzhan out.

Jiang Chengzhan followed behind her like a follower, his voice aggrieved, “My wife, don’t we kiss anymore?”

Why do you always think about kissing?
Su Wanwan stopped, looked back at him, and said with a serious face: “Kissing is something that can only be done at night,” she also pointed out, “Did you see it, it’s daytime. I can’t do it, I am shy. ”

“Oh,” Jiang Chengzhan seemed to be persuaded. He followed her out the door and only took two steps.

He stopped again. Su Wanwan looked at him in surprise, “What’s the matter?”
Jiang Chengzhan seemed to have forgotten something important. Things are like that, and said: “Hair, hair, I can’t see people without combing my hair!”

“What? You still need to comb??” Su Wanwan asked inexplicably.

Jiang Chengzhan stomped his feet like a wayward child, pointed to his head and said, “Hair, the hair like last night.”

Su Wanwan couldn’t help but smile. She put on some braids on the big man, pulled his wrists and walked out, “Okay, wait until after dinner to come back in order to comb it.”

Jiang Chengzhan lowered his head, feeling very depressed, dull and silent while following her.

Why did it seem like someone bullied him, Su Wanwan stopped, looked at him silently for a while, and said helplessly: “Okay, go back and comb yourself.”

Jiang Chengzhan laughed immediately, holding her hands with both hands and said happily “Your still the best wife to Zhanbao. Grandpa said, You can’t see people if you don’t dress neatly. How can you see people without combing your hair?”

Su Wanwan no longer wanted to talk. She took Jiang Chengzhan back and pushed him on the chair.

Jiang Chengzhan’s hair was only one finger long, and he couldn’t tie it up at all, so he could only brushed with his bare hands the remaining hair.

Su Wanwan casually picked up a black leather case, Jiang Chengzhan immediately snatched it from her and handed it a red one, “Aunty said, use this for marriage.”


Su Wanwan endured smiling infront of the people inside.

When the two of them arrived at the restaurant, everyone else had already arrived, just waiting for them to come.

The old man and his wife were sitting in the most honorable positions, waiting to drink tea from the wife.

There are a lot of people in the room, the air was very depressing and everyone was sullen.

Su Wanwan looked dazzled, and kept searching the contents of the book from her brain, trying to recall who these people were.
Most of them know, and some don’t.

Two or three children ran over immediately when they saw them coming in, cheering around Jiang Chengzhan: “The fool brother is here.”

“The fool is here, the fool is here with his wife.”

Su Wanwan looked up at Jiang Chengzhan. He was looking at a few children happily, and he didn’t mind if others called him a fool, and was dragged aside to play without even having tea.


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